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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 22 Recap

Hearing the bell ringing, Jiang Yicheng jumped up from his seat, thinking that it was Lu Li finally coming back, but when he opened the door he saw Li Man’s face. This time Li Man came to pretend to care, but actually to find out where the relationship between Jiang Yicheng and Lu Li has reached. Li Man’s green tea talk is of no use to Jiang Yicheng. When he heard Li Man said that he was forced to marry Lu Li, Jiang Yicheng was furious.

The first time he saw Jiang Yicheng having such a temper, even Li Man became cowered. Jiang Yicheng didn’t want to look at others any more at this time, but forced Li Man to go out, and then shut down. The lights. But Lu Li, who was standing downstairs, only saw Li Man enter this building, and the light in the room dimmed. The gap between the two was widened again by the misunderstanding. Lu Li was discouraged at this time, so he drove home directly.

The daughter’s return home late at night naturally surprised her parents. The mother who had agreed with Lu Li’s persuasion knew that the marriage itself was a forced marriage, and knew that everything had been prepared for her daughter, and that Lu’s father and mother were also real. There was nothing to say, all distress and scolding melted into a sigh. The next day, Jiang Yicheng approached Chen Yiming to discuss the cause. Chen Yiming didn’t seem to know the reason, so he asked Jiang Yicheng to log in to the first game designed by Jiang Yicheng at the time. Jiang Yicheng encountered an inspiration bottleneck at the time, and Chen Yicheng also asked Jiang Yicheng to find it in the game first. Looking for inspiration, this was the moment when the two really met.

Lu Li, a senior in high school, met Jiang Yicheng, a graduate student, and the two teamed up to fight monsters. Lu Li liked this game very much and admired the game developer, Jiang Yicheng. In the dialogue with Lu Li, a lot of inspiration was born. However, I didn’t go online again because of my busy schedule. I went online today. The news accumulated before, and Lu Li’s dialog box kept beating. It turned out that Lu Li liked himself since the third year of high school. Jiang Yicheng saw the love that Lu Li said. ,

Tears kept streaming down. The latest news stops today, a farewell left by Lu Li. Today was the day when Lu Li was leaving. After saying goodbye to the place where the two first met, Lu Li put on the computer. The parents didn’t have an overnight hatred, and Mother Lu forgave Lu Li, and the family went out to send Lu Li out. Jiang Yicheng came on the back foot again. When he saw Jiang Yicheng’s face, Lu’s father didn’t beat him, he was about to teach Jiang Yicheng a good lesson, but Lu’s mother, who really understood her daughter’s feelings, told Jiang Yicheng that Lu Li was now at the airport.

Jiang Zitong was about to go to the company. Cheng Yueru thought of going to the company and looking for Jiang’s father. But when Jiang Zitong thought that Lu Li had resigned to avoid exposure, Jiang Zitong pretended to be sick and pretended to have troubles. Sure enough, he still couldn’t hide the process. I guessed it must be what happened to Lu Li and Jiang Yicheng. So Jiang Yicheng was questioned as soon as he returned home. Jiang Yicheng had no energy at all, but said lightly that Lu Li had already left Xinhai.

Jiang Yicheng was still thinking about the failure of his marriage. Chen Yiming said that the car accident might be the fuse. When he heard that Lu Li was followed by the car accident at the time, and the person who followed him had a scar on his hand, Jiang Yicheng’s heart immediately appeared in his heart. , Now only one verification is needed. Jiang Yicheng made an appointment with Li Man, deliberately turned on the phone recording, opened Li Man’s cell phone with a strategy, and sent a message to call Father Li. As soon as Jiang Yicheng left, Father Li sat in front of Li Man and talked about himself that night. He didn’t do anything to Lu Li at all, it was Lu Li who hit the car himself.

Unknowingly, Li Man froze in place, and when he recovered, he began to urge his father to leave. Jiang Yicheng appeared at the right time. It turned out that Li Man and Li’s father had always been acting. Whatever father and daughter broke, everything turned out to be a scam. Holding the evidence in his hand, Jiang Yicheng decided that legal procedures must be followed this time. And Li Man saw that everything was upset, and he desperately began to push all the responsibility to his father. The daughter’s scolding stung his heart like a needle. Li Man’s father watched Li Man leave, holding his hand tightly. My heart, my face is very painful…

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