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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 20 Recap

Just when Lu Li was about to explode, Jiang Yicheng said that the company will not pursue the criminal responsibility of the old ape this time, and Lu Li’s expression warmed up, sincerely thank Jiang Yicheng for his generosity. Today, I made an appointment to have dinner with Jiang’s father and Jiang’s mother. Jiang Yicheng brought Lu Li out to buy clothes. The wealthy Jiang Yicheng let Lu Li choose. The waiter enthusiastically promoted his own couple clothes.

The love on his chest was 35 degrees. At that time it would turn red. Lu Li looked at the red on Jiang Yicheng’s chest, and then at the black in front of him. He was puzzled. Jiang Yicheng hugged Lu Li directly into his arms. Beating, the temperature gradually increased, and the love heart on Lu Li’s chest turned red immediately, and Lu Li’s face also turned red naturally. When the phone rang, Lu Li went to pay the bill first. Li Man called Jiang Yicheng to introduce a foreign investor.

Jiang Yicheng said that he would bring Lu Li, but Li Man emphasized that this investor pays great attention to privacy, thinking that meeting three people is not considered as a separate meeting, Jiang Yicheng just like this He agreed, and let Lu Li go home to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival with his parents before he got in another taxi. When Lu Li found that Jiang Yicheng’s clothes were still in his hands, he called his master to chase him. The car drove to a hotel. Lu Li followed Jiang Yicheng, only to find Li Man waiting and walked to the hotel with Jiang Yicheng. After inquiring, Li Man did book a room in the hotel. Lu Li realized that he had only a little tenderness in his heart, and he lost it in the face of this cruel fact.

After getting information from Lu Li, Jiang Zitong brought moon cakes to Chen Yiming’s house. Jiang Zitong left scars on his hands in order to make moon cakes for Chen Yiming. The caring Chen Yiming specially took the medical kit and carefully applied medicine to Jiang Zitong. . Seeing Chen Yiming so focused and caring about himself, Jiang Zitong felt that he was sinking deeper again.

When Li Man and Jiang Yicheng were in the elevator together, they saw Jiang Yicheng’s lover outfit. Li Man felt jealous, so he deliberately put his own lipstick on his fingers. When he walked out of the bathroom, he secretly wiped it behind Jiang Yicheng’s collar. . After seeing the investors, Li Man wanted to meet Jiang Yicheng for dinner, but Jiang Yicheng said that he was going back to eat with his parents. Li Man had no tricks and could only watch Jiang Yicheng leave.

Gu Mo and Gu Xiaoqi spent the Mid-Autumn Festival together with their family members. Gu Xiaoqi was still suffocating in his heart, and Gu Mo did nothing. When the parents asked about their relationship status, Gu Mo said that he already had a girl he liked. Gu Xiaoqi quietly pricked his ears to listen, not knowing what it was like. The two went downstairs to buy mooncakes together. Gu Xiaoqi turned to the small jewelry store by the way. He fancyed a piece of jewelry but felt distressed about the price. Gu Mo, standing behind, took the bill and thought that Gu Mo would take this opportunity to please himself. Gu Xiaoqi pretended not to appreciate it, but Gu Mo explained that he was going to buy it for his girlfriend. Gu Xiaoqi was angry again and left angrily.

Jiang Yicheng went home but found that Lu Li hadn’t arrived home yet and was about to go out to find him. Then he found that Lu Li was standing at the door with no expression on his face, ignoring himself at all. Jiang Yicheng just felt strange. When the family sat on the table, Lu Li accidentally spotted the lipstick behind Jiang Yicheng’s collar. After dinner, Lu Li saw the lipstick behind Jiang Yicheng, and a lump grew in his heart. Today, Cheng Yueru stayed with the two of them to sleep at home. Lu Li wanted to shirk, but Jiang Yicheng agreed.

There was a barrier now. Lu Li packed up the bedding and slept in the closet. Jiang Yicheng realized that Lu Li must have something on his mind, so he forced Lu Li to speak out. As soon as Lu Li opened his mouth, he asked if Jiang Yicheng was staying with Li Man in the afternoon. After Jiang Yicheng answered in the affirmative, Lu Li was upset that he didn’t want to listen to Jiang Yicheng’s explanation anymore. Jiang Yicheng, who had always been reluctant to say more, didn’t say much, and the two let the gap widen, filling the night with silence.

When Lu Li woke up early the next morning, he felt a little nauseous. Thinking of Cheng Yueru’s joking words about holding his grandson yesterday, Lu Li vaguely worried. Going to the hospital for an examination was the result I feared the most. Lu Li is pregnant and has been 6 weeks. Is this news surprise or joy for Jiang Yicheng? Lu Li didn’t dare to guess, but left anxiously. Father Li, who happened to come to the hospital, found Lu Li’s figure, and when Lu Li had left, he returned to ask the doctor. Now he knew that Lu Li was pregnant. Father Li called Li Man and told Li Man to use his opportunity to grab Jiang Yicheng, and he would take care of the rest.

Taking back Jiang Yicheng, grabbing back Jiang Yicheng, this sentence lingered tightly in Li Man’s heart, so Li Man came up with another method, once again called Jiang Yicheng, saying that he was severely burned and needed Jiang Yicheng’s help. For the kindness of his friends, Jiang Yicheng could only drive over to help. On the other side, after Li’s father hung up the phone, he began to follow Lu Li, hoping to find a chance to start.

Fortunately, Lu Li met Old Ape, and Father Li saw the opportunity to avoid him. Old Ape asked Lu Li to get back the crowdfunding from his colleagues. It turned out that Jiang Yicheng had already lent money to Old Ape to tide over the difficulties. Besides, the last time he worked overtime was also the code written by Jiang Yicheng to help Lu Li. After Old Ape kept saying good things for Jiang Yicheng , Lu Li also began to wonder if he had misunderstood Jiang Yicheng. When I walked to the street, I realized that I missed many of Jiang Yicheng’s calls today. He turned his head and dialed but couldn’t get through. Lu Li felt strange, and a man in black appeared frequently behind him. Lu Li’s vigilance quickly became full and he waited for a few turns.

After confirming that someone was following, Lu Li hurriedly called Jiang Yicheng to ask for help. At this time, Jiang Yicheng accompanied Li Man to the hospital and was going to get the medicine. The phone was in Li Man’s hand. When the call finally got through, Lu Li lost consciousness on the main road when he heard Li Man’s voice in his ears. The car that drove up quickly dodged, and Lu Li fell to the spot with his abdomen. There were waves of labor pain and heart pain, and Lu Li gritted his teeth…

At the moment when Lu Li got into the wheelchair and was taken to the hospital, Lu Li saw Li Man and Jiang Yicheng in the corridor of the hospital. Jiang Yicheng seemed to be worried about Li Man’s arm. Give a punch. Lu Li completely lost hope for Jiang Yicheng. The doctor came to greet him. Lu Li only asked the doctor to keep a secret for himself. Chen Yiming called when Lu Li had a car accident. Only then did he receive a notification from the hospital and rushed over and asked about all his experiences. ,

Lu Li only said indifferently that he had met a gangster. Tonight was a disaster for Lu Li, but Jiang Yicheng did not show up. Chen Yiming was so anxious that he took out his mobile phone to notify Jiang Yicheng, but Lu Li stopped Chen Yiming and suggested that he should go to the police station for the record first, but his emotions were mixed. Is it worried or scared? Lu Li realized that he couldn’t figure it out either.

Out of his friend’s morals, Jiang Yicheng sent Li Man home. Li Man eagerly wanted to stay with Jiang Yicheng for dinner, but Jiang Yicheng refused again. There was really no way. Li Man tightly grasped Jiang Yicheng’s hand and said that he had never Forget the past of the two, and hope that they will get back together again. But Jiang Yicheng refused coldly. It seemed that Li Man was the only one who remained in his memories. Li Man was a little desperate, silently watching Jiang Yicheng walk back to the elevator. When he reached the parking lot, Lu Li called. Jiang Yicheng was a little impatient, but Chen Yiming’s voice rang in his ears. Only then did he know that Lu Li had been in a car accident…

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