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The Justice 光芒 Episode 20 Recap

Huang Ruhong wanted to secretly take a stake in Cheng Yizhi’s bank in the name of Xianyi Timber Company. Unexpectedly, Cheng Yizhi rejected the investment. Huang Ruhong learned that Cheng Yizhi had raised a huge sum of money to invest in Wonderland, and the day after tomorrow, Libang Bank opened on time. Huang Ruhong gritted his teeth with anger.

Wu Lizi recovered and was discharged from the hospital. Cheng Yizhi came to pick her up. Doctor Tang told Cheng Yizhi not to dislike the infertile Wu Lizi and to be considerate of her. As soon as Wu Lizi went home, she filed for divorce with Cheng Yizhi, admitting that she had married for revenge. She did not dare to explain the real reason. She was full of guilt for Cheng Yizhi. Cheng Yizhi agreed to divorce her and offered to move out, seeing her decision. Let Wu Lizi stay at home.

Today is the day when Libang Bank opened. Cheng Yizhi, Director Gao, Xu Shu and other shareholders cut the ribbon, and held the first general meeting of shareholders. Cheng Yizhi publicly announced that the bank’s purpose is to help the business prosper the nation. Liao Lan moved into the house provided by Wu Lizi and took out all of her dowry to buy shares in Libang Bank. Wu Lizi naturally couldn’t ask for it.

Cheng Yizhi publicly announced that Wu Lizi was the deputy general manager of the bank. Wu Lizi brought Liao Lan to the board of directors. Cheng Yizhi also told the news of his divorce with Wu Lizi. Wu Lizi promised to do a good job and help Cheng Yizhi take care of the banking business. After the meeting, Xu Shu came to Cheng Yizhi for a single chat, mistakenly thinking that it was him that caused the divorce of Cheng Yizhi and his wife. Cheng Yizhi clearly stated that it had nothing to do with him and advised him not to have a psychological burden.

Charlie asked Wu Lizi to hand over a golden pen to Cheng Yizhi, and Wu Lizi told the news of her divorce from Cheng Yizhi. Charlie was very surprised and couldn’t help complaining about Wu Lizi. Wu Lizi felt miserable in her heart. Huang Ruhong deliberately made people advertise Cheng Yizhi and Libang Bank in the newspapers. He wanted to see him fall as far as he stood. Huang Ruhong heard that Liao Lan had taken out his dowry to help Cheng Yizhi, and he gritted his teeth with anger.

The law enforcement team suddenly broke into Zhou Wenqu’s pharmaceutical factory and sealed the factory on the spot on the grounds that Zhou Wenken had not obtained a new permit. Zhou Wenqun came to Cheng Yizhi to report immediately. Cheng Yizhi asked him to keep the backbone of the business so as not to be digged. Cheng Yizhi came to Director Fang for a new permit, but the date was three months later. Urgently, Director Fang took the opportunity to open his mouth and asked for a fee of 30,000 yuan.

A man surnamed Zheng broke into Libang Bank to make trouble and clamored to see Cheng Yizhi. Wu Lizi hurriedly called him to the office. Mr. Zheng claimed to be Cheng Yizhi’s eldest brother and insisted on looking for Cheng Yizhi for an interview. Wu Lizi had to come out to find Cheng Yizhi. Cheng Yizhi just came back from work, and as soon as he entered the door, he recognized that he was the person who bullied him when he was a child, so he called him to the office for a single chat.

Mr. Zheng forced Cheng Yizhi to give him 10,000 yuan and a ferry ticket. Cheng Yizhi guessed that he had offended the gang and wanted to run away. Mr. Zheng took out the newspaper and reported that Cheng Yizhi came from a famous family and became famous by his own ability. A banker, Mr. Zheng threatened to make Cheng Yizhi a wild species public. Cheng Yizhi promised to buy him a ferry ticket. Mr. Zheng refused to let him go and threatened to ruin Cheng Yizhi and Libang Bank, and then left.

When Cheng Yizhi was at a loss, he learned that Zhou Wendog had been arrested, so he had no choice but to bite the bullet and negotiate with Director Fang. Director Fang said that something was going on. Wu Lizi came to the prison to see Zhou Wenqun. Zhou Wenqu begged Wu Lizi to save him. Wu Lizi learned that the law enforcement team would torture Zhou Wenqu every night. He was already scared. Wu Lizi warned the captain of the law enforcement team to find the Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce. Hold him accountable.

Cheng Yizhi came to Feng Youru and reported to him in detail about the development of tuberculosis drugs by the Zhou Wenken Pharmaceutical Factory. If Feng Youru helps, once the anti-tuberculosis drugs are on the market, Feng Youru will have a lot of merit, and Feng Youru has weighed in repeatedly and promised to help Cheng Yizhi to come forward. The law enforcement team leader received an order from his superior to personally send Zhou Wenqun and Wu Lizi back to Libang Bank, and Zhou Wenqun’s pharmaceutical factory could resume production tomorrow. Cheng Yizhi was very happy.

Mr. Zheng called Cheng Yizhi to pay the money as soon as possible, otherwise he would call a tabloid reporter to disclose Cheng Yizhi’s life experience. Cheng Yizhi lied that he needed 10,000 yuan to manage the director. This money was deducted from his salary every month. Zhou Wenqun offered to replace Cheng Yizhi. To bear this public relations fee, Wu Lizi suggested that Rebond Bank should pay the money. Cheng Yizhi sent money and ferry tickets to Mr. Zheng, and he left with his own eyes watching him board the ship.

Wu Lizi suggested to Cheng Yizhi to establish a credit investigation department, which not only can avoid being deceived by unscrupulous merchants, but also avoid the investment of unknown funds. Cheng Yizhi fully agreed. Lei Zi found out that Feng Youru had come forward to help Zhou Wen Canine Pharmaceutical Factory obtain the production license, and he immediately reported to Huang Ruhong, who was surprised.

Cha ideal made Wu Lizi forget about Cheng Yizhi as soon as possible and persuaded her to meet her new boyfriend. Wu Lizi resisted in every possible way, but couldn’t stand Charlie’s hard work. Wu Lizi followed Charlie to the big ballroom. Charlie introduced a man who had returned from studying abroad to dance with Wu Lizi. Wu Lizi couldn’t help thinking of the scene when she was dancing with Cheng Yizhi. She was absent-minded, and she almost fell under the slippery feet. Wu Lizi had to say sorry to the other party. She didn’t expect Charlie to arrange her to dance three songs with the man, and Wu Lizi complained constantly.

Wu Lizi suddenly saw Cheng Yizhi approaching Charlie. She was so scared that she hurried to hide. Cheng Yizhi learned that Gongtou Tang was fighting with Xu Shu, so he hurried to see what happened. Wu Lizi came to ask Charlie Xingshi to question her, and Charlie forced her to finish three songs with the man. Lu Zhuer pleased Huang Ruhong in every possible way, and took the opportunity to move to the Huang Mansion to help Huang Ruhong with the housework. Huang Ruhong flatly refused and gave her an important task to ask Lu Zhuer to find a girl who resembled Feng Youru’s first love.

Wu Lizi came to the hospital to see Xu Shu. Xu Shu vomited bitterness at her. Foreman Tang changed his drawings without authorization. The two of them fought violently if they didn’t agree with each other. Wu Lizi persuaded him kindly and promised to handle the matter properly. At the same time, Cheng Yizhi brought Foreman Tang to bandage the wound. Foreman Tang told him about Xu Shu’s black appearance, and Cheng Yizhi followed him to inspect the site.

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