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My Dear Brothers 亲爱的吾兄 Episode 9 Recap

The picture is back to modern times. My brother took me to the amusement park in the summer. When it was late, I would light up all the lights on the scene and give me a surprise in the summer. When I went to the Ferris wheel in the winter to light up the fireworks in the summer, the sky suddenly The lightning flashed thunder and played chess and rained, so Shi Dong was taken into the Hua Po Void and entered that world. It was Shi Xia’s birthday that day, and Shi Dong failed to celebrate his sister’s birthday. After listening to Shidong’s story, Shixia also understood the reason why his brother disappeared. Now Shidong is a demon, and Shixia can’t tell even if he is not a spy.

Shi Dong brought his sister back to his palace. There are many modern treasures in him. Even the cars are high-tech spaceships. Shi Dong also prepared bubble tea for Shi Xia. This is called Shi Xia and it is a surprise and surprise. That is her favorite. Shi Dong told his sister that he always wanted to go back, but even if he wanted to die, he couldn’t go back. He still couldn’t die. That’s why he is now the Demon Lord, that is, the role of the hero.

Houchi and Yi Yaoyi looked at the map and walked forward on the road. At this time, Senior Brother Umbrella told Houchi Shixia had been abducted by Mozun, so Houchi would change their way to rescue Shixia.

Shi Dong asked his subordinates to be Shi Xia’s grandmother. It was his own sister, so many of the subordinates of the Demon Realm respect Shi Xia, and Shi Dong also wanted to run for the lord of the Ten Thousand Immortals. This made Shi Xia a little worried about the back pool. After asking Shi Dong, I learned that the previous Demon Sovereign Qiuping was very tyrannical, and now Shi Dong is pretending to be Qiu Ping, but he has never seen a real Demon Sovereign. Shixia gave Shidong an idea. They needed an identity wherever they were. Since Shidong was already a demon, Shixia would be Houchi’s sister.

Hou Chi and Yi Yaoyao couldn’t find the entrance to the Demon Realm halfway. They happened to meet a group of robbers. They told Houchi Mozun that they had gone to Immortal Demon Town. After seeing the few people, I didn’t expect that Houji was anxious to find Shi Xia and left first, leaving Yi Yaoyao to be cleaned up by those people.

Shi Dong brought Shi Xia to Immortal Demon Town. I didn’t expect that all the people there ran away, and the fully automatic robot there directly said that the disciples of the Demon Realm should report, and the disciples of the Yuhua School also reported, and everyone realized that Shi Xia was the representative. People from Yuhua School. However, Shixia wanted to enter Shidong’s room but was blocked by the barrier, and each sect could only enter the room of its own sect. Shi Xia was thinking of Houchi all the time, and with the doll sent by Houchi in her hand, she walked into the room of Yuhua School, but no trace of the funeral was seen after entering. Shi Xia was very disappointed.

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