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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 32 Recap

On the eve of the engagement, Sheng Zhening received a gift from someone sent by Qin Hebo. Looking at the content on the card, he was lost in thought. The next day, Sheng Zhening meticulously prepared several sets of plans, each of which was carefully selected by him, and then asked Xia Qian’s opinions, subject to her preferences.

After the two of them tried on the wedding gown, they began to prepare for the wedding banquet. Xia Qian painted the cover of the invitation herself. Sheng Zhening knew that she had symptoms of low blood sugar, so he hung a small box full of candies on Xia Qian’s bag, so that there was no need to worry about hypoglycemia.

Ning Meng took He Zhijun’s repaired computer back, and accidentally found a folder about “psychotherapy recordings” in the computer, which aroused her curiosity, so after clicking on the recording, she was shocked and irritated by the contents. Ning Meng immediately called He Zhijun and asked him to meet in Box 502 of the Changsheng Hotel.

However, it was the engagement banquet between Sheng Zhening and Xia Qian at this time, and everyone gathered together happily, including Mu Xiaoyan, Xia Ma, Hu Zhen and others. At the engagement banquet, everyone exchanged gifts and talked cordially. Ning Meng suddenly appeared and directly picked up the phone to play the recording, publicly explaining the truth of his father’s death.

It turned out that Xia Qian and He Zhijun were still a close lover back then. As a result, the two set up light bulbs on the road, which indirectly caused Sheng’s father to have a car accident while driving. Even if she was not the real culprit who killed her father directly, the death of her father had something to do with her. It’s a big deal. Sheng Zhening comforted Ning Meng and hoped that she would not just rely on one-sided words, so he asked An An to get the information about Sheng’s father’s accident.

Unexpectedly, among the many photos, there are a few pictures of car burning wreckage, which happened to have Kong Mingdeng with Xia Qian’s name written on it, and Xia Qian indeed thought that he had done this with He Zhijun. Because of this, Xia Qian felt guilty and left directly from the engagement banquet. From that day on, she stopped contacting Sheng Zhening because she really didn’t know how to face Sheng Zhening.

On the other hand, He Zhijun took the initiative to apologize to Ning Meng and admitted that he deliberately concealed the truth, but he was also making atonement, but Ning Meng would not believe everything He Zhijun said, and even angrily accused him and Xia Qian as murderers and liars. He Zhijun knew that Ning Meng was emotional now, and it was not suitable to continue talking. When he was about to leave, Ning Meng said that he would never get divorced, even if it was tortured each other.

After this incident, Xia Qian is also reflecting on the reasons why He Zhijun escaped from marriage. After all, in her impression, it seems that He Zhijun has never mentioned a car accident to herself, and even guessed that the escape was related to this matter. Xia Qian met with He Zhijun and learned that after lighting up the Kongming lantern that night, He Zhijun walked home and saw a car accident on the side of the road. Ning Meng and Sheng father were sitting in the seats of the main and co-pilot.

Since He Zhijun had just rescued Ning Meng and the car caught fire, he could only watch Sheng’s father die in the fire. Since the car accident, Ning Meng suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. It happened that He Zhijun was her attending doctor. The frequent contact between the two made Ning Meng depend on He Zhijun and made He Zhijun more guilty, and finally chose to leave from the engagement banquet. .

Originally, He Zhijun thought that he could protect this secret for the rest of his life, but he never thought that it would bring harm to everyone. Xia Qian completely relieved He Zhijun’s knot of escape from marriage, but she was also paralyzing herself with work, trying to forget the distress of the second engagement banquet. When the wedding dress arrived, Xia Qian recalled her and Sheng Zhening’s bit by bit, and couldn’t help crying anymore.

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