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Jun Jiu Ling 君九龄 Episode 24 Recap

Chu Jiuli had heard about Jiuling Tang’s resignation. Even though she repeatedly denied Jun Jiuling’s identity, Lu Yunqi was completely crazy, and even sent someone to invite Jun Jiuling to enter the government under the name of Jiuling’s fever. , The original intention was to put her under house arrest in the Royal Palace of Huai. Chu Jiurong mistakenly thought that Jun Jiuling had seduce her brother-in-law and insulted her elder sister, and couldn’t help but scold her. As a result, she was hugged tightly, as if she was in the arms of her second sister.

Facing Jiu Rong’s questioning, Chu Jiuling emphasized that she was not a princess, and promised to never hurt him and Jiuli. Because of Chu Jiuling’s sincere treatment, Chu Jiulong did not continue to be embarrassed, but chose to trust. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for Lu Yunqi to hire Jiulingtang again and deliberately build momentum in the capital. Zhu Zan got angry from his heart and kicked the betrothal ceremony directly at the entrance of Wu Desi, and fought Lu Yunqi out of nowhere.

This incident was known to the whole city, attracted hundreds of people to watch, and even alarmed the palace, Yuan Bao was ordered to come to persuade. Zhu Zan scolded Lu Yunqi for being shameless and hiring without the consent of the other party, which obviously meant to marry him. Lu Yunqi ridiculed Zhu Zan as an outsider and had no right to interfere with the marriage between him and Jun Jiuling.

Just as Zhu Zan was embarrassed by the problem and didn’t know how to respond, Ning Yunzhao suddenly appeared and participated in the matter without shy. It was publicly disclosed that Jun Jiuling was his fiancée appointed in Zezhou, and even said The status of the new champion announced that the marriage contract between the two is valid, and soon he will come to the door to marry.

Three well-known men and boys in the capital fought for the Jiuling cousin doctor, which has become a hot topic among the people. Ning Yunzhao made a special trip to find Jun Jiuling, explained what happened during the day, and claimed that if it is inconvenient, she can come forward to clarify, after all, this is the Ning family’s debt.

However, Chu Jiuling knew that Ning Yunzhao was in a good intention to relieve the siege, so he had to do so. However, this incident made Zhu Zan heartbroken, and, accompanied by Li Sanbing and Zhang Baotang, he became drunk. Zhang Baotang was curious about how Zhu Zan would answer if Ning Yunzhao hadn’t appeared at the time, but if he thought about it carefully, he and Li Sanbing smiled at each other, and the result was self-evident.

Zhu Zan went to look for Jun Jiuling overnight, and drunkenly asked how many husbands she had. Chu Jiuling said, from Fang Chengyu in Zezhou to Ning Yunzhao now, there is actually an acquaintance Zhu Zan has met for a long time. However, Zhu Zan misunderstood her meaning and thought it meant herself, so she pretended to be Remind Jun Jiuling not to mess around with his ideas, because he already has a sweetheart.

Because of Zhu Zan’s drunk remarks, Chu Jiuling couldn’t laugh or cry. She was going to pour tea for him to sober up, but she unexpectedly took off his coat and fell asleep on the bed with his head covered. Until the next morning, Chu Jiuling stood by the bed, and after seeing Zhu Zan wake up, she deliberately molested him.

Zhang Baotang and Li Sanbing joke that Zhu Zan is good at drinking, and he can still drink to Jun Jiuling’s boudoir. After the three of them have finished making fun, they resumed serious discussions about the orphans of thousands of families. Through inquiries some time ago, they discovered that the orphans of the Wan family had appeared in Nanyuan. Taking into account the Huang Cheng father and son and Wu Desi, they had to find each other before the orphan took revenge.

The marriage contract of the champion of the new division was raging. Ning Yunzhao reminded him to reconcile the relationship between Jun Jiuling and his mother, otherwise the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law would be a big trouble in the future. Uncle Ning Yan knew Ning Yunzhao’s original intention, but everyone had already acquiesced that Jun Jiuling was the daughter-in-law of the Ning family, and there was no way to go back, so the plan for the present was to hide Mrs. Ning’s marriage. The Fang family in Zezhou received the news and worried that Mrs. Ning would not let it go easily if she knew the truth, but Fang Chengyu believed that Ning Yunzhao was a stopgap measure and would definitely not take the marriage contract seriously.

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