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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 29 Recap

Fortunately, Xiaolan won the match steadily. Just as everyone was celebrating, the organizing committee called Xiaolan and Cao Xihe. After the call and monitoring, they saw Cao Xihe and entered her room. Xiaolan was disqualified from the competition. Cao Xihe explained that Xiaolan didn’t know before that he was going in, nor did he give Xiaolan guidance. If he was punished, he would be punished so that Xiaolan could continue the game.

Xiaolan was moved to know that Cao Xihe had paid so much for her, and cried and thanked Cao Xihe for his dedication. Mr. Xie also knew about it and called to comfort Xiao Lan to continue the game. Xiaolan called Cao Xihe and waited for her good news, and she would definitely not tell Cao Xihe to retire in vain. Xiaolan once again faced off against his previous opponent, and soon Xiaolan won the game. This time Xiaolan won the game by strength. This made the organizing committee have nothing to say.

After Xiaolan won the chess game, she went to Cao Xihe and cried forever. She finally knew that Cao Xi and the brothers were kind to her, and they were more real than the idols in her heart. That is Xiaolan’s favorite boy. Xiaolan’s statement called Cao Xi and was extremely happy, and her dedication to Xiaolan finally paid off.

Cheng Lea received a call from the leader asking her to complete the task and to follow up with He Yu. She was a dark horse. He Yu went to Sheng Jingchu and told him that he learned to play chess because he liked Sheng Jingchu. Xie Changan told He Yu that he had a girlfriend, but He Yu didn’t care. Only He Yu’s genius was worthy of being with Sheng Jingchu.

Cheng received the task to interview He Yu, but she refused. Only Sheng Jingchu was able to interview her. After hearing this, Cheng felt that he was in trouble, so he went back to discuss with Sheng Jingchu to interview He Yu. Sheng Jingchu was very reluctant to interview He Yu, but He Yu still directly said in front of the camera that the reason she went to the game was to see Sheng Jingchu.

This was called Sheng Jingchu very helpless, but Cheng was still called Sheng Jingchu to finish the interview, otherwise She doesn’t deal well with each other. Sheng Jingchu had no choice but to bite the bullet and continue, but he still couldn’t accept He Yu’s straightforwardness and left. Sheng Jingchu feels that Cheng should be jealous, but Cheng is very confident in their feelings, and won’t be worthy of anger just because someone likes Sheng Jingchu.

Sure enough, He Yu finally reached the final against Sheng Jingchu as a dark horse, which surprised many people. If a five-stage player can reach the final against Sheng Jingchu, her talent and strength must be very high. In the end, Sheng Jingchu won. It was that He Yu’s goal was not to win, but to meet Sheng Jingchu.

After the game, everyone took the plane back on the way back. Xiaolan was very considerate to Cao Xihe. This is why Cao Xihe was flattered and didn’t think that what he had wanted for so many years came. Sheng Jingchu and Cheng showed their affection in front of them to demonstrate to them, but Xiaolan said that she did not get together with Cao Xi. This is called Cao Xihe very helpless, and I don’t know what the girl is thinking.

After Cheng returned, he submitted his resignation. Although the leader wanted to reuse Cheng, he had to agree to see her going. Cheng Lei hopes that the leader can reuse the small words in the future, and she is also a journalist who has been working hard all the time. Although Cheng wanted to find the life he wanted, he was still a little reluctant to leave the place where he had been working. Everyone also wished Cheng could have new development.

Sheng Jingchu took Cheng back and went directly to his father’s restaurant. He felt that he wanted to add some decorations to his restaurant to increase the atmosphere, so he went shopping with Sheng Jingchu to dress up the shop.

Cao Xi and Xiaolan go out, but Xiaolan tells Cao Xi and them that they can’t fall in love right now, and they must wait for Xiaolan to reach the seventh level of the profession before accepting Cao Xihe’s feelings.

Sheng Jingchu received an invitation to go abroad to compete. It was a mixed doubles competition. The organizing committee hoped that Sheng Jingchu could compete with foreign players as a male chess player. After hearing it, he felt that the female chess player must be He Yu.

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