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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 28 Recap

Cheng looked at the leader’s trust in himself and agreed to resign. This was a surprise to the leader. He felt that Cheng became more active when he became ill once.

Cheng Le told Xiaoyan about her resignation, but told her to keep quiet and leave in dignity after helping the leader to finish her work.

Xu Chi asked Cheng Yi to go out to celebrate the feast together, but Cheng Yi refused his invitation. It was everyone’s credit to succeed. She didn’t want to attribute all the credit to one person in the end, but then saw the face of the greeting card Jiang Yuda gave her. Smiled.

Jiang Yuda wanted to ask Cao Xihe to teach him to play chess, but Cao Xihe asked Jiang Yuda to accompany him to play mahjong. As long as Jiang Yuda waited for him, he would have the opportunity to teach him to play chess.

On the day of her mother’s sacrifice, Jiang Yuda went to the restaurant and didn’t open the door to call and no one answered. It turned out that the family went to the cemetery to sweep the grave for her mother. Dad Cheng told Mom Cheng to rest assured, now that both daughters have grown up and both have their own favorite careers, that is the best gift that Cheng Mom left him.

Cheng Yi feels that Jiang Yuda should have been a very happy person since she was a child. She can do whatever she wants, but since she has no mother, she has not dared to do whatever she wants. Many things must be perfect because she has a lot of responsibilities. She goes to finish. Jiang Yuda opened up Cheng Yicheng and grew up. He should live for himself. You don’t need to be so good all day, as long as he is happy is the most important thing. Cheng Yi felt that being accompanied was indeed much better than being alone. Jiang Yuda realized that Cheng Yi had initially accepted his walk in and hurried over to help her put on her clothes to show love, but Xu Chi couldn’t get through when he called Cheng Yi. This is Xu Chi’s deep mood.

Xie Changan asked Yao Ke to participate in the competition, but he had no fighting spirit. He felt that the Kyushu Dojo could still win without him. Cao Xi and Xiaolan packed their luggage to go to the competition together, and Sheng Jingchu also took Cheng to Qingdao, but Sheng Jingchu only registered one room, but asked Cheng to rest assured that he would sleep on the sofa. Cheng Lei was worried that Sheng Jingchu’s sleep on the sofa would affect the game and he would go out and open a room, but Sheng Jingchu didn’t ask Cheng to go out. If he was really afraid that he could not rest well, then both of them would sleep in bed. This is very unexpected.

The competition officially started on the second day. This time, He Yu 5th Duan, who has been abroad, also returned to China to compete. Although his rank is not high, he has a lot of background. Xiaolan has been studying the chess game and can’t meet with other players, so only Cheng can see her, as long as someone from the competition party supervises her and Xiaolan can close the game and meet. Cheng Le brought a lot of delicious food to Xiao Lan. Xiao Lan was very reluctant to be separated from Cheng Le. Unexpectedly, after returning, Cao Xi and Cao Xi secretly hid in the room to wait for her to return. This was a surprise to Xiao Lan, but he did not expect him Can sneak in unexpectedly. Cao Xihe watched Xiaolan’s calculations for the chess game and asked her to sleep well, and she would surely win tomorrow.

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