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The Justice 光芒 Episode 19 Recap

Cheng Yizhi learned from Charlie that Wu Lizi had an abortion operation. Due to the improper operation of the doctor in the small clinic, Wu Lizi’s reproductive organs were severely damaged and her uterus had to be removed. , If it was known in advance that Wu Lizi hated him so much, they would not have a relationship that night. Wu Lizi was even more distressed because she fainted because of excessive sadness.

Today is Huang Ruhong’s birthday. The Huang Mansion hosted a big banquet. Shanghai celebrities from all walks of life came to join in. Only Cheng Yizhi was late, and Huang Ruhong insisted that he waited until he arrived. Before the birthday banquet, Liao Lan took the initiative to toast Huang Ruhong to congratulate him on his long life. The maid could not find Wu Lizi everywhere, so she had to go to Liao Lan. Liao Lan learned that Wu Lizi hadn’t come yet, so she hurried to see what happened.

Wu Lizi woke up in a daze, and she told Huang Ruhong how she killed her father. She wanted to kill Huang Ruhong to avenge her father. She had no choice but to have a miscarriage. Cheng Yizhi knew about it a long time ago, and Huang Ruhong also saw Wu Lizi’s motives, so he did not move. , Was waiting for Cheng Yizhi to choose, Cheng Yizhi chose Wu Lizi without hesitation, and then went to a place with Wu Lizi.

Cheng Yizhi pushed Wu Lizi to the original Shanghai Reserve Bank building, now called Libang Bank. Cheng Yizhi has been busy for a long time. He wanted to build an ideal bank, not a financial institution controlled by high-ranking officials. Cheng Yizhi wanted to do his little work. Funding those industries that have difficulties, and helping the poor people to solve their worries.

Lei Zi found out that Cheng Yizhi and Hartong had jointly established Libang Bank. Then Huang Ruhong received a resignation letter from Cheng Yizhi, and Huang Ruhong bit his head and announced the birthday banquet. Lei Zi looked around for the face melon seeds, but he was as silent as someone else had evaporated. Lei Zi suggested that Cheng Yizhi be completely suppressed. Huang Ruhong didn’t want to be laughed at, so he could only bear it temporarily. Liao Lan came to Huang Ruhong for a showdown and asked Huang Ruhong to choose between her and Lu Zhuer. If Huang Ruhong chose Lu Zhuer, the two of them would divorce. Huang Ruhong tore up the divorce agreement on the spot and forced Liao Lan to continue to be Mrs. Huang.

Cheng Yizhi carefully selected three high-achieving students who had just graduated from university, and wanted to choose manager assistants. The first two came for the interview on time, and the third was late because he lifted the wooden stake at the door. Cheng Yizhi hired him on the spot and asked him to start working immediately. .

Cheng Yizhi went to find boss Zhai to invest in Wonderland. boss Zhai was worried that the tree would attract the wind and wanted to use the newly established Xianyi Timber Company to buy shares. Cheng Yizhi came to the hospital to take care of Wu Lizi as soon as he was busy, and claimed that she was hospitalized for appendicitis surgery. Charlie came to see Wu Lizi. Wu Lizi asked Cheng Yizhi to take care of her affairs and asked Charlie to stay and take care of her. Charlie asked Wu Lizi.

Liao Lan insisted on divorcing Huang Ruhong and didn’t want to stay at home as a decoration. Huang Ruhong repeatedly claimed that he had not changed, but instead blamed Liao Lan for not understanding him. For so many years, Liao Lan and Commander Liao did not take him seriously. Liao Lan was angry. He had to gnash his teeth, yell at Huang Ruhong, and vowed to divorce him.

Wu Lizi was anxious to leave the hospital and go home, falsely claiming that her fever had gone away. Cheng Yizhi found out that she was still having a fever, so she obediently stayed in the hospital to recuperate. Huang Ruhong went home from Fuxiangtang early in the morning and found that Liao Lan had left without saying goodbye last night. Huang Ruhong read today’s morning paper and learned that Cheng Yizhi was preparing for Libang Bank. He was furious.

Cheng Yizhi came to the hospital to see Wu Lizi and found that she was not in the ward and the nurse did not see her. Cheng Yizhi hurriedly called Charlie, and Charlie didn’t know where Wu Lizi was going. Wu Lizi came to Liao Lan for help. Liao Lan turned her away. Wu Lizi repeatedly apologized to her and wanted to go into the house to explain what she had done before. Liao Lan no longer believed what she said, and Wu Lizi’s hard pleading was of no avail. She had to be disappointed. Leave.

Cheng Yizhi wanted to go to Wu Lizi, and the nurse forced him to make up the hospital fee, but he didn’t have that much money on him, so he had to run away from the window. Unexpectedly, Wu Lizi came back suddenly and lied that she was out for a walk. Cheng Yizhi didn’t believe it at all. Wu Lizi had to admit that she had gone to Liao Lan and wanted Liao Lan to invest in Cheng Yizhi’s bank. Worry about things.

When Charlie hurried to hear the news, Cheng Yizhi asked Charlie to investigate the details of Boss Zhai’s newly established Xianyi Lumber, worrying that Huang Ruhong and Lei Zi might be involved in it. The real estate agency was afraid of Huang Ruhong’s forces and did not dare to find a house for Liao Lan. Liao Lan was anxious. Wu Lizi once again went to the house to apologize to Liao Lan and helped her find a house. Liao Lan didn’t buy it at all. Wu Lizi admitted to killing her father in order to find Huang Ruhong. The hatred took advantage of her and advised Liao Lan not to get back with Huang Ruhong. Commander Liao almost killed Huang Ruhong. Huang Ruhong had always held a grudge against Liao Lan. Before leaving, Wu Lizi put the key to the house at the door. .

Charlie quickly handed over the investigation results to Cheng Yizhi. Cheng Yizhi found nothing unusual. Wu Lizi suddenly remembered something. Liao Lan once revealed that Huang Ruhong gave gifts to the opening of Xianyi Company, but Cheng Yizhi did not find Huang Ruhong and Lei from Charlie’s investigation results. The clues of the child’s participation.

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