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Sweet Sweet 住我对面的小哥哥 Episode 11 Recap

When Su Mu went to the mountain hut, he discovered that the place had been cleaned up. Tian Tian was taken aback when he saw him coming, and quickly said that he just helped him clean up by the way, but Su Mu was a little dissatisfied. The original single bed had been thrown away by Tian Tian, ​​and a new large double bed was sent. Tian Tian embarrassedly said that he just wanted to make him sleep more comfortable. Su Mu transferred 20,000 yuan for the decoration fee to Tian Tian, ​​but Tian Tian certainly refused to accept it. Su Mu remained silent and helped Tian Tian also leave a key.

Tian Tian placed the small ornaments, Su Mu followed behind and straightened those things. After tidying up, Tian Tian was a little hungry. Su Mu didn’t ask for anything to eat, so Tian Tian bought crayfish. Tian Tian was very fragrant, but Su Mu felt too troublesome and didn’t eat it. At this time, Dr. Gao came to send a video to Tian Tian, ​​and the two had a lively chat over the crayfish.

Dr. Gao liked Tian Tian very much, and said that he had also made a small house for his wife before. Su Mu took out the design drawings and hoped that Dr. Gao would take a look, but Dr. Gao followed Tian Tian around the cabin and he couldn’t find a chance. Dr. Gao liked it very much and suggested that he would often come to play with Tian Tian in the future. In order to be able to contact Dr. Gao Su Mu, he said that they lived together. Dr. Gao left before he could read the drawings, but he said he would come in the evening.

Tian Tian sent Dr. Gao away, and found that Su Mu wanted to ask Dr. Gao for help and agreed. Su Mu felt that this house also had half of hers. In order to make it convenient for him to let Tian Tian live here in the future, he could come and paint at any time. Tian Tian thought that he could take the opportunity to understand him and agreed. Tian Tian left after receiving a call from her parents, and instructed Su Mu to freeze the crayfish that hadn’t finished eating.

Tian Tian was anxious and agreed to Su Mu, turning around and didn’t know how to tell her parents about moving out. After returning home, Tian’s father and Tian’s mother dignifiedly sat on the sofa and said something was going on, and Tian Tian said that they were leaving for the Three Kingdoms Tour in Xinmatai again, and they even had their luggage ready. Tian Tianqiang held back his joy and scolded his parents. They felt that it was a bit too much to not take their daughter every time they went on a trip, but they could only take it as an example.

Tian Tian returned to the room and began to pack things, moved to Su Mu’s mountain-top hut, and took the good wine that Tian’s father was reluctant to drink from the wine cabinet. Before Dr. Gao came, Su Mu was still busy. Tian Tian strolled around and saw that Su Mu’s computer had photos taken by drone that day. The key point was particularly ugly. Tian Tian quickly asked Su Mu to delete them. There is a photo of Su Mu helping Tian Tian block the aircraft. Tian Tian deleted it before he could leave him. After Su Mu turned around to see Tian Tian was asleep again, she lay down on the table to rest, and gradually fell asleep.

Tian Tian woke up after a sleep, and saw Su Mu lying on the table sleeping soundly, and six words popped out quietly on his ears. I kind of like you. Su Mu was awakened by the sound of the phone, which also frightened Tian Tian. It’s too late, and Dr. Gao hasn’t come yet, so Su Mu let Tian Tian go back. Tian Tian was about to leave with her bag in anger, but Su Mu stopped her.

After returning home, Su Mu heard that Tian Tian was at home alone and asked her to have breakfast with her tomorrow morning. Tian Tian absently agreed. The next morning Tian Tian just got up and Su Mu started urging her, Tian Tian hurriedly cleaned up before going out. One of the two is riding a motorcycle, and the other is faster than anyone else on the road on a bicycle, which seems a bit naive.

Tian Tian thought that Su Mu would make a fragrant breakfast, but he didn’t expect it to be just quick bread and yogurt. Tian Tian drank yogurt depressedly, and got the paint on his face while painting. Su Mu said to help her wipe off the dirt on her face, but he also painted paint on the other half of her face. Tian Tian didn’t know anything about it and thanked him stupidly. Tian Tian asked Su Mu to help him make an ice cream, Su Mu was a little surprised but did so.

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