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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 31 Recap

That night, Sheng Zhening brought Xia Qian to the restaurant. As soon as he was about to propose, because the lighting was not romantic enough, he found an excuse to call and reprimand An An and canceled the proposal again. Xia Qian was looking forward to it, mistakenly thinking that there was a ring hidden in the cake, but when she finished eating the whole cake, she did not see the shadow of the ring, and finally returned home disappointed.

After these few hopes fell through, Xia Qian was very upset, and simply asked Xiao Ai and Mu Xiaoyan to have a barbecue, and complained to the two of them. Mu Xiaoyan gave Xia Qian an idea and asked her to put pressure on Sheng Zhening. Sure enough, after receiving the call, Sheng Zhening rushed over without stopping. Xia Qian was drunk and complained why he didn’t propose marriage.

Faced with Xia Qian’s “question”, Sheng Zhening was a little embarrassed. He had originally prepared a very romantic and grand wedding, but repeated accidents caused him to suspend the plan. Xia Qian said that she didn’t care, because in her opinion, no romantic proposal was as good as Sheng Zhening’s one-tenth of a thousandth, and it was exactly the same. Sheng Zhening drove the ducks to the shelves, picked up the fried squid traps on the table and put them in Xia Qian On hand.

Perhaps the most perfect marriage proposal does not care about the preparation and the momentary touch, but at every moment of life, the two embraced each other in the blessings of everyone. The next morning, Xia Qian woke up and found that the squid ring on the ring finger had turned into a diamond ring. Sheng Zhening resigned from the business trip and worked alone in the kitchen, planning to take him to share the good news with Xia Ma after breakfast.

Mother Xia was very satisfied with the prospective son-in-law in front of her, and urged him and his daughter to respect and care in their marriage, and asked them to have a baby as soon as possible. Sheng Zhening solemnly vowed to respect and love Xia Qian in the future, and Xia Ma was full of joy.

At this time, Mu Xiaoyan and An An met unexpectedly at the baby supplies store, both of them were preparing for the wedding gifts of Sheng Zhening and Xia Qian. Xia Qian took the initiative to make an appointment with Fu Shuangshuang to share with her about Sheng Zhening’s marriage proposal. Fu Shuangshuang was especially happy for Xia Qian, but when Xia Qian asked about herself, he hesitated and worried that Xia Qian was dissatisfied with Qin Hebo.

However, Xia Qian knew that Fu Shuangshuang liked Qin Hebo, and had expected that she would be with Qin Hebo, but she sincerely sent her blessings. Sheng Zhening wanted to invite Ning Meng to participate in the engagement banquet between him and Xia Qian, but Ning Meng refused to avoid embarrassment for both parties because of what happened before.

Fu Shuangshuang was also unable to participate because of Qin Hebo. Qin Hebo was unwilling to make Fu Shuangshuang embarrassed when he learned of the incident. He hoped that she would give herself some time to solve the problem. At the same time, Xia Ma took out all her savings and bought two jade pendants for her daughter and son-in-law. Xia Qian was a little sad, including Sheng Zhening, who also cherished this gift, even though it seemed to be a nouveau riche.

Before long, Sheng Zhening took Xia Qian to pay homage to his parents, and at the same time told about the things before he entered Changsheng. At that time, Sheng Zhening liked art and wanted to be a violinist. However, Sheng’s father only wanted his son to take over the company and impose an intervention on him.

On the day of the car accident, Sheng Zhening had prepared a surprise for his father, but the scene of him playing the violin angered his father and smashed the violin on the spot. As a result, on the way home, his father died in a car accident, so Sheng Zhening regretted it. After he took over Changsheng, he gradually understood his father’s good intentions. While talking, Qin Hebo appeared with flowers in his hand. Xia Qian knew that the brothers needed to chat alone, so he first made room for them and went outside to wait.

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