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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 30 Recap

Fu Shuangshuang was preparing to sell the little prince’s fairy tale books to the live broadcast room. Qin Hebo talked about having children in the future when he saw the situation. As a result, a phone call interrupted the two people’s reveries about the future. When Fu Shuangshuang heard the dispute about the child on the phone, he mistakenly thought it was Qin Heboyin’s marriage and giving birth to a child. She was so sad that she discussed with Jiayu, but finally did not find out the result.

It was not until after get off work that Fu Shuangshuang accidentally saw a text message asking him for half a million in her mobile phone, and then realized that she had to talk to Qin Hebo about it seriously and showed that she could accept the child’s attitude. Qin Hebo couldn’t laugh or cry, explaining that the child had nothing to do with him, but his cousin’s own son. He had already helped him handle the study abroad, but his cousin’s family was so greedy that he again asked for half a million in living expenses.

Regarding this situation, Fu Shuangshuang didn’t quite understand why Qin Hebo indulged his rogue relatives so much. Later, he learned that Qin Hebo was adopted by his uncle since he was a child. Without his uncle’s kindness, he would not have a shelter from the wind and rain, and Current results. It is a pity that Qin Hebo is looking forward to a warm family, but now he is regarded as a cash machine by his family. Fu Shuangshuang was heartbroken, hugged Qin Hebo, and portrayed the bright future of the two to him.

Since Sheng Zhening was away on a temporary business trip, he called Xia Qian and told him that he would be back tomorrow. He deliberately said that it was the day after tomorrow that he was going to buy flowers and fragrance in advance. With the assistance of An’an, he arranged a romantic scene so that he could tell Xia Xia. Shallow marriage proposal.

As everyone knows, because Xia Qian was able to pick up Sheng Zhening at the airport, she took the initiative to ask Manager Wang for leave, because there were many problems with the marketing department’s application software, and Manager Wang was a little embarrassed. Xia Qian proposed to work overtime at night to finish tomorrow’s work together, but he didn’t expect that Sheng Zhening didn’t know about it. He waited and waited at home alone and didn’t see Xia Qian.

It was late at night when Xia Qian came home from work, but she was still moved when she saw Sheng Zhening’s carefully arranged scene. However, at this time Sheng Zhening was sleeping soundly on the sofa, Xia Qian secretly kissed him, accidentally made a noise, and the two went back to the room together holding hands.

Although the proposal was unsuccessful, it was at least romantic. Sheng Zhening put the ring on her hand while Xia Qian was not awake. But seeing that the petals next to him had faded, and felt that the atmosphere was not suitable, he decided to propose another time, so he took off the ring with all his might.

In fact, Xia Qian woke up very early, but she deliberately pretended to be asleep, and she really didn’t understand Sheng Zhening’s behavior of putting on the ring and taking it off. Mu Xiaoyan and Xiao Ai helped Xia Qian analyze the matter, thinking that Sheng Zhening wanted to give Xia Qian a surprise, so Xia Qian could pretend not to know, and then pretend to look forward to it.

At the same time, An An racked his brains and thought about it for a long time, and prepared several marriage proposals that were rejected by Sheng Zhening. In the end, Sheng Zhening chose to propose in the playground, because this place has a special meaning to both of them. Xia Qian was extremely excited when he received Sheng Zhening’s date invitation, and even dressed up for it.

At first, everything was normal. Every aspect of An An’s design was warm and a little surprise, until there was a problem in the ballooning, and then Sheng Zhening accidentally lost the ring, even if An An and others looked for it for a long time, there was no sign. Because of this, the big battle plan for the proposal fell through, and Sheng Zhening had no choice but to give up today’s proposal.

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