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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 27 Recap

Sheng Jingchu scratched his finger while learning to chop vegetables. Cheng Liao felt very distressed. If he was injured too badly to play chess, he would blame himself for a lifetime. The two went to the competition site together, and successfully passed the first round of the competition. Sheng Jingchu supported Cheng’s achievements and took her to ride the Ferris wheel. The two are tired of being together no matter where they go, even after being promoted, they will be together in the afterlife.

Dad Cheng blamed Cheng for going to the competition, and also told Sheng Jingchu that he shouldn’t support Cheng to participate in the competition. If Cheng went to the competition again, he would be discharged.

Cheng Lei and Sheng Jingchu’s dad in Shang Quan are both like that. I don’t know if they should go to the competition. Sheng Jingchu told Cheng that the doctor has said that Dad Cheng’s current state is completely ready for discharge. He is afraid that their sisters will not let him out of the hospital. I said that on purpose.

The next round of the culinary competition began. Cheng Yi was still the host of the competition. As a contestant, Cheng Li and Sheng Jingchu cooperated very well. So Cheng Yi went to interview Cheng Le and Sheng Jingchu. Dad Cheng watched them on TV. The game is also very concerned, always watching her daughter’s actions for fear that she might make a mistake.

During the last game, Cheng Dad went to the scene with a cane. Although he didn’t support Cheng to go to the game, he said that he was going to see Cheng Yi, and he supported her with Cheng’s poster. Just when Cheng was cutting vegetables, his finger was scratched. Sheng Jingchu hurriedly went to the relationship, and still hugged Cheng behind him to cut vegetables together. This is what Cao Xi and the moving person don’t know what to say, showing that he also has that kind of love. It’s content. Dad Cheng saw that his daughter was injured and had to go to the stage to help. Xu Chi was so frightened that Xu Chi hurriedly held him. Dad Cheng had no choice but to sit down quietly and watch his daughter play.

The competition was over, and the final four were born, and Cheng Le and Sheng Jingchu won the fourth place. Although the fourth place was also called Cheng Le, I was very excited. When talking about the awards, Cheng told Cheng Yi that she liked cooking since she was a child. Family members do not support her, but that is her favorite. I hope that food can cure all bad things. Cheng Yi also admitted to everyone that Cheng is her sister, and will support what Cheng wants to do in the future. At this time, Cheng’s father also came on stage, and he had to support his daughter with crutches. There was a warm applause from the audience.

The audience rating of the food show hosted by Cheng Yi has skyrocketed. This makes the people in the station very happy to send many congratulations to Cheng Yi. The leader wants to celebrate Cheng Yi himself, but Cheng Yi refused to say that he has important things to do.

Cheng Leo gave Sheng Jingchu the scarves with the names of two people embroidered on them, hoping that Sheng Jingchu could give her courage, but she didn’t dare to do it because she was afraid that people around her would be disappointed. Sheng Jingchu knew that Cheng wanted to quit his job to cook food, so he asked Cheng Anxin to do what he wanted to do. He was willing to always support everything Cheng wanted.

Dad Cheng was finally discharged from the hospital. When everyone celebrated Dad Cheng’s discharge, Sheng Jingchu pulled Xu Chi out to leave room for Cheng to communicate with his family about his resignation. Dad Cheng felt that they were too arbitrary before and shouldn’t interfere with Cheng’s affairs, so Cheng took the opportunity to tell Dad Cheng that she was going to quit her job and start a restaurant with Dad. Dad Cheng didn’t object, as long as Cheng was willing to give it to the restaurant, it was very exciting for Cheng.

Cheng went to the leader to mention her resignation, but she didn’t expect the leader to arrange for her to do more important work.

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