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Your Sensibility My Destiny 公子倾城 Episode 9 Recap

Lin Chi beat Ji Dingyue’s people to the ground in a few blows. Mo Qingchen didn’t use Mo Qingchen to make a move. But when Ji Dingyue’s killer hit a hidden weapon, Mo Qingchen quickly stepped forward and blocked the darts. The killer took the opportunity to escape, Lin Chi He sent Mo Qingchen back to the house. After returning, Mo Qingchen found that Lin Chi also had skin injuries, but she didn’t know it at all. Mo Qingchen asked Lin Chi to stay with him to heal his injuries, otherwise she would not change to Lin Chi’s perception.

Ji Dingyue’s subordinates went back and told him that Mo Qingchen’s skill has greatly diminished, but Lin Chi’s skill has greatly improved. Mo Qingchen was easily seriously injured by her hidden weapon. When Ji Dingyue heard that something happened, it was a little weird. The killer acted according to the original plan. Ji Dingyue and Ling Yan discussed that Lin Chi was not just as simple as the queen’s pawn. When they turned around, they told Ling Yan and Lin Chi that they knew each other since childhood, but Mo Qingchen was not that simple. To solve the deadlock, Ji Dingyue asked Ling Yan to meet with Lin Chi.

Lin Chi had Mo Qingchen’s senseless life and realized the hardships of his life. Ling Hua asked Lin Chi to have dinner with Mo Qingchen, but Lin Chi felt that Mo Qingchen didn’t need her anymore, and they already had it. Perception.

Mo Qingchen went to visit Lin Chi. She was embroidering, but she was injured but there were blood stains. Mo Qingchen was very worried. It was caused by Lin Chi’s inability to perceive and wanted to exchange her perception with Lin Chi. Lin Chi felt that he should look for medicinal materials to adjust his perception, so he went to the pharmacy with Mo Qingchen to find medicinal materials to configure himself, but after searching for a long time, they couldn’t find them, so the two went to the room to find opportunities to exchange their perceptions.

Qiu Wan went to Lin Chi’s yard and saw Ji Dingluan. She learned that Mo Qingchen and Lin Chi were very good, and helped Lin Chi block the hidden weapon. Qiu Wan was really blessed when she heard that Lin Chi could meet that. A man of affection is worth it. Ji Dingluan thought to himself that if Qiu Wan was in danger, he would also be willing to come forward.

At this time, Gu Yuan went to borrow money from Ji Dingluan. Qiu Wan told Ji Dingluan that Gu Yuan was a liar and could not lend him money. Unexpectedly, Ji Dingluan said that Qi Dingluan was also a liar before. Qiu Wan was very sad. I didn’t expect Ji Dingluan to think of her that way, but Ji Dingluan explained that he didn’t mean that, just thinking that no matter who it was, he was willing to help, but Qiu Wan didn’t listen to the explanation and had to leave.

Lin Chi and Mo Qingchen went to the room together to find a way to exchange them, but they never found it. Mo Qingchen told Lin Chi that even if the queen did not agree with them, they had to go far away. The queen could no longer interfere. Lin Chi was motivated by Mo Qingchen. Touched by Qing Chen’s words, he decided not to leave, so the two kissed together.

Du Ruo went to Lin Chi and told her that her sister should have a record in Dali Temple, and asked Lin Chi to believe that he would be able to help find her sister. Mo Qingchen knew that Du Ruo had been to Lin Chi and felt very uncomfortable, but when Lin Chi caught a cold, he felt relieved and put a dress on her. Lin Chi watched Mo Qingchen not want to leave because he wanted to live with her. Together, but Mo Qingchen said he stayed because he was worried that Lin Chi would be unsafe by himself.

Mo Qingchen trained Lin Chi how to distinguish everything without perception. Without perception, he would use thinking to solve problems. After asking Lin Chi to recite many habits, Mo Qingchen would have to take a test on her.

Qiu Wan took Zhuang Chen away from the Prince Jing’s Mansion and ate buns on the street. Ji Dingluan hurriedly chased them out and begged them to go back. He also knew that Gu Yuan had lied to him before. If Qiu Wan didn’t go back and help, there would be more people in the future. To deceive him, Qiu Wan had Ji Dingluan’s steps and stepped down by the way, asking Ji Dingluan not to say such things in the future, otherwise he would not forgive him.

Mo Qingchen gave Lin Chi a book to copy. Those books were like punishment for Lin Chi, so Lin Chi wrote out rules for Mo Qingchen, asking Mo Qingchen not to restrain her from doing those things. Things you don’t want to do. However, Mo Qingchen asked Lin Chi to agree to sleep together at night, and now he could not sleep alone. Lin Chi had no choice but to agree to Mo Qingchen’s request, but there was still a layer of yarn in between, which also made Mo Qing. Chen felt a sense of comfort in his heart.

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