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Your Sensibility My Destiny 公子倾城 Episode 8 Recap

When the queen learned that Mo Qingchen was about to get married, she took someone to find out. Mo Qingchen also directly told the queen that he was going to marry Lin Chi, and the queen was so annoyed by Mo Qingchen’s words that she couldn’t speak. Ling Hua told Lin Chi that Mo Qingchen was preparing for her wedding. He never told her that he wanted to surprise her, so Lin Chi was going to see Mo Qingchen, but he didn’t expect to hear the queen threaten outside the door.

Mo Qingchen, if he dared to marry Lin Chi and their masters and apprentices, he wouldn’t be considerate. Besides, don’t be obsessed with the kind of dusty female liar. As soon as Lin Chi heard the queen say that, she went in and told the queen that although she had no family, she still had a personality, and would never lend it to Mo Qingchen, and asked the queen to rest assured and leave after speaking.

When Mo Qingchen saw that Lin Chi was angry, he hurriedly chased him out. Lin Chi told Mo Qingchen that they would clear them up in the future. This made Mo Qingchen difficult to accept pulling Lin Chi and not telling her to go, but Lin Chi had to leave. No, no one can stop her. The scene where Lei Cheng left was seen by the eldest prince. Mo Qingchen was very angry and smashed the lantern. He didn’t expect that he would actually feel the pain. Ling Hua felt that Lin Chi should be angry, and no one would stay there anymore when the queen said that.

Knowing that Lin Chi had left, Ji Dingyue called Ling Yan over and told Ling Yan that Lin Chi had left Mo Qingchen.

Lin Chi returned to the master and told them what they had passed by. Wumo Villa will not be able to go back in the future. The world feels very sorry for Lin Chi, so she will stay with her after calling the sister. Zhuang Chen also told Ji Dingluan about the incident, but knew that Ji Dingluan and Qiu Wan would also encounter that kind of trouble, because they were both royal children and would not allow them to marry the poor. Just then Lin Chi went to pour water and take a bath, but Qiu Wan told Lin Chi that it was cold water, but Lin Chi couldn’t feel it. Even the world could not taste any bitterness even when the world gave her medicine. The perception had been exchanged, which made Lin Chi very depressed, but she did not say anything.

Qiu Wan went to find the sword of Ji Dingluan’s family to find Mo Qingchen to settle the account. Ji Dingluan told Qiu Wan not to go. She was not Mo Qingchen’s opponent, but Qiu Wan had to go. After seeing Mo Qingchen, Qiu Wan told him that the younger sister was already tasteless because of his cold and warmth. This was called Mo Qingchen and was very surprised. He didn’t expect that she had just gained intuition but Lin Chi had lost those.

Du Ruo went back and told Sister Lin Chi’s family to treat him well, and told Lin Chi to rest assured and hope that Lin Chi could be well. But Du Ruo wanted to ask Lin Chi to be with her, but he didn’t say anything, but he was heartfelt to Lin Chi. Always like it.

When Lin Chi slept at night, he thought of Mo Qingchen. Before, the two of them always slept together, but now they have to share a bed with the senior sister. I wonder if Mo Qingchen will get used to it.

The next day Qiu Wan told her master that she had injured Mo Qingchen yesterday. Lin Chi felt very distressed. She also heard that the senior sister said that Mo Qingchen was too painful after the injury, and Lin Chi realized that Mo Qingchen actually knew it. It hurts and I lost consciousness. It seems that they have changed, so they are going to find Mo Qingchen. On the way, he was followed by Ji Dingyue’s men, but fortunately Mo Qingchen arrived.

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