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The Justice 光芒 Episode 18 Recap

Cheng Yizhi drove home. He had many thoughts along the way, thinking of what Huang Ruhong had done made him shudder. Cheng Yizhi wanted to get rid of Huang Ruhong’s control as soon as possible, and couldn’t help worrying about Wu Lizi’s safety. Cheng Yizhi drove the car so restlessly, and almost hit the person on the opposite side of the bike, and he was shocked.

Cheng Yizhi had a meeting early in the morning and announced that he would ask the guys to take inventory of the bank’s accounts within three days and give it to Huang Ruhong as a birthday gift. Cheng Yizhi would go to the manager of Gao to discuss the issue of finding land to open the branch factory, and let the face gourd to stare at the bank. , Lian Guazi asked his whereabouts curiously, Cheng Yizhi told the truth.

When Cheng Yizhi went out, he was followed by someone, suspecting that someone had leaked his whereabouts. He drove calmly and went back to the bank. Face Guazi hurried over to inquire about the true purpose of the account. Cheng Yizhi was suspicious of him and took a mouthful. He insisted on giving Huang Ruhong a birthday present. Before leaving, Cheng Yizhi locked the documents in the box and left a mark on purpose.

Wu Lizi borrowed a pocket pistol from the foreman. She came to Charlie to ask for a poison that could be hidden in her teeth. Once she failed to shoot Huang Ruhong, she would take the poison and kill herself. Charlie persuaded her not to hit the stone with the egg, and did not want to lose her only friend, but Wu Lizi was determined. She wanted to use this poison to increase her confidence. Charlie couldn’t hold her back, so she agreed. Immediately afterwards, Wu Lizi came to Liao Lan to discuss arrangements for Huang Ruhong’s birthday banquet. Liao Lan went to the Shanxi Fellowship Association and was not at home. Wu Lizi wanted to change the round table to a long table. Huang Ruhong let Wu Lizi take care of these matters. Wu Lizi just wanted to leave, Huang Ruhong suddenly Call her out and persuade her to give Cheng Yizhi a child as soon as possible, so that Cheng Yizhi can enjoy the family happiness.

Lei Zi carefully selected a priceless celebrity calligraphy and painting. He wanted to present Huang Ruhong as a birthday gift. He sent someone to monitor Cheng Yizhi’s every move and learned that he was working overtime with the guys to count the profits of the money house. He wanted to use this as a gift. Give it to Huang Ruhong. Cheng Yizhi came to the bank early in the morning and found that the documents in the box had been touched. He suspected that there was a gangster in the bank and suffered from the lack of conclusive evidence. Charlie helped Wu Lizi find the poison, but she needed the dentist’s help in advance to hide the medicine between her teeth. Wu Lizi couldn’t wait to put the poison in. She suddenly felt abdominal pain. Charlie took her to the hospital for an examination and found that Wu Lizi was pregnant. Wu Lizi suddenly Dumbfounded, Charlie persuaded her to temporarily give up this revenge action for the sake of her child. Wu Lizi resolutely refused to do it. She did not want to miss this great opportunity. She asked the doctor to perform abortion surgery on her. The doctor did not dare to do it immediately. Wu Lizi couldn’t wait for the operation, so she had to leave with tears, and Charlie chased it out.

After the unremitting efforts of Yizhi and the guys, he finally completed the inventory work ahead of schedule. He invited the guys to eat at the restaurant. Liao Lan suddenly came to Cheng Yizhi. She was dissatisfied with Wu Lizi’s arrangement. Wu Lizi changed the round table for the banquet to a long table and arranged for her to sit opposite Huang Ruhong. Huang Ruhong also agreed to this arrangement. Liao Lan was very angry, and Cheng Yizhi repeatedly explained Wu Lizi. It was arranged in a Western way. Liao Lan decided that Huang Ruhong didn’t want to sit next to her, so she told Huang Ruhong and Lu Zhuer’s affair, Cheng Yizhi had no choice but to acquiesce.

Regardless of Charlie’s dissuasion, Wu Lizi went to a private clinic for an abortion overnight. Cheng Yizhi secretly returned to the bank and found that Mian Guazi was looking through his account book. Cheng Yizhi came in and asked him Xingshi, suspecting that Leizi secretly instigated him. Mian Guazi confessed that Huang Ruhong arranged for him. He was worried that Cheng Yizhi was going the wrong way, so Cheng Yizhi had to admit that he wanted to leave Long. At Yingqianzhuang, he suddenly remembered Liao Lan’s words and realized that Huang Ruhong had already suspected Wu Lizi. He deliberately stood still and was waiting for Cheng Yizhi’s decision. If Cheng Yizhi supported Wu Lizi to harm him, they would die without a place to bury him. Cheng Yizhi didn’t want to hurt Lianguazi, so he hurriedly took out all the cash from the bank and gave him all the money, and asked Lianguazi to leave Shanghai immediately.

Wu Lizi was undergoing an abortion operation in a small clinic. She was unconscious due to heavy bleeding. Thanks to Charlie’s timely arrival, he called Cheng Yizhi the first time. Cheng Yizhi accidentally discovered that Charlie had given the doctor to the clinic to keep the doctor away. Only then did she know that Wu Lizi was due to hemorrhage due to the abortion operation. And Charlie sent Wu Lizi to St. Ann’s Hospital for rescue. After the medical staff tried their best to rescue, Wu Lizi was finally out of danger, but the child did not save. Cheng Yizhi endured the grief in her heart, and stayed in front of Wu Lizi’s bed. Wu Lizi finally awoke and saw Cheng Yizhi by her side, her heart full of self-blame.

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