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Sweet Sweet 住我对面的小哥哥 Episode 9 Recap

Tian Tian accidentally fell asleep in the mountain hut, Su Mu carefully took the book and sat down after helping her cover her blanket. There was heavy rain outside the house, but the time inside the house was quiet. Tian Tian slept until the next day, and Su Mu saw that she was still pretending to be asleep and immediately broke it through. Su Mu’s bicycle broke down, Tian Tian rode him down the mountain on a motorcycle. On the way, he apologized for what happened last night. Su Mu didn’t say a word Tian Tian thought it was too windy, so he muttered to herself. He didn’t expect Su Mu heard clearly.

The contract continued at 7 o’clock tomorrow night. Tian Tian awkwardly said goodbye to Su Mu and went home. Seeing Father Tian was asleep on the sofa, she hurriedly returned to the room cautiously. He didn’t expect that Tian Mu would have been waiting for her to interrogate her. Tian Tian didn’t go home last night. Tian’s mother was very angry. Tian Tian embarrassedly said that she was just watching the stars with her friends. Tian’s mother soon stopped being angry, but she couldn’t stay away at night next time. Tian Tian took a bath and lingered at the door for a long time without seeing Su Mu, so she had to leave first.

Mia and Keiko talked about Su Mu’s recent situation, but his illness is slowly getting better. After all, this is his own psychological problem and he needs to find a solution on his own. But losing the design of Liu Tai, the partner, is troublesome. Keiko said to help her talk to Liu Tai’s father. Unexpectedly, Wang Yanyi had a fight with Liu Tai and the others and went to the police station last night. The matter was completely ruined. Su Mu went to the company to handle the handover. Keiko heard that he loves ice cream recently and plans to try it.

Seeing that Li’s hand was injured, Tian Tian hurriedly helped him re-bandage. The proposal started on time at six o’clock, and Tian Tian planned to withdraw after finishing the arrangement. Su Mu then decided to do the exterior design by himself. Although he was very strong, it was a bit risky. Everyone urged him to think about it. Keiko said that Gao Bo should be able to help him, but he is an old naughty boy with a bad temper and it is difficult to cooperate.

But Wang Yanyi was very confident, after all, Su Mu was also a weird person. Keiko gave them the address, and Su Mu and Wang Yanyi drove there together. The place was a little far away, so Su Mu sent a message that he would go back later in the evening. Wang Yanyi said to Su Mu that she was injured. Su Mu was in good shape recently. Wang Yanyi asked him curiously if he was in love, but Su Mu didn’t speak.

Su Mu said that he would go back later in the evening, and Tian Tian didn’t worry anymore. Wang Yanyi was worried that Su Mu would kill him as soon as he went up, so he decided to get Gao Bo first after seeing Gao Bo, and Su Mu would go again. Li Di was about to set up the camera next to the camera. Tian Tian worried that the security guard would not agree, so he took it to get him done. Unexpectedly, the security guard was the grandfather who lent them the paint that day, and he would directly copy the surveillance to them when the time came. As soon as Tian Tian came back, Su Mu and Wang Yanyi’s car arrived.

Back at the proposal venue, everything was ready, but Dongfeng owed it, and a few people quickly hid. Wang Yanyi and Su Mu came to see Dr. Gao, but the uncle said that they didn’t know each other, and they had to look for them by themselves. This place is like an abandoned factory. The two of them turned around and couldn’t find it. Wang Yanyi also lost Su Mu. The protagonist of the proposal appeared, and the people who hid after the successful proposal appeared cheered and celebrated. The old man looked at the marriage proposal on the monitor with a smile on his aunt’s face.

Su Mu happened to come over and could not help but imagine that they were standing there. Tian Tian also unwittingly imagined the scene of proposing to Su Mu, smiling very happily. It was raining, and everyone hurriedly went to shelter from the rain. Wang Yanyi and Su Mu happened to also come to shelter from the rain. Tian Tian and Su Mu suddenly turned around and found that the person they were thinking of was nearby. The rain stopped, Tian Tian did not go to the next party to go back with Su Mu. Su Mu saw the flying machine in the sky and suddenly turned and left.

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