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Sweet Sweet 住我对面的小哥哥 Episode 7 Recap

When Su Mu saw Li Di send Tian Tian’s family back, he also mentioned the marriage proposal tomorrow. Su Mu froze for a moment and pretended to be passing by. Tian Tian saw that he quickly took his parents home. Su Mu was in a bad mood along the way, and he should sit there when he agreed, but Tian Tian seemed to forget to make ice cream. Tian Mu felt that Su Mu looked familiar, much like the plumber that day, but Tian Tian denied it. Tang Mumu came to the house to look for Tian Tian, ​​and happened to meet Su Muman passing by inadvertently. Su Mu was already asking Wang Yanyi to help him find a house, and moved over after moving the furniture.

Tang Mumu told Tian Tian’s parents that the company opposite the store needed party desserts, but it needed about two hundred people. At first, the parents hesitated whether to take it, but Tian Tian felt that she didn’t want to steam the steamed buns, and she wanted to ask a friend for help. Father Tian called the brothers and brothers to find foreign aid, and took the big order. Tang Mumu mysteriously said that he met Su Mu at the gate of the community.

He was still on the phone with others, and seemed to be a woman. Tian Tian pretended not to care, but Tang Mumu said that they were preparing to move and live with them. Tang Mumu said that after seeing Su Mu’s face today, he has a peach blossom with a positive relationship and will appear soon, and it is the kind who loves each other very much. Tian Tian listened and became more depressed and angry.

Early the next morning, Tian Tian and Tang Mumu dressed up as professional elites to send desserts to the company. Tian Tian didn’t expect Wang Yanyi to also belong to this company. Tang Mumu took out all the flavors of the ice cream shop, and Wang Yanyi tasted them one by one. After flirting with Tang Mumu, Wang Yanyi was about to sign a contract. Tang Mumu looked shy, and Tian Tian quickly took her away. Tang Mumu felt that Wang Yanyi was a good person, and Tian Tian quickly told her that this was a scumbag and that she must stay away from him.

Su Mu had to go to the celebration party as the chief designer and communicate more with others. Mia comforted him not to be nervous, as long as he announced the relationship with him. Tian Tian and Tang Mumu successfully signed a contract, and their parents hurriedly called the brothers. Because the Shan Zi Tian Tian and Li Di had no time to go to the painting, Li Di was a little unhappy. As soon as the time arrived, Tian Tian and a few people went to the venue to make arrangements, and the battle was very strong. Wang Yanyi and Su Mu didn’t come over for a long time, and Tang Mumu seemed a little anxious. Mia and Su Mu showed up together, and Tian Tian knew that Mia was the president of the company, and it was even more sad in comparison.

Tian Tian ran back to the car depressed, trying to be quiet for a while, then took off his cumbersome coat and went back. Su Mu had been socializing behind Mia, but when she saw Tian Tian, ​​she walked to her and reminded her that she hadn’t made him ice cream for two days. Tian Tian said angrily that it was ready for a while, and it happened that Mia wanted ice cream, so Tian Tian had to send it. A passing girl accidentally ran into Tian Tian, ​​and Mia’s skirt was accidentally put on ice cream by her, but Mia was very gentle and lifeless, but Su Mu quickly helped her put on her coat.

Tian Tian wanted to see that Su Mu and Mia were so good together, she wanted to get rid of it, where is she sulking. Tian Tian was heartbroken and ran to drink, Mia also specially asked her if there was anything wrong. Su Mu also followed over to find Tian Tian for ice cream, Tian Tian glanced at Mia badly and said that he would ask his girlfriend to make it. Su Mu glanced at Tian Tian amusedly, then lowered her head and kissed Tian Tian while she was still covered with ice cream. After the kiss, Su Mu introduced Tian Tian that this was his sister, Mia. Tian Tian stood silly on the spot, blushing like a monkey’s butt, and hurriedly ran to the beach for a walk. Su Mu just kissed her in front of her sister, Tian Tian was very moved, recalling the fresh and sweet kiss just now.

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