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Sweet Sweet 住我对面的小哥哥 Episode 5 Recap

Tian Tian slept on the rooftop for one night. The next day, she was awakened by the voices of Su Mu and Mia on the opposite side. The two of them got into the car and left together, talking and laughing. Tian Tian was sour again when she saw her. The image of the little milk dog in front of him is completely different from the image of the little wolf dog in front of Tian Tian. Tian Tian frantically complained about Su Mu. Riding an electric bike to the ice cream shop, she ran into their car. Houtian Tian changed her way again and again. It happened that the road was under repair, which was very unlucky.

Mia Josumu had dinner together at night, but he refused because of something tonight. Tian Tian absently asked Tang Mumu what their relationship is if a woman lives in a man’s house and sends him to work. Tang Mumu naturally thinks it is a couple, but it may also be a close friend. Tian Tian became more depressed and could only think about things in a good direction. When colleagues from Su Mu’s company came to eat ice cream, Tian Tian became even more depressed when they talked about the unusual relationship between Mia and Su Mu. Mia took a hand-made ice cream and asked the boss to give it to him every day, but Su Mu still refused.

Tian Tian is wondering whether to make ice cream for Su Mu. Su Mu works in the opposite building and checks the opposite ice cream shop from time to time. Another colleague was in an ice cream shop. Tian Tian heard them say that Su Mu and Wang Yanyi are the company’s veterans, so they have such a good relationship with Mia. Tian Tian was even more sad when she heard this, and decided to go home first. Tian Tian returned home as if the water was retrograde. Su Mu went to the ice cream shop to find Tian Tian and found out that she was not there. She left without even buying ice cream.

Tian Tian was depressed and bought a large table of take-outs to chase the drama, and her mood gradually improved. Su Mu already has a girlfriend. Of course Tian Tian can’t get too close to her. She decides to be a neighbor who doesn’t communicate with him. Li Di called Tian Tian before remembering to ask him to play, and went out in a hurry. Li Di has secretly loved Tian Tian for many years, and today is just looking for a guise to ask her out for a date. Su Mu couldn’t read the book even when he returned home, often looking at the opposite house.

After playing for a while, Tian Tian ran to the side to rest, said that her stomach was uncomfortable, and hurried to the toilet, while her friends left at Li Di’s suggestion. Tian Tian only saw Li Di alone when she came back. She still remembered that today was Li Di’s birthday, and Fei called them back to go to KTV to sing together. Tian Tian sang happily in KTV and completely forgot that she was going to make ice cream for Su Mu at seven o’clock. Su Mu could only relieve herself by drinking ice water. Tian Tian gave Li Di a signature glove he especially wanted. Li Di couldn’t put it down. Everyone had a great time at the birthday party tonight. Tian Tian didn’t notice Su Mu’s call.

Tian Tian has always regarded Li Di as his younger brother, and Li Di was a little unhappy when he heard these words. Tian Tian wanted to help her friend’s brother design a marriage proposal, and promised to set up the marriage proposal tomorrow. After the end, Li Di sent Tian Tian back home, who was already drunk. Su Mu was in a mixed mood when he saw this, but Li Di soon left her house. Su Mu immediately ran to the opposite side, pressing the doorbell for a long time before Tian Tian slowly opened the door.

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