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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 29 Recap

Originally, Fu Shuangshuang was cleaning the room, but suddenly received a call and learned that Qin Hebo was injured and was hospitalized. When she hurried away, Qin Hebo seemed to have amnesia due to a head injury. Because of this, Fu Shuangshuang was very sad. She confessed to Qin Hebo while crying, but fell into Qin Hebo’s trap. It turned out that the other party was pretending to have amnesia.

Ning Meng took the initiative to ask Xia Qian to come out for dinner, bluntly saying that he wanted to make things clear, but not only Ning Meng but also Chen Manhui was present in the private room. Facing Ning Meng’s cynicism, Chen Manhui provoked the sarcasm. Xia Qian felt that there was no need to go on talking, so she wanted to leave. Unexpectedly, Ning Meng tangled up and blocked the door to prevent her from leaving.

Xia Qian couldn’t bear it, and at the same time guessing Ning Meng’s scheming, he simply pushed her out the door. It happened that Sheng Zhening and He Zhijun came in from the outside and saw a few blood packs fall out of Ning Meng’s body. Xia Qian explained her tricks and pointedly pointed out that Ning Meng wanted to maliciously plant and pour the dirty water of “abortion” on herself.

It turned out that long ago, Xia Qian accidentally saw Ning Meng eating hairy crabs outside, and later heard that pregnant women were not edible, so she found a doctor according to the address on the test sheet. So I learned that Ning Meng was not pregnant at all. Xia Qian turned around and left after explaining everything, and the atmosphere fell into embarrassment. Sheng Zhening blamed Ning Meng for overlying methods and did not consider He Zhijun’s feelings, and let Ning Meng reflect on her own. On the contrary, Chen Manhui was still pretending to disentangle the relationship, saying that she had never known about Ning Meng’s fake pregnancy and the things that killed Xia Qian, but Sheng Zhening had already judged, and she showed her face without mercy.

As Chen Manhui’s probation period was about to end, Sheng Zhening asked Manager Wang to expel Chen Manhui in accordance with Changsheng’s procedures. Seeing Chen Manhui leave in embarrassment, colleagues began to change the direction of the wind again, discussing that her education in the United States was bought with money, and she did not graduate at all. In addition, Sheng Zhening took the initiative to pick up Xia Qian from get off work in the marketing department, which is enough to show that Xia Qian won the game. Female colleagues moved the air purifier back to Xia Qian’s workstation after seeing the wind.

Before long, Qin Hebo was able to leave the hospital, and Fu Shuangshuang took him home to live, but couldn’t bear him sleeping on the sofa, so the two of them lay on the same bed. The next morning, Qin Hebo prepared breakfast in the kitchen, and the two named the cat by the way, much like a couple in love. Colleague Jiayu saw Fu Shuangshuang come to work with a spring breeze, especially the red mark on his neck, which was self-evident.

Since He Zhijun moved out from home, Ning Meng hasn’t had a good meal for several days. Sheng Zhening became angry, but after all he had a sister, so he led the food to visit and persuaded Ning Meng to make changes. If he always let his temperament, Not only will this marriage be ruined, but even the family will be disappointed in her. After all, He Zhijun does love Ning Meng very much. Even though Sheng Zhening doesn’t like this brother-in-law, he can’t refute this.

Xia Qian took Sheng Zhening home, and the two told Xia Ma the truth. Considering that it was late, Sheng Zhening stayed at Xia Qian’s house. Because Xia Qian wanted to sleep with Sheng Zhening, but was afraid that she would appear too active, she never dared to take the first step. In the end, Sheng Zhening deliberately wetted the quilt and lied that she accidentally spilled water. The room leaked and the two had to squeeze on the sofa in the living room.

After a while, Mu Xiaoyan came uninvited. Sheng Zhening didn’t want him to disturb him and Xia Qian alone, so he asked An An to take him away. However, just after a moment of calm, the appearance of Mama Xia destroyed the intimacy between the two. At this time, Mu Xiaoyan stayed at An An’s house for one night. In the middle of the night, An An saw the lizard raised by Mu Xiaoyan. He was so scared that he yelled and yelled at him. The lizard caught it back.

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