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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 28 Recap

Under Chen Manhui’s suggestion, Ning Meng took the initiative to invite Sheng Zhening to dinner, revealing in a disguised form that Xia Qian had a new boyfriend, which really made him dumbfounded. Before long, the data in Xia Qian’s computer was stolen, so she was very self-blame. When Chen Manhui instigated her colleagues, they all suspected that Xia Qian was hated by love and guarded herself for stealing.

Fu Shuangshuang saw the news leaked by the Changsheng APP and asked Qin Hebo whether it was related to this matter. Qin Hebo felt a little sad when he saw that Fu Shuangshuang did not trust him so much. At this time, within Changsheng, those employees who suspected that Xia Qian had leaked information began to target her, calling her a “spy” overtly and secretly.

The office bullying behavior reached Sheng Zhening’s ears. He did not want Xia Qian to be wronged, so he publicly clarified that the man who accompanied Xia Qian overtime that night was himself, and he loved Xia Qian even if he broke up. If Xia Qian is a spy, then he Is an accomplice. Just because Sheng Zhening came forward to explain that the storm finally ended, Xia Qian was able to spot the thief hiding in the company, so she asked Sheng Zhening to act with her in a play.

The next day, Manager Wang told everyone not to rush off work, because the police picked up fingerprints on Xia Qian’s computer, and now they are going to compare fingerprints. Sure enough, as soon as this remark came out, Xiao Liu, who was a guilty conscience, wanted to go out to confide in the news, but was caught upright. Xiao Liu said that he had never seen each other, and every time he stole information to get money, Xia Qian analyzed that the biggest possibility was Lihe Capital, or it might be the cooperation with Langyue, because Langyue was the biggest beneficiary.

Since the information has been leaked, Chen Manhui proposed to overturn the redesign. Xia Qian has objections. She believes that the redesign requires a lot of manpower and materials, and time does not allow it, so improvements should be made on the original basis. Due to the relationship between Xia Qian and Sheng Zhening, Manager Wang couldn’t allow Chen Manhui to refute, and decided on Xia Qian’s plan on the spot.

He Zhijun was uneasy about Ning Meng, so he ended the study early and returned to China, and took her to the maternity store to buy baby’s things by the way. Ever since Sheng Zhening made public his thoughts about Xia Qian, he no longer had to worry about the eyes of others, and would often give Xia Qian a lunch, or openly show affection. But he did not expect that Chen Manhui had a grudge against Xia Qian and sneaked into the company at night to steal Xia Qian’s plan. She wanted to show herself, but unexpectedly made a joke on the spot.

Fu Shuangshuang blamed himself for Qin Hebo’s words, and at the same time was quite confused, so he asked Jiayu to answer questions. Jiayu saw that Fu Shuangshuang had a story with Qin Hebo and suggested that she trust her own judgment. Qin Hebo also explained that she had to end cooperation with Mr. Xue and accomplish enough for him, but it turned out to be counterproductive. It happened to be discovered by Fu Shuangshuang. Because of this, Fu Shuangshuang decided to confess to Qin Hebo, but unfortunately she hadn’t said it yet, Wu Zhiwen suddenly contacted Qin Hebo and let him go online first. But Qin Hebo did not agree, because the two parties have reached this stage, and it doesn’t make sense whoever goes online first. It mainly depends on service and quality.

With the completion of the research and development, the application software of Changsheng Hotel was quickly completed. Sheng Zhening informed Xia Qianlai’s office privately and showed her the brand logo previously designed. At the end of the day, Sheng Zhening sent flowers to Xia Qian in public, which aroused the envy of colleagues. Chen Manhui was jealous and kept complaining in front of Ning Meng. Suddenly, she thought of Ning Meng’s fake pregnancy to save He Zhijun, so she was asked to design a miscarriage by Xia Qian, which can conceal the fake pregnancy and destroy the relationship between Sheng Zhe Ning and Xia Qian, killing two birds with one stone. .

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