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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 27 Recap

On the day Xia Qian went to Changsheng to report to Changsheng, she happened to be seen by Ning Meng. Because it was the decision of the shareholders, she could not interfere. On the contrary, Chen Manhui joined Changsheng through family relations. Colleagues discussed the identity of Chen Manhui behind the scenes, only to realize that she was the daughter of the deputy general manager of Mingcheng Group. As for Chen Manhui, in order to completely suppress Xia Qian, she deliberately wooed company employees and released the news that Sheng Zhening and Xia Qian had broken up.

The employees who had favored Xia Qian because of Sheng Zhening’s face, now began to “wear small shoes” for Xia Qian intentionally or unintentionally, and have flattered Chen Manhui. Xia Qian saw that she was helpless. An An found that Chen Manhui was targeting Xia Qian, so she informed Sheng Zhening of the matter. However, after a short while, Sheng Zhening found an excuse to accuse Xia Qian of serious problems in the planning book. On the surface, she was called into the office to give lectures, but in fact she was able to eat at ease and bought a lot of nutritious lunches.

The employees thought it was Sheng Zhening who was mentally perverted after the breakup and deliberately tortured and retaliated against Xia Qian. They did not know that Sheng Zhening specially replaced a double-door refrigerator for Xia Qian for the sake of Xia Qian. At the same time gossip Chen Manhui and Sheng Zhening associate. Chen Manhui looked suspicious, so she consulted with Ning Meng. Ning Meng decided to work harder to create a “coincidence” for Sheng Zhening and Chen Manhui.

Qin Hebo personally cooks to pay for both cooking, but his cooking skills are not good, almost fried the kitchen. Fu Shuangshuang had no choice but to order the takeaway, but he was so drunk that he even mistaken reality as a dream, he would kiss Qin Hebo and make a lot of jokes. Until the next morning, Fu Shuangshuang woke up and remembered what he had done. Embarrassing matter, can’t wait to find a hole to get in.

The board of directors is preparing to make e-commerce application software. It is nothing more than trying to compare with Changsheng, but Qin Hebo believes that Changsheng has its own advantages, and their products are relatively limited. Qin Hebo invited the designer and his wife to meet, so he hoped that Fu Shuangshuang would pretend to be his girlfriend. At first, Fu Shuangshuang resolutely refused, but hearing Qin Hebo’s call made her feel softer, so she agreed to help. But she didn’t know that Qin Hebo’s deliberate behavior was all acting to show her, and now the success of the strategy is still inwardly happy.

Originally, Manager Wang wanted to go on a business trip with Sheng Zhening, but he was entrusted by Ning Meng, so he lied that he was unwell and asked Chen Manhui to go on his behalf. Chen Manhui wanted to seize this opportunity to seduce Sheng Zhening. When she was told to go to the room for a meeting, her first thought was to dress well and be extremely sexy. She didn’t expect that there were other leaders in the room. Such improper dress made her embarrassed.

Chen Manhui did not prepare the meeting materials, including the reference on the project, and there is nothing new. Sheng Zhening and Xia Qian were in a video chat, listening to Xia Qian’s comments, feeling that she had known to take her on a business trip. In fact, Sheng Zhening really wanted to know if Xia Qian was a little jealous about the business trip. Although Xia Qian confessed that she would mind, she also believed in Sheng Zhening.

Today, Chen Manhui is even more hostile to Xia Qian, and has repeatedly made troubles, including falsely claiming that a plan is needed tomorrow. Xia Qian worked overtime to clean up, Sheng Zhening came over to deliver supper, and accompanied her to work overtime by the way, but the colleague came back to pick up the keys, which almost exposed Sheng Zhening. The next morning, the marketing department spread all the things last night, discussing Xia Qian’s meeting with her new boyfriend. After Chen Manhui heard it, she made a small calculation in her heart.

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