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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 25 Recap

Everyone watched the duel between Yao Ke and Sheng Jingchu. Many people said that Yao Ke had to win six sets before, but Sheng Jingchu has won five sets in a row. It is clear that Yao Ke’s previous announcements can’t be done, but he can win. Playing this game is a precedent, after all, Sheng Jingchu has never lost a chess game. In the end, Sheng Jingchu won against Yao Ke. This made it difficult for Yao Ke to accept the reality. When the reporters went to interview, Yao Ke fainted because he cared too much about the outcome. Sheng Jingchu quickly blocked the front and told reporters not to shoot to protect him. Yao Ke.

Everyone sent Yao Ke to the hospital. Sheng Jingchu told Yao Ke that he was one of his most respected opponents. Yao Ke should not care too much about the outcome, but Yao Ke didn’t think that way. Sheng Jingchu was his greatest enemy. After returning, Yao Ke looked at the news on the Internet and couldn’t believe it. They were all mocking and swearing. Yao Ke was confident to win the six games before, but now he lost so badly. The pressure in his heart can be imagined.

Sheng Jingchu told Cheng that the reason why she won was because she was by her side. Before, being too persistent was the most distressing, but now Yao Ke is too persistent to have the current distress.

Xiaoyan knew that Dad Cheng was hospitalized, so she took a discount card and gave it to Cheng, asking her to have time to take Dad Cheng to replenish nutrition. Although there was a quota of 20,000, it was her boyfriend’s shop. Go in. Order whatever you like.

Jiang Yuda went to see Cheng’s dad, afraid that Cheng Yixian called him in advance to ask, and dared to take things in when he was sure that Cheng Yi was not there. Dad Cheng asked Jiang Yuda not to care too much about Cheng Yi. She has a bad temper, but she can go anytime if she wants to see him. The business in the shop is left to Jiang Yuda. At this time, Cheng Yi and Xu Chi were scared. Jiang Yuda hurriedly hid behind the curtains, and when Cheng Yi wanted to open the window, Cheng’s father hurriedly called her to stop, saying that he was afraid of the cold and asked Cheng Yi to open it. Jiang Yuda dared to run out after Cheng Yi went out.

Yao Pu was very anxious seeing that his brother hadn’t gone out for two days. After Yao Ke went out, he told his brother that he might never win Sheng Jingchu, but he could ruin Sheng Jingchu. I want to find Yang Xiaoyu, who had escaped before the accident, and hoped to deal with Sheng Jingchu with his family.

Cheng Leo made a delicious meal for Dad Cheng and took Sheng Jingchu to visit him. This made Dad Cheng very happy. He asked Cheng Leduo to accompany Sheng Jingchu, and he was fine. Sheng Jingchu thinks that Cheng can participate in the Pine Cone Video Chef Competition. That is her talent and she can win the championship.

Yao Ke’s hair turned white a lot because of losing the game, so he prepared a wig. The reason why he ended up in the game was caused by Sheng Jingchu. He must show Sheng Jingchu a look at the color and ask him to pay the price.

Both Xie Lao and Jiang Lao think that Yao Ke still has two chances to win, but he wants to win too much to lose. If you practice more in the future, you will surely have a chance to create good results. The old man also advised Yao Ke not to take the horns, he cares too much about the first problem, so he shouldn’t always think about winning Shengjingchu. This makes Yao Ke feel even more uncomfortable, but on the surface he appears very humbly.

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