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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 24 Recap

Sheng Jingchu really asked for a time-out, so when he was finished, he went to give him medicine. After Sheng Jingchu finished eating, he became more energetic, and the battle with Yao Ke quickly moved back to the situation. Yao Ke could only admit defeat. At this time, the brothers of the Kyushu Dojo also cheered from the heart that Shengjing could win at the beginning, but everyone felt that Yao Ke was also everyone’s fellow should not be like that.

Sheng Jingchu was interviewed by reporters after he went out, but Sheng Jingchu only accepted Cheng’s questions. They wanted to go out to have a good meal to celebrate, and Cheng Dad and the customers continued to celebrate the victory of his son-in-law.

Cheng Lei told Sheng Jingchu that Cheng’s father invited him to dinner at home, but Sheng Jingchu thought that as long as he was with Cheng Liao, it was better to eat than to eat. However, Cheng Lei still blames himself for the pillow he gave Sheng Jingchu, not knowing that the pillow will cause him allergies.

When Dad Cheng was cooking, he was spilled over by the basin that Jiang Yuda had placed above the cupboard. This made Dad Cheng very angry and told Jiang Yuda to go out shopping, but after Jiang Yuda watched the children on the roadside playing chess, he played with him. Dad Cheng called him to go back but couldn’t get through. This made Dad Cheng even more angry and went out to look for it, and Jiang Yuda asked a kid to send Ding Xian to Dad Cheng.

At this time, Dad looked at the car while driving along the road. To hit the child, he ran over and pushed the child away, and the car hit Dad Cheng. Jiang Yuda sent Dad Cheng to the hospital but blamed himself, and when Sheng Jing first saw the scene of Dad Cheng, he remembered his parents’ car accident and felt very uncomfortable. Jiang Yuda apologized to Cheng Yi, he shouldn’t have fun, otherwise Cheng’s dad wouldn’t have an accident, but Cheng Yi refused to accept Jiang Yuda’s apology and asked him to leave as soon as possible.

Dad Cheng’s operation was very successful. After waking up, he knew that he was joking with his sisters. The police car also went over to understand the situation, but the driver has not been found. Sheng Jing first wanted to see the monitor. He could see the number from the defaced license plate. After Sheng Jingchu’s repeated inspection, he probably recognized some possible numbers. But Cheng knew that Sheng Jingchu was going to race. That would affect his energy, but Sheng Jingchu insisted on helping, finding the perpetrator is more important than anything else.

Senior brother Xie Changan went to find Sheng Jingchu to make a decoction for him, hoping that Sheng Jingchu could take a good rest and not affect the game. Just after everyone left, a person secretly went to the hospital and left a letter to chat privately, but Cheng Li Cheng Yi firmly opposed it, so many reporters went to interview Sheng Jingchu whether he would accept private information, Sheng Jingchu also said that he would not Accept the private. Watching TV, Yao Ke was fidgeting and went to talk to Sheng Jingchu and wanted to postpone the game, but Sheng Jingchu did not agree. Yao Ke showed a hideous smile on his face after he left.

Jiang Yuda went to Cheng Yi to apologize very sincerely, but he didn’t know how to face Dad Cheng. Cheng Yi told Jiang Yuda that she didn’t hate her, so she always wanted to help him, but this time his dad felt indescribable after being hit. Dad is very important to them.

Cheng Liao made soup for Sheng Jingchu. At this time, Cheng received a call saying that the driver in the accident had been found. The man was Yang Xiaoyu, a child who had just taken the college entrance examination. He was also disqualified for admission to the university because of the accident. But on the news, Yang Xiaoyu’s father was very arrogant, clamoring that Dad Cheng and the others had seized his son and ruined his future. They should not think about it.

The match between Sheng Jingchu and Yao Ke also started. Dad Cheng was afraid that his own affairs would affect Sheng Jingchu’s performance, but Cheng Yi told Dad Cheng that Yao Ke had never beaten Sheng Jingchu, and asked Dad Cheng to rest assured.

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