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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 23 Recap

Cheng Le asked her sister to accompany her for dinner. Cheng Yi was very depressed. She felt that Sheng Jingchu didn’t even care about the meal, but Cheng Leo told her sister that Sheng Jingchu took her to her hometown and would love her forever. My elder sister thinks that Cheng is really a silly person, but she needs a partner for soul communication, so Cheng asked her to go to the bookstore to buy a book. Many of the writers’ souls are in the book, so that she can always Accompanying my sister, the two sisters are very happy.

When Cheng Yi was washing her face and looking in the mirror, she suddenly felt that Jiang Yuda appeared in the mirror and showed love to her. This was a surprise to Cheng Yi. I don’t know why Jiang Yuda appeared in her heart. Could it be that she already had him in her subconscious mind? I don’t know yet.

Lisa was called to the office by Xu Chi for questioning. He had checked that the monitoring means Lisa turned off the door locked by the switch, but Lisa said that she didn’t know that there was someone inside who did that. Although Xu Chi and Cheng Yi had a good relationship. There is no need to treat her like that. She was the main player of Songguo video before, but she was hidden by Xue after Cheng Yi left.

Xu Chi told Lisa that she should be treated like that if she was unable to do so, and she had to cut Lisa’s salary, or she would leave. Lisa had no choice but to agree to Xu Chi’s request, but Xu Chi asked Lisa to apologize to Cheng Yi. Lisa held back her emotions and pretended to apologize to Cheng Yi. After that, Cheng Yi felt that Xu Chi seemed to be a different person. He had never seen him so domineering, but Xu Chi told Cheng Yi that Lisa shouldn’t bully Cheng Yi because of Lisa, that was the person he cared about the most.

Sheng Jingchu took Cheng to buy furniture. As long as the place passed by, there would be colors. As long as there was Cheng, his life would be full of colors. Just when the two were sweet, Yao Ke was still studying Sheng Jingchu’s chess skills. Yao Ke was only happy that Sheng Jingchu was defeated. The younger brother Yao Pu told his brother not to entangle the lost chess. Sheng Jingchu is now having a good time with his girlfriend, but Yao Ke told his brother that he proposed the Shifanqi and that he cannot lose if he wants to win the sixth game of Shengjing.

Yao Ke and Sheng Jingchu played four games and lost. This is called Yao Ke’s disappointment. He and his younger brother Yao Pu explained that they knew that Sheng Jingchu’s shortcomings were there, but they were just one step away from defeating him. This is called Yao Keyou. Kind of wanting to suffocate the feeling.

Jiang Yuda’s father told him to go home quickly, otherwise he would catch him back, but Jiang Yuda was determined to learn a superb chess skill before he would go back, otherwise no one could tell him to go back. Cheng Yi approached Jiang Yuda to ask him about the money, and he actually paid him back so much money at once. Jiang Yuda had to say that it was borrowed. In fact, his father knew that it was not easy to transfer the money to him when he was outside.

Cheng is going to say goodbye to Sheng Jingchu. The fifth game is about to go. She can’t bother Sheng Jingchu to contact Chess. Everything is ready for Sheng Jingchu. Just ask him to train with peace of mind. Sheng Jingchu was very reluctant to leave Cheng. But for now, we can only accept reality.

Jiang Yuda accompanies Cheng Yichen on a run, but she sprained her ankle halfway, so Jiang Yuda drove her on a motorcycle and told Cheng Yi to pay attention to rest and diet. This made Cheng Yi think Jiang Yuda was very heartwarming and thought of him. It’s not treated like a child like before. After I went back, I saw that the candy my sister was holding was very strange. It took a long time for the candy store to buy it. This made Cheng Yi feel that Jiang Yuda was a very caring boy.

Sheng Jingchu had a cold condition, and the fifth game had already begun. Cheng was worried that Sheng Jingchu would lose, but Sheng Jingchu called Cheng and don’t worry about his confidence to win the fifth game. Xie Changan watched on TV that Sheng Jingchu must have caught a cold because of a cold, so he wanted to make Chinese medicine for him to help him cure his illness, and everyone was very worried about Sheng Jingchu’s realization. Xiaoyan went to a hospital expert for Cheng, thinking that Sheng Jingchu was allergic, and also took medicine to Sheng Jingchu, but Cheng couldn’t go in and disturb their game.

Sheng Jingchu’s previous steps were very stable, Yao Ke lags behind him, but Yao Kelai dominates the situation behind, and Cheng hopes that Sheng Jingchu can call a timeout before she can send the medicine in.

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