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Your Sensibility My Destiny 公子倾城 Episode 7 Recap

Qiu Wan and Zhuang Chen were very angry at breakfast and saw that there was only gruel on the table. They felt that Ji Dingluan and Wang Ye would be able to live the life to that point in the future, but Zhuang Chen felt that Ji Dingluan must still stay. With a back hand, as a Wang Ye, he wouldn’t be so poor. If he got the pretend, it would be clear.

Lin Chi and Ling Hua learn to play the piano, and Mo Qingchen also teaches Lin Chi to learn by himself. At this time, Ling Shu went to call Mo Qingchen and had prepared the carriage. He went into the palace once, and Lin Chi was reluctant to call Mo Qingchen. He left, but he couldn’t keep pestering him to do big things and had to bear with him for a few days.

Qiu Wan and Zhuang Chen looked at Ji Dingluan Lake District and pretended to quarrel, saying that their life was very difficult, so Ji Dingluan gave Qiu Wan the account book to take care of. They did not expect that he only had one in his house. Qiu Wan and Zhuang Chen were very disappointed in the account books, and they were still in a deficit.

Lin Chi was worried that Mo Qingchen’s fine trade union would be framed again. He dreamed that the prince would design a frame for Mo Qingchen. When he woke up, he cried, so Ling Hua lent her lead to Lin Chi. With the token, you can enter the palace smoothly and see Mo Qingchen.

Mo Qingchen went to see the queen, and the queen introduced Mo Qingchen’s cousin Keying to Mo Qingchen and told him to take her cousin out for a walk. While walking in the back garden, the princess suddenly sprained his foot, so Mo Qingchen helped to knead it. Unexpectedly, Lin Chi pretending to be an eunuch saw the scene and walked away angry, and Mo Qingchen also saw Lin Chi and hurried after him. After the past, I told Lin Chi not to be angry, it was just my cousin. In the evening, Mo Qingchen took Lin Chi to a place, and the two flew to the roof to look at the moon. The two talked to each other and kissed each other.

On the second day, the county lord Keying saw that Mo Qingchen and Lin Chi were very affectionate and called the queen over. This made the queen very angry and asked someone to remove Lin Chi, but Keying said she was going to handle the matter. , Will handle things properly.

When Mo Qingchen and Lin Chi were together, he was called away by an eunuch, saying that the queen had something to discuss with him. After Mo Qingchen left, the eunuch took Lin Chi away to see Keying. This is called Lin Chi very much. I was angry and cleaned up those eunuchs. Mo Qingchen also noticed that the eunuch was planning to go back to rescue Lin Chi and told Keying not to pester Lin Chi. After I went back, I went to find the queen and told her not to embarrass Lin Chi in the future. This made the queen very angry and asked Renwu to investigate Lin Chi’s background. As for Keying, she should go home and wait for a while.

Qiu Wan was very tiring to manage Ji Dingluan’s accounts. At this time, Ji Dingluan went back and specially brought Qi Dingluan back and gave it to her. Qiu Wan felt that Ji Dingluan still understood women’s hearts.

After Mo Qingchen went back, he arranged for someone to prepare to marry Lin Chi. This was very unexpected, but Mo Qingchen had to give Lin Chi a name so that she could feel safe. After that, he went to Zhuang Chen to propose a marriage. Zhuang Chen was shocked when he heard the bride price, and quickly agreed to their marriage. But I still hope that Mo Qingchen can love Lin Chi, she has been a suffering child since she was a child.

After Mo Qingchen went back, he took Lin Chi to see the new house, but Lin Chi didn’t know that he was going to get married. At this moment, Du Ruo went and told Lin Chi that her sister was still alive, but she hadn’t found anyone yet, but she should find him soon. This made Lin Chi extremely happy.

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