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Your Sensibility My Destiny 公子倾城 Episode 6 Recap

Ji Dingluan was drinking in the room alone, thinking that Qiu Wan should be with him. I don’t know why he would like other men. The more Ji Dingluan thought about it, the more sad and tears she couldn’t help but fall. So I wanted to write a letter to Qiu Wan to express his love, but Ji Dingluan stuffed the letter through the door before he dared to enter the house. Early the next morning, Ji Dingluan woke up and thought of sending the letter to Qiu Wan. He felt stupid, so he went to Qiu Wan’s room and took the letter back secretly.

Mo Qingchen feels that Lin Chi is very weird recently. He often touches the parts that shouldn’t be touched in their contract. Ling Shu tells Mo Qingchen that it means the girl likes him and shows love to him. Mo Qingchen Then I realized that Lin Chi liked him.

Ji Dingluan went to Mo Qingchen and told him that he should treat Lin Chi better, and don’t let down the girl’s wishes for him. It was also hoped that Mo Qingchen would not have a good affection for Qiu Wan, so that Qiu Wan would be left to herself. And Qiu Wan also approached Lin Chi and told her that the reason why he treated Mo Qingchen like that was to test whether he liked Lin Chi, and wanted to know from the lines how good Mo Qingchen was to Lin Chi.

I saw Qi Dingluan in the villa. She thought she was going to visit Mo Qingchen and was even more disappointed. However, Qiu Wan had read those letters a long time ago and knew that Ji Dingluan liked her, and she even had the love letter in her heart. Reading it out, Ji Dingluan is very shy.

Mo Qingchen knew that he felt like he liked it, so he took Lin Chi to fly the sky lantern outside. Lin Chi wanted to make a wish to realize his wish and bless them to be together for a long time. But Mo Qingchen said that he would wish Lin Chi a long life, which made Lin Chi very disappointed, so Mo Qingchen hugged Lin Chi to show her love and told Lin Chi that he didn’t feel anything before meeting her. However, it was only after meeting Lin Chi that he had a sense of the world. Early the next morning, Lin Chi looked at Mo Qingchen who was sleeping and liked it very much. He couldn’t help kissing him on the mouth, and soon fell asleep again. When Lin Chi woke up again, he watched Mo Qingchen already wearing. The good clothes were about to leave, Lin Chi thought that Mo Qingchen would definitely kiss her, but Mo Qingchen didn’t do anything, which made Lin Chi a little disappointed.

During the meal, Lin Chi thought of being able to stay with Mo Qingchen for a long time and asked him to teach chess, but Mo Qingchen felt that Ling Hua should be asked to teach him. Ten days later, he would call her, so he would meet Lin Chi. It’s good, Lin Chi was even more disappointed when she heard it. She just wanted to be able to spend more time with Mo Qingchen, but didn’t really want to learn how to play chess and piano. Mo Qingchen asked Ling Shu to prepare the carriage to go outside the village. Lin Chi thought he would take him with him, but Mo Qingchen didn’t understand the customs and left Lin Chi at home. This made Lin Chi finally couldn’t help it, and he wanted to go out. Walk around.

Soon Lin Chi went back. Ling Hua told Mo Qingchen that they hadn’t brought enough money, and now they were going to pay back the money to someone else’s shop. Lin Chi told them not to follow, and just take the money and pay. At this time, Ling Shu told Ling Hua that they were going out to do errands, but they couldn’t tell Lin Chi to go alone. After that, Mo Qingchen called Lin Chi out and told her that she had inquired clearly about her past life. This made Lin Chi very moved, thinking that Mo Qingchen had gone out without telling her what she did. After that, he handed over all the accounts of Mo Qingchen’s house to Lin Chi to manage, which made Lin Chi happier.

Ji Dingluan’s life was very difficult. He sent all the people in the family home without much silver in his hand. He gave them the last few silvers. This made the family better than it is very miserable.

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