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Your Sensibility My Destiny 公子倾城 Episode 5 Recap

Lin Chi couldn’t help himself when he was helped, so when Lin Chi lost the will to break free, Mo Qingchen rushed to rescue Lin Chi from the water.

Ji Dingluan went to the villa and asked Ling Shu if someone had gone to their villa with the token last night. Ling Shu told Ji Dingluan that Qiu Wan had left with Lin Chi. This made Ji Dingluan very sad, but After returning home, I saw Qiu Wan and Zhuang Chen drinking at home.

After Lin Chi woke up, he looked at Mo Qingchen by his side, feeling that even if he died, he could not escape his claws, but Mo Qingchen told Lin Chi that she was the most indispensable person for him, and Lin Chi gave him the feeling , Told him to know that time should have temperature and touch.

The eldest prince also learned about the queen’s removal of Lin Chi, because the queen could not tell anyone about Mo Qingchen’s untouchable things. The eldest prince felt that the queen was too vicious, and he knew behind the scenes that Mo Qingchen didn’t feel anything. Killed by the queen. The prince must make Mo Qingchen ruined, so that he can take the position of those who died.

The queen told Mo Qingchen not to be deceived by Lin Chi. A woman from the rivers and lakes can’t trust Mo Qingchen. Only if she gets out of her will it be safer for Mo Qingchen, but Mo Qingchen thinks that Lin Chi made him feel that Lin Chi is in him. Only in order to feel the happiness of being alive, the queen told Mo Qingchen to discipline Lin Chi, and if others knew that Mo Qingchen did not perceive her, she would definitely get rid of her.

Lin Chi asked Ling Shumo what kind of woman Qingchen liked, Ling Shu told her that she liked weak women, so Lin Chi put on makeup as a weak woman, and then pretended to be very abusive, hoping that Mo Qingchen would like it, but Mo Qingchen told Lin Chi not to mess around, looking very uncomfortable.

Lin Chi was learning calligraphy, but he kept sprinkling water upstairs. This made Lin Chi very angry, so he went upstairs to find Mo Qingchen to settle the account. He didn’t expect that he was taking a bath. Lin Chi looked at Mo Qingchen in the bathtub. Attracted, he touched his body with his hands. He didn’t expect to be caught by Mo Qingchen. Suddenly, he felt that his body was numb, and that feeling was very comfortable. Lin Chi watched Mo Qingchen opened her eyes and said that she quickly broke free and walked away.

Qiu Wan dressed up as an elegant woman called Jing Wang Ji Dingluan to go to her room, trying to relieve her boredom. He also asked King Jing to help draw his eyebrows, which made Ji Dingluan very excited, and his hands were shaking too much.

Lin Chi persuaded Mo Qingchen to walk with his brothers, so that he appeared humane, so Mo Qingchen took Lin Chi to the Jing Palace. Qiu Wan prepared a lot of food for them to entertain Mo Qingchen. She was very enthusiastic about Mo Qingchen. Lin Chi and Ji Dingluan around him were puzzled, and felt that Mo Qingchen could not resist Qiu Wan’s enthusiasm. After the meal, Qiu Wan also took Mo Qingchen to the backyard to drink and chat, which made Ji Dingluan and Lin Chi even more angry, watching Qiu Wan treat Mo Qingchen so well, but the two of them could only be sulking on one side.

After returning, Lin Chi blamed Mo Qingchen for always saying that he was not conscious, but after seeing the beauty, he couldn’t walk. He also told Mo Qingchen that he was not allowed to be too affectionate with other women afterwards, and held Mo Qingchen. He was about to kiss him, but because he drank too much, he fell down before the kiss, which made Mo Qingchen very depressed.

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