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Your Sensibility My Destiny 公子倾城 Episode 4 Recap

Mo Qingchen received an invitation to attend a gathering of famous families, so he took Lin Chi to attend it. Later, I saw the eldest prince Ji Dingyue asking him to meet some noble princes, but Mo Qingchen had to take Lin Chi to meet together. This was a surprise to Ji Dingyue. I didn’t expect a maid to be treated like that. At this moment, a noble son saw Lin Chi and recognized the woman she had cheated on money before, and asked Lin Chi to return the money to him, so the two quarreled. Mo Qingchen went over and told the man that Lin Chi was He is the most important person, no matter who it is in the future, he will not be able to touch her. This made many people very surprised, but Mo Qingchen would not think that Lin Chi would be so caring about it. Ji Dingyue felt that Lin Chi must have a background, so he asked someone to investigate her origins, wanting to know why Mo Qingchen was so attached to her.

Lin Chi thanked Mo Qingchen for caring about herself, thinking whether Mo Qingchen had already liked her. This made Lin Chi very happy. Mo Qingchen picked a plum blossom. Lin Chi thought Mo Qingchen knew she liked her. But Mo Qingchen asked Ling Shu to do a good pruning, and now he looked shapeless, which made Lin Chi very disappointed. In the evening, Mo Qingchen asked Lin Chi to accompany him to study, and she was staying with Mo Qingchen very late. This made Mo Qingchen very happy, thinking that Lin Chi was the kind of girl she wanted most.

Qiu Wan was dressed beautifully and went to see Ji Dingluan, and Ji Dingluan told Qiu Wan that Zhuang Chen was already healthy. Early in the morning, she saw Zhuang Chen taking a set of calligraphy and paintings in his room. She walked like flying and seemed to be healed. Qiu Wan had no choice but to explain that the master was just taking it over and admiring it, and had no other meaning. Qiu Wan felt that the weather was good and should go for a walk, but Ji Dingluan thought it was better to meditate at home. Qiu Wan asked Ji Dingluan and the Wumo Villa what the origin was. Ji Dingluan told Qiu Wan that it was his brother’s residence, and Qiu Wan knew that Ji Dingluan was also the current prince. But what I don’t understand is that as a prince, she lives in the wild and kidnapped her junior sister. It seems that Jing Wang Ji Dingluan is also a liar, otherwise none of them look like a prince. Ji Dingluan showed the token to Qiu Wan to see, so Qiu Wan would go out and experiment to see if the token really worked.

Mo Qingchen asked Ling Shu to see a doctor for Lin Chi, and then prescribed some medicines for Lin Chi. This called Lin Chi very helpless. She felt that the medicines prescribed by Ling Shu were useless, and she liked Mo Qingchen in her heart now. But he didn’t know.

Ling Shu asked Mo Qingchen to enter the palace, and tomorrow’s banquet started on time, so Mo Qingchen asked Ling Hua to take good care of Lin Chi at home and she wanted to enter the palace to attend the banquet. When Lin Chi was playing in the garden, Qiu Wan went in to save her, but Lin Chi had to pack her things, and asked Qiu Wanchou to pick her up. After packing up her things, she followed Qiu Wan and escaped from the villa. He didn’t expect to be taken away by a group of people as soon as she left.

After that, Lin Chi was taken by the queen for questioning, wanting to know how she approached Mo Qingchen, so Lin Chi told them it was Mo Qingchen who told her to pretend to be a good friend. This made the empress very angry and asked someone to take it. Go out and kill. At this moment, Zhuang Chen and Qiu Wan rushed to rescue Lin Chi.

During the palace banquet, Yuyueguo performed singing and dancing for Nanlu country, and also specially prepared the god stone for the second prince Mo Qingchen, which was also prepared by the conspiracy of the eldest prince and Yuyueguo. At this moment, the queen also received a secret report, telling her about the god stone of Xiyue Kingdom. After hearing this, the queen felt that there must be a conspiracy inside. But Lin Chi quickly showed up when he heard that the second prince had something to do, and wanted to fight the bad guys with the queen.

Xiyue people told the emperor that as long as the sacred stone is in contact with human skin, it will produce a warm texture, so the emperor asked someone to give Mo Qingchen the experiment, and after the experiment, Mo Qingchen told the emperor that he would have fever. This is called the big prince. Unexpectedly, did Mo Qingchen feel it, but she didn’t know that Lin Chi was helping Mo Qingchen to feel it. The queen was even more worried about Lin Chi when she learned that Lin Chi helped solve the crisis. Now that she can help Mo Qingchen, she will definitely harm Mo Qingchen in the future, so that people should deal with Lin Chi to avoid future troubles.

Lin Chi secretly walked out of the palace knowing that the crisis had been resolved, but Mo Qingchen followed all the way out to find Lin Chi, at which time Lin Chi was caught by the queen and threw it into the river.

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