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Your Sensibility My Destiny 公子倾城 Episode 3 Recap

Mo Qingchen slept next to Lin Chi but there was a layer of yarn. This made Mo Qingchen a little uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep, so she secretly held Lin Chi’s hand before falling asleep.

Mo Qingchen went to the court to see the emperor. His father knew that Mo Qingchen had been ignoring the government, and it was not easy to be able to accompany them this time. Afterwards, Mo Qingchen talked to the eldest prince about the evildoer 24 years ago. Mo Qingchen felt that it was the grandfather of the eldest prince who said that he and his mother were evildoers and would harm the country and the people, so he shouted anger and got rid of his grandpa. But he has also been outside to ignore the political affairs.

Mo Qingchen and Lin Chi ate together, they both prepared what Mo Qingchen liked to eat. This made Lin Chi very angry, but Mo Qingchen asked Lin Chi to learn to like what he liked, which made Lin Chi even more angry. I think Mo Qingchen is embarrassing her, and Mo Qingchen is a monster without feeling.

Mo Qingchen felt that what Lin Chi said was reasonable. He couldn’t become a monster without feeling, even if he became a thief, he wouldn’t be a monster without feeling, so he asked someone to go to Dali Temple to take Lin Chi back. But Lin Chi went to Dali Temple and asked Du Ruo to surrender together. After Lin Chi asked the Dali Temple judge to condemn him, Mo Qingchen went down and told him that Lin Chi was the prince’s person.

Now he gave the judge to Frightened, he quickly asked people to send Lin Chi back to Wumo Villa. After Lin Chi went back, I heard someone say that Mo Qingchen is the prince. Lin Chi was terrified at this time. She even scolded Mo Qingchen before. This time she went back and Mo Qingchen could not eat her. She was in Lin. When Chi wanted to escape, Mo Qingchen passed by and took Lin Chi back.

Zhuang Chen and Qiu Wan went to Ji Dingluan’s mansion to recuperate. They pretended to be hit by Ji Dingluan’s carriage on the street. Now they are going to get close to the prince in the name of recuperating. Just when Ji Dingluan was receiving their master and apprentice, he heard that Mo Qingchen had something to see Ji Dingluan, so he left them at the house.

Lin Chi was taken to learn martial arts by Ling Yan. Mo Qingchen felt that Lin Chi was now very resistant to him, and should not restrain her according to his own ideas, and that he had to learn to give Lin Chi some freedom. Just then Ji Dingluan went and told Mo Qingchen that a woman had also gone to his house. She looked like a liar, but he took them in. I hope Mo Qingchen will also talk about what is wrong with the woman in his house, but Mo Qingchen asks the next person to take Lin Chi in first, and he will find a way to deal with the liar.

Mo Qingchen pulled Lin Chiqiang up and flew to the roof to see the stars at night. Lin Chi was puzzled. He didn’t know what Mo Qingchen wanted to do. Ji Dingluan taught him to count the stars. Girls’ tricks, many girls like to count the stars at night. But Lin Chi, who was sleeping, had no interest in counting the stars. At that time, counting the stars was suffering.

The next day Mo Qingchen took Lin Chi to play the piano again. Lin Chi played indiscriminately before learning. This made everyone very depressed, but Mo Qingchen pretended to praise Lin Chi for his good performance. Lin Chi listened to it. I couldn’t sit still anymore, got up angrily and left, and Mo Qingchen felt that Lin Chi was really puzzled.

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