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The Justice 光芒 Episode 17 Recap

As soon as the nanny wanted to go out and send a telegram to Professor Lu, he was blocked at home by Lei Zi and others. Professor Lu and his wife returned to Shanghai under the heavy rain. They were held hostage by Lei Zi’s hands as soon as they entered the house. Lei Zi forced Professor Lu to write a letter of regret and publicly stated that he would no longer participate in the labor movement. Professor Lu would rather die than surrender. Lei Zi ordered Lu The professor killed.

Cheng Yizhi rushed to stop him in time, and repeatedly apologized to Professor Lu. Lei Zi did not allow him to confuse him. Cheng Yizhi desperately protected Professor Lu and did not allow Lei Zi to act rashly. He repeatedly emphasized that Professor Lu was a consultant of the Banking Association, and even Huang Ruhong gave it to him. Kind of thin noodles. Lei Zi took out the regulations of the labor movement written by Professor Lu. Professor Lu admitted that it was written by him. Lei Zi shot and killed Professor Lu on the spot. Cheng Yizhi watched the bloody scene. He was frightened. Lei Zi didn’t. Rest assured, he fired a few shots at Professor Lu before taking people away.

Wu Lizi braved the heavy rain to come to Professor Lu’s house to report. She was heartbroken when she saw Professor Lu lying in a pool of blood. Cheng Yizhi confessed his mistake to Wu Lizi as soon as he returned home. He did not protect Professor Lu and his wife. Cheng Yizhi knew that Professor Lu and his wife were Wu Lizi’s closest people, and Wu Lizi was lying in bed with tears.

Wu Lizi came to Charlie to borrow a gun early in the morning. She wanted to kill Huang Ruhong personally to avenge Professor Lu. Charlie didn’t want her to take risks. She lied that she lent the pistol to the owner of Mingjiaoguan for self-defense. Wu Lizi begged Charlie to help her get a pistol. Charlie flatly refused. Huang Ruhong sent arms to the 26th Army and sent people to the Zhenya Labor Movement. He counted all the credit for Secretary Feng. Secretary Feng is about to be promoted. He made a special trip to thank Huang Ruhong for his great support.

Mrs. Lu and the students mourned Professor Lu together. When Cheng Yizhi saw this scene from a distance, he felt very uncomfortable. Wu Lizi came to the foreman of the Atlantic Club and wanted to borrow her pocket pistol hidden in her trouser legs. The foreman gave her the pistol without asking anything. Huang Ruhong hosted a banquet for Lei Zi and others to celebrate their merits, and he also had to give them a reward. Huang Ruhong wanted to wait for Cheng Yizhi to arrive before he opened the banquet. Cheng Yizhi came too late.

Lei Zi ridiculed Cheng Yizhi and spoke harshly, making fun of Cheng Yizhi for killing Professor Lu’s father, and Cheng Yizhi ridiculed him. Huang Ruhong called Cheng Yizhi in and asked him to speak freely and don’t hide his thoughts. Huang Ruhong claimed that he gave guns to the Northern Expedition Army according to Cheng Yizhi’s wishes. Cheng Yizhi angrily rebuked him that he should not collude with the 26th Army to injure the innocent. Huang Ruhong explained why he had concealed it beforehand. He just wanted Cheng Yizhi to see the true face of this world. Huang Ruhong had counted the darkness and fighting of the Northern Expeditionary army one by one. He didn’t want to see Cheng Yizhi be deceived. Huang Ruhong encouraged Cheng Yizhi to cheer up and prepare. He would announce at the birthday banquet that he would let Cheng Yizhi. Succession.

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