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Sweet Sweet 住我对面的小哥哥 Episode 4 Recap

Tian Tian decided to paint, and Su Mu happened to see her going out when she wanted to eat ice cream. Tian Tian originally painted well, but he didn’t expect that Su Mu’s aircraft flew oncomingly. This time he took a photo with a camera. Tian Tian realized that Su Mu wanted to abuse her and quickly resisted the urge to hit it. When she was about to pack up and leave, the aircraft rushed out of control, Su Mu quickly blocked her with eyesight.

Tian Tian hurriedly helped Su Mu bandage the wound and said that both of them were cleaned up. Su Mu said that he had to eat ice cream every day, because Tian Tian made ice cream more effective than ice water, Tian Tian was a bit speechless, this person was really strange. In order to thank Su Mu, Tian Tian reluctantly promised to make him ice cream every day. Su Mu seemed to have a conspiracy. To prevent her from getting up at night, she made an appointment at 7 o’clock in the evening.

Although Tian Tian thought it was strange, she couldn’t tell. In the next few days, Tian Tian would go to Su Mu’s house to make ice cream every day, but she did not go beyond. The seemingly peaceful relationship between the two has also undergone subtle changes. Su Mu’s mood is getting better and Tian Tian’s luck is getting better, and the two often meet on the top of the mountain, one is doing aircraft testing, the other is painted with a loft in the sky, without disturbing each other. But Tian Tian has a hunch that they will always have stories, not two unrelated parallel lines.

Su Mu and Tian Tian left side by side from the top of the mountain, planning to make ice cream for him when they returned. Su Mu was a little curious to see Tian Tian had been painting the house recently. He didn’t ride a bike and the company was in a hurry. It happened that Tian Tian was going to the store and gave him a section. Tang Mumu was a little surprised to see the two coming together, Tian Tian climbed the ladder to change the light card, and Su Mu helped her before leaving. Wang Yanyi reminded that the person in the office was Liu Tai, the son of the chairman of Wanxin Company, and that this person had to see him. Su Mu calmly walked into the office, and Mia quickly introduced him. Liu Tai was arrogant and impolite, and left without saying a few words to Su Mu.

Tang Mumu marveled at the rapid development of the two. Tian Tian explained that she had helped Su Mu. But having said that, Tian Tian’s luck is indeed much better. Tang Mumu found that Su Mu’s fortune with Tian Tian changed a lot, as long as she didn’t mess with Su Mu, she would be able to survive the retrograde smoothly. Wang Yanyi passed by the ice cream shop and was coaxing the girl again. Tian Tian couldn’t help but sigh that Su Mu is indeed much better than some scumbags. Su Mu didn’t take Liu Tai to heart, and Mia was more relieved. Tian Tian found an excuse to stay in the store and wait for Su Mu. She had already made ice cream, and Tang Mumu went home from get off work first. Su Mu really came, but Mia said she didn’t go back with Tian Tian if she wanted to send him off. Tian Tian sees Su Mu getting into Mia’s car and feels very complicated.

Li Di invited Tian Tian for a drink, and specifically asked her friend not to surprise her by talking about his birthday. Tian Tian was absent-minded, Su Mu was in a good mood recently, and Mia could see that she was very happy for him. Tian Tian suddenly asked Li Di if their boys like a person would find various reasons to approach her. Friends thought that Li Di liked Tian Tian and they quickly played cover. Li Di asked Tian Tian to play together tomorrow night. Mia’s recent neighbor’s renovation decided to sleep in the villa tonight. When Tian Tian returned home, she was a little depressed to see the car parked in front of Su Mu’s house.

The wound on Su Mu’s hand was still bandaged with Tian Tian’s silk scarf. Mia would not help him to bandage him again, so she had to use this. Su Mu looked at Tian Tian’s photo and went to bed after being reminded by Mia. Tian Tian on the opposite side began to think about it, guessing that the rubber band and the owner of the car were the same woman. Tian Tian said that it had nothing to do with her, but she ran to the rooftop to prepare for a wait.

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