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Sweet Sweet 住我对面的小哥哥 Episode 2 Recap

Su Mu was nervous and aphasia again under such circumstances. Tian Tian picked up a knife to defend herself. She didn’t expect to take off her hat. At present, this person is actually the unlucky ghost that she encountered yesterday. Su Mu was speechless and took out the key opposite, Tian Tian suspected that he had moved in with bad intentions and aggressively wanted to drive him away. Su Mu went downstairs to go home, but Tian Tian was still asking.

She was kindly persuaded by a passing security guard who thought it was a young couple who was arguing. Tian Tian went home depressed and put on makeup and was about to go out. Tang Mumu heard that the man had lived across from her home and asked her to figure out what constellation he was, and that he wanted to analyze it for her.

Tian Tian and Su Mu went out at the same time, but Su Mu’s bicycle went well, but Tian Tian’s electric bicycle broke down halfway. As soon as Su Mu went to work, he saw Wang Yanyi being splashed with water by his ex-girlfriend, and he was constantly teased along the way. Tang Mumu likes to study the astrolabe very much, constantly reminding Tian Tian and Su Mu that the encounter is a scourge, Tian Tian’s resistance to Su Mu is getting deeper and deeper. Su Mu couldn’t talk anymore, and he seemed to be in a bad mood. Wang Yanyi planned to take him to vent, but Su Mu didn’t bother to pay attention.

When the new ice cream shop opened, Tian Tian’s younger brother Li Di specially came to help. Wang Yanyi and Mia discussed finding a psychiatrist for Su Mu. Su Mu was worried that ordinary people would not go, and planned to wait for Keiko’s friend to return to China. Su Mu had been ill for many years, but she suddenly got better yesterday.

Mia was a little puzzled. Wang Yanyi remembered that Su Mu had an ice cream in her hand yesterday and decided to buy one and try it. Su Mu also remembered the taste of ice cream yesterday, so she went to the opposite shop. Tian Tian pretended that he couldn’t see and asked Tang Mumu to entertain him. Su Mu ordered several tastes that were not yesterday’s taste, so he ordered them all at once.

Tian Tian thought he was here to find the difference, and angrily made an ice cream stew for him. Realizing that Tian Tian doesn’t know what Su Mu’s name is now, she didn’t know until she saw his work card, it turns out that he really belongs to the opposite company, or is a flying machine! Tian Tian realized that she had blamed Su Mu yesterday, but when she was puzzled, Su Mu had already tasted a familiar taste from her ice cream stew, and gave her a smile again.

Su Mu had settled and left, and Tian Tian was still stunned because of that smile. In the elevator, Su Mu met Li Di, who was helping to deliver food. One of them happened to be Wang Yanyi’s. Because he didn’t recognize these two words, he also took the nickname Wang Qihuo. When Su Mu returned to the company, he was already able to speak.

Tang Mumu believes that Su Mu is a Gemini, and he is destined to live and restrain each other with Tian Tian, ​​so he must follow him. After Li Di delivered the food, He Tian Tian said hello and left. Tian Tian made an appointment to invite them to drink next time. Business was good on the first day of opening, and Tian Tian is ready to go home after closing. Because the electric car broke down on the road, Tian Tian almost ran into Wang Yanyi’s car.

When Wang Yanyi saw Tian Tian’s eyes light up, he was about to start a conversation. He didn’t expect Tian Tian to recognize him as the scumbag yesterday, so he ignored him. The electric car broke down halfway again. When Tian Tian was repairing the car, Su Mu rode his bicycle leisurely by. Tian Tian gave an angry look, but he didn’t expect Su Mu to help her repair the car. After Su Mu was repaired, he left without saying a word. Tian Tian remembered what Tang Mumu had said and endured it. Didn’t she just follow him? The big deal will automatically block his stinky face.

Tian Tian wanted to talk to Su Mu, but he went home directly as a weird person. My parents made a video call and went to have a candlelight dinner when they saw Tian Tian came home safely. The ice cream that Su Mu bought did not taste as he liked. When he was depressed, he saw Tian Tian dancing on the opposite side. He looked very happy and his mood gradually improved. Su Mu didn’t know why he suddenly became better, could it be because of Tian Tian? Su Mu took the aircraft and knocked on Tian Tian’s door. There were three words in each mouth. I want you.

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