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Sweet Sweet 住我对面的小哥哥 Episode 1 Recap

Tian Tian, ​​a vitality girl, was originally lucky as a koi. She likes to paint and play baseball. Her dream is to build a super beautiful house and grow up in a very loving family. Her parents run an ice cream shop and are loved by thousands. On this day, Tian Tian was torn apart after encountering a “cold-faced monster” who could not speak. Weilai Aircraft Company. The genius aircraft designer Su Mu announced the cancellation of the upcoming aircraft launch. He has a super high IQ and a slight obsessive-compulsive disorder. He believes that his things must be perfect. You can even get forgiveness by doing so. Such an operation is really too Su Mu.

Su Mu was testing the aircraft, but she did not know that the aircraft followed Tian Tian all the way, and she was so scared that Tian Tian stopped the car and quarreled with it. Seeing the flying machine rushing towards her, Tian Tian panicked and smashed it with the baseball bat in her hand, and the chip fell into Tian Tian’s clothes. In panic, Tian Tian fell and fell into the quagmire. After she got up, she chased Su Mu to ask for an explanation, which attracted a crowd of passers-by to watch, but Su Mu couldn’t speak as if he had been frozen.

Tian Tian mistakenly thought that Su Mu was a deaf and mute, so she asked him if he was taking pictures of him with a flying vehicle in sign language. Su Mu was a little speechless. There was a kid who seemed to be very professional. The aircraft was not equipped with a camera. It was Tian Tian who broke his aircraft and should be compensated. Tian Tian turned on the phone amidst the roar of the crowd, but after the phone was broken just now, she wrote her phone number to Su Mu. Su Mu didn’t speak from beginning to end. He stretched out his hand when he saw Tian Tian was about to fall, but soon realized that something was wrong and let it go again. Tian Tian fell firmly again.

Tian Tian graduated from university and is about to go abroad to study. The new store of Tian’s father and Tian’s mother is also opening. Tian Tian returned to the store with a sullen expression and decided to confess to her parents that she had failed the exam abroad. She decided to continue the exam in the second half of the year and accompany her parents by the way. The parents are not angry, but have some opinions about Tian Tian’s need to accompany them. It turns out that the two have long thought about the world of the two, and they will travel abroad in a few days. Tian Tian was repairing things at the ice cream shop, but when she accidentally hung it up, she was taken aback by Su Mu who was passing by. Tian Tian begged Su Mu for help, but Su Mu just helped her correct her position and left without saying a word.

Su Mu returned to the company with the broken aircraft. Tian Tian was talking about him with the clerk Tang Mumu. Tang Mumu told them seriously that they must not stay alone together. Su Mu’s assistant, Wang Yanyi, saw him come back and said a lot of words. Seeing that Su Mu didn’t say a word, he understood it, and quickly ordered someone to pour a glass of ice water. It turns out that Su Mu suffers from a social disorder, and she becomes aphasia when she feels panic, so she must relax as soon as possible. Wang Yanyi and the company’s CEO Mia were in a hurry, but they didn’t know what trouble Su Mu had encountered.

The ice cream shop received an order from the opposite company, and it hadn’t opened yet, but Tian Tian made a few more and delivered it. Wang Yanyi, who had been among the thousands of flowers, was chased by his ex-girlfriend at the door of the company. Tian Tian passed by and handed the young lady an ice cream with hatred. In the next second, Wang Yanyi had ice cream on his face and was scolded twice. Judgment man. Although there was only one ice cream left, Tian Tian felt it was worth it. In the elevator, Tian Tian happened to meet Su Mu again. Su Mu snatched the ice cream from her hand and ate it in her shocked eyes, and because the ice cream was so delicious, Su Mu gave her several smiles like spring breeze. Tian Tian dumbfounded as Su Mu got out of the elevator, complaining that he must be a Gemini, otherwise how could he become so fast!

Su Mu could speak when he got out of the elevator, and Wang Yanyi was dumbfounded again. Tian Tian in the elevator is not so lucky because the elevator is broken. Su Mu was going to Xingyue Mountain to test the flight, so Mia asked him to move directly to the previous house, which was more convenient. After finally being rescued from the elevator, Tian Tian returned to the store and took Tang Mumu to drink. Su Mu lingered about Tian Tian’s ice cream, but the store closed when she went to buy it. Tian Tian and Tang Mumu have never been in love, but the two are very longing for the future. Tian Tian hopes to find someone who can accompany her to watch the stars.

Mia sent Su Mu to the villa, which happened to be the house opposite Tian Tian’s house that had been vacant for several years. Tian Tian’s parents were going to catch a plane early the next morning, and they pulled Tian Tian from the bed, who was sleeping, and called her to help in the store. Su Mu lost control while testing the aircraft and rammed into the balcony of the opposite villa. Su Mu knocked on the door in order to get the aircraft back, but Tian Tian was taking a bath and didn’t hear it at all. Su Mu thought that there was no one at home, so he jumped over the wall to get the aircraft, but was bumped into by Tian Tian, ​​who had just taken a shower, and shouted pervertedly.

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