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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 26 Recap

Under Xia Qian’s urging, Sheng Zhening had to visit Ning Meng first, but because of fatigue during this period, he almost had a car accident, which made Xia Qian very worried. On the other hand, Xia’s mother heard about recent events and worried that her daughter would be wronged. Hu Zhen guessed that even if Ning Meng’s personality is more perverted, she should be somewhat restrained after pregnancy.

Through this time of getting along, Qin Hebo has become more aware that no matter how long he gets along with Fu Shuangshuang, he needs an external force to accelerate the relationship between the two. Because in recent days, when Fu Shuangshuang was shopping with Qin Hebo, she was a little embarrassed to be misunderstood as a couple by passers-by, but Qin Hebo disagrees, and even thinks that it is this feeling of CP that makes everyone feel this way. , Fu Shuangshuang was delighted after hearing this.

Because of her mother’s words, Xia Qian thought about a lot of things. She was busy with work during the day and had no time to get distracted. But at night, she couldn’t sleep, always remembering what Ning Meng had said to herself. After all, there is a complicated relationship between them, Ning Meng has always refused to accept Xia Qian, and even let her in, so if you want to be with Sheng Zhening forever, you have to think of countermeasures as soon as possible.

The next morning, Xia Qian took the initiative to come to the Changsheng Hotel to talk to Sheng Zhening alone. Ning Meng hid by the door to eavesdrop and heard Xia Qian propose to break up with Sheng Zhening. Because Xia Qian thinks she is a simple-minded person, she really wants to talk about a simple relationship, but she didn’t expect to get involved in such a complicated family relationship. If this goes on, they will get more and more tired. Sheng Zhening was very disappointed with Xia Qian and accused her of her selfish behavior. The two were completely quarreling. When Chen Manhui learned of this, she asked Ning Meng to arrange her and Sheng Zhening a chance to get along alone.

Since Ning Meng became pregnant, He Zhijun has been considerate to her, and it happened that at this time the hospital had an opportunity to study abroad. He Zhijun refused this good opportunity on the grounds that his wife was pregnant, but Ning Meng thought of the mistakes she had made, and decided to let He Zhijun participate in advanced studies. After all, it only took one month. He Zhijun was a little moved because of Ning Meng’s persuasion, but he didn’t know how long he had just left. His wife, who had always been troublesome, began to make small calculations.

Ning Meng intends to continue to match Sheng Zhening and her best friend Chen Manhui to arrange a meeting between the two. Sheng Zhening sensed the intention and responded coldly. On the other hand, Xia Ma and Hu Zhen were worried that Xia Qian was traumatized by a broken relationship, so they decided to arrange a blind date for her. However, they didn’t know that the relationship between Xia Qian and Sheng Zhening had not changed. The so-called breakup was also a fake breakup, and the purpose was to make Ning Meng feel at ease and raise a baby.

Because of this, the two of “Shengxia” had to start an underground love affair. They alleviated their lovesickness through phone calls. A “Nocturne” by Xia Qian evoked Sheng Zhening’s thoughts. He asked assistant An An to purchase tickets for the piano concert and invited Xia Qian to join him. Appreciating the concert, but unexpectedly, Ning Meng caught a glimpse of the tickets. Ning Meng made an effort to pull on Chen Manhui and prepare to spoil the “Midsummer” date.

Due to Ning Meng’s sake, Sheng Zhening had to accompany her and Chen Manhui into the concert hall first, and then slipped out and pulled Xia Qian to the backstage. Although the audition effect here is not as good as outside, at least it will not be disturbed by anyone. After listening to the concert, Sheng Zhening sent Xia Qian home. Xia Ma didn’t see her looks clearly, and mistakenly thought that her daughter had made a new boyfriend again, and that she was too affectionate.

With the formal establishment of the e-commerce department of Changsheng Hotel, some shareholders have seen Xia Qian’s ability and recommended to serve as the team leader of this department, which coincides with Sheng Zhening’s ideas. Xia Qian readily agreed upon receiving the invitation. After she and Mu Xiaoyan handed over their work, she went to the Ministry of Commerce to report.

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