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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 22 Recap

Cheng Liao gave Shengjing Chusheng fire-roasted sweet potatoes to eat. It was very pleasant for two people to live in a small town on the outskirts. Sheng Jingchu told Cheng that the tea at home was kept in a coffee-colored cabinet because he became colorblind after he was six years old. The memories of being with my parents are very clear. Now Sheng Jingchu remembers the scene of being with his parents very clearly, and Cheng also thinks of his mother. When she was young, her mother often watched the stars with them. Dad told Cheng that the nebula that looked like a rose on the stage was where his mother was. Now Cheng wanted to give that nebula to Sheng Jingchu, because his parents would also become the most beautiful nebula to guard Sheng Jingchu.

Sheng Jingchu also gave Cheng a gift, which was also a gift that had been prepared a long time ago. Now that he has written the words in the above class, it is the letters of Cheng. If he wants to call Cheng, he will never be separated from him.

Dad Cheng couldn’t help calling Cheng, and told Cheng not to live with Sheng Jingchu. Girls should protect themselves outside. At this moment, Cheng Yi heard her and told her father not to disturb Cheng, but Cheng’s father lied that it was a call to his old friend. Cheng Yi would call Cheng if he didn’t believe it. Don’t worry, she immediately confiscated her father’s phone number. , Asked Cheng Leanxin to be with Sheng Jingchu, she will protect her sister’s love. After hanging up the phone, I went to find Sheng Jingchu and told him that the boy must protect himself when he is outside, otherwise he would be deprived of being seen by the female fan, so he hurried back to his room after speaking.

Cheng Yi proposed to make a food show, that is, to find masters from the folks, so that more people will fall in love with food. Lisa felt that it would be better to dig from all over the world, but Cheng Yi believed that it was all right in China, so there was no need to go abroad to find it. Lisa was going to be the host of that show directly, but the director was also very straightforward. She couldn’t say a word, and it was impossible to entrust such a good show to her.

After get off work, the elevator suddenly went out of power. Cheng Yi was claustrophobic and almost fainted. Xu Chi hugged Cheng Yi to comfort him. Fortunately, the call came soon, and Xu Chi took Cheng Yi to see the stage prepared for her. , She can host shows there in the future. Xu Chi invited Cheng Yi to do a dance.

Cheng Yi was in a good mood and agreed to him. He didn’t expect Xu Chi to kiss Cheng Yi halfway. This made Cheng Yi a little unhappy, so Xu Chi hurried away and said with an excuse. Buy something to ease the embarrassment. Just when Xu Chi went out, Lisa secretly locked the stage door and turned off the electric switches. Cheng Yi was very scared inside. Xu Chi asked Cheng Yi not to be afraid that he would go in and rescue her when he saw her. Cheng Yi sat on the floor crying in terror alone in the studio. Xu hurriedly went to get an axe and broke the door lock open. When she saw Cheng Yi, she hugged her.

When Cheng saw that Sheng Jingchu still had a Rubik’s Cube in his house, he picked it up and turned it. Then Sheng Jingchu suddenly saw that the Rubik’s Cube was colored, so he asked Cheng to take a look at the vase, but it quickly turned black and white again. It turns out that Sheng Jingchu became color-blind when he was waiting for his parents in a car accident. Because there was no warmth around him, he went to the color function. Now Cheng has warmth to him, so as long as he has a time, he occasionally sees color at a cocktail party.

Sheng Jingchu took Cheng to the cemetery of his parents, wanting to reassure his parents that he now has a girlfriend and everything will be well. Cheng Liao also gave Sheng Jingchu’s parents that they will treat him well in the future, as well as pandas.

Dad Cheng and Cheng Yi watched the show at home, so Dad Cheng wanted to talk about her relationship problems. Cheng Yi felt that Dad shouldn’t interfere with her relationship problems. She and Xu Chi would not be together. Sheng Jingchu took Cheng home. When he walked to the door, he was about to kiss Dad Cheng goodbye. He was so scared that Dad Cheng turned around and bumped into the door frame. Cheng hurriedly asked Sheng Jingchu to go back and help Dad in. Room

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