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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 18 Recap

After hearing Lu Li’s complaint, Gu Xiaoqi clamored to find Jiang Yicheng to settle the account, but at this time Lu Li grabbed Gu Xiaoqi again, and babblingly counted Jiang Yicheng’s goodness, a few glasses of wine, and the two of them hugged each other. Weeping together, my heart is full of distress. But Jiang Yicheng, who was alone in his emptiness, stayed up all night and gritted his teeth with anger.

The next day, Lu Li was a little worried that Jiang Yicheng would discover his taste of alcohol. Chen Yiming thoughtfully prepared a cup of coffee for Lu Li to hangover. As soon as he heard that Lu Li was with Chen Yiming at the company, Jiang Yicheng angrily walked to the tea. At that time, he loudly accused Lu Li of irresponsibility. Chen Yiming originally wanted to explain the cause of the matter for Jiang Yicheng, but Jiang Yicheng messed up as soon as he opened his mouth.

Jiang Yicheng, who was angry, scolded Lu Li for not returning home at night and drinking alcohol the day before work. No preparation for the game at all, or even a ruthless remark, saying whether Lu Li participates in the game or not. After all, Lu Li is not so irreplaceable. This key sentence stuck in Lu Li’s heart, even Chen Yiming on the side. Shaking his head repeatedly, when Lu Li left a fierce look in his eyes, he could only sigh at what Jiang Yicheng had done.

Until he returned to his seat, Lu Li’s anger did not disappear. Thinking that Gu Xiaoqi had made a Gu Mo doll to beat up his discouragement, Lu Li also wrote a simple game code and watched the villain on the screen get beaten. , Lu Li finally showed a little smile. Huang Xun noticed Lu Li’s grievances, so he walked over to enlighten him on how to vent his grievances in a gentler way and make the world more peaceful. Lu Li seemed to have thought of something, and hurried upstairs, but accidentally heard the elder ape of the program group group. He yelled and hurriedly called on the phone, yelling at the person on the other side of the conversation and letting him lose all his money, Lu Li cautiously stepped forward and asked the old ape if he encountered a problem, and he could ask everyone to solve it together. ,

Lu Li in front of him of course was not the solution to the problem, and the old ape could only show a stiff smile and turned and left. The worries in Lu Li’s heart still didn’t dissipate, and he discussed with Huang Xun whether the old ape’s family had encountered any problems recently, but Huang Xun didn’t know it, and the topic stopped abruptly. Speaking of several ways to kill the boss just now, Huang Xun has researched and said that under the ravages of Jiang Yicheng in the past few years, he has accumulated a lot of creativity. Inspire yourself.

Looking at the notes I asked for from Huang Xun today, Lu Li thought about it and decided to put in practice. The first one was to use snail powder to kill Jiang Yicheng. Lu Li took out his own collection of snail powder from the refrigerator and cooked it vigorously. On a bowl. Sure enough, Jiang Yicheng came to him, pinching his nose and looking at Lu Li in disgust. Under Lu Li’s attack, he blocked the door of the house. Lu Li looked very happy.

On the second day, Lu Li began to introduce the game he designed to everyone, called “BOSS’s One Hundred Ways to Die.” Jiang Yicheng looked at the boss’s style on the screen that looked very similar to him, and stood up unconsciously, Chen Yiming He was very satisfied, and made fun of everyone. Although the expression is not very good, Jiang Yicheng still admires Lu Li’s creative design in his heart, and looks forward to Lu Li’s finished game together with Chen Yiming.

Gu Xiaoqi accidentally found a beautiful male cat in the pet shop. It happened to match the female cat who was in estrus. At the request of the owner, he finally got the WeChat account of the male cat owner. Gu Xiaoqi was very happy. NS.

It was an ordinary weekend when Lu Li’s parents suddenly came to visit. The two of them quickly pretended to live together in the bedroom under the cooperation, and then they escaped the eyes of Lu’s father and mother. But this mother Lu seems to be retaliating against Jiang Yicheng’s release of pigeons last time. She named Jiang Yicheng to cook. Jiang Yicheng, who doesn’t eat the fireworks at all, knows how to cook. Even if Lu Li helps shitting away, Jiang Yicheng seems to be unable to dodge it. In this disaster, there is no way, Jiang Yicheng walked to the kitchen alone, looking at the strange kitchen utensils, not knowing what to do.

Jiang Yicheng served the dishes he made by himself. Although one was charred as black charcoal and the other was red as blood, everyone really couldn’t eat it. Thinking that the finished product in the rice cooker should not be unpalatable, who knew Jiang Yicheng forgot to point it. When the switch was turned off, a few people could only smile helplessly, and eventually they had to end up with their parents.

After yesterday’s incident, Lu Li thought of a new scene of torturing the boss, and even completed it one day before the deadline. At this moment, Li Man walked up, watching the program group’s enthusiasm, and then chilled his voice to call everyone to get the new server. Huang Xun deliberately refused to let Lu Li respond, so he could only get it with the old ape. Afterwards, Old Ape’s phone rang. After Old Ape came back, he looked at the number on the phone that he was familiar with for debt, but ignored it and told everyone that it was a sales call. After get off work, the old ape really saw the debtor at the door. Although the old ape tried his best to ask everyone to delay for a week, he was knocked down in the underground garage, and tomorrow is the deadline…

Lu Li was sitting in front of the computer early in the morning, trying to look at his game, but found that the source code was missing. Even if it was on the computer or on the server, the main body of the game disappeared without a trace. Lu Li grieved to Jiang Yicheng. Reporting the incident, Jiang Yicheng was scolded by Jiang Yicheng. The deadline is 8 o’clock tonight. Even if Lu Li writes 80% of the game demo version now, he may not be able to get the first place. Lu Li was naturally frustrated when he heard Jiang Yicheng’s vicious words. Chen Yiming looked at Lu Li’s disappointed and left expression very puzzled. Jiang Yicheng was obviously distressed, so why couldn’t he speak well?

There is only one way to solve the problem, but it is also the one that Jiang Yicheng hates the most. It is to request the use of his father’s contacts so that his father can only sell a relationship and discuss with the organizer to extend the delivery time until tomorrow morning. When Father Jiang looked at Jiang Yicheng, he would lower his head and beg to himself. He was really impressed by the relationship between Jiang Yicheng and Lu Li, so he nodded and agreed with Jiang Yicheng.

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