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Your Sensibility My Destiny 公子倾城 Episode 2 Recap

Lin Chi also saw that Mo Qingchen left her because she could make Mo Qingchen feel. Mo Qingchen did not deny Lin Chi’s words. Lin Chi took the opportunity to ask not to beat and scold her, but treat her well, Mo Qingchen. Qing Chen agreed, but also suggested that Lin Chi must be there on call as long as he needs it. At this time, Mo Qingchen’s younger brother came to visit Mo Qingchen, and Mo Qingchen asked Ling Hua to accompany Lin Chi.

Lin Chi pondered over how to make three chapters, and could not let Mo Qingchen touch where he wanted to touch, although he also understood Mo Qingchen. The trouble caused by ignorance and insensitivity, but we still have to keep our distance.

Although Mo Qingchen was with his younger brother Ji Dingluan, he thought about Lin Chi’s appearance. When Lin Chi was asleep, he couldn’t help but touch Lin Chi’s mouth, but Lin Chi bit his finger, which made Mo Qingchen have After feeling the pain, I asked Ji Dingluan unknowingly if he had been bitten by a woman, but Ji Dingluan, who was originally afraid of him, was a little overwhelmed and hurriedly denied it.

Ji Dingluan has always admired Mo Qingchen for many years, but he just feels that Mo Qingchen is supernatural and refined, hoping to be as extraordinary as Mo Qingchen, but has been rejected by Mo Qingchen. This is also a rare meeting. To say that Ji Dingluan is also very interesting, the more Mo Qingchen refuses, the more he comes, just wanting to be like Mo Qingchen without desire and desire. Mo Qingchen suddenly had some troubles, he didn’t know if he needed these troubles, he needed to understand the troubles of the world, these words turned out to be another realm in Ji Dingluan’s view.

Mo Qingchen accompanies Lin Chi to eat. Seeing Lin Chi’s fragrant eating, he couldn’t help swallowing. Lin Chi hurriedly found a reason to sleep when he saw this, but he was afraid that Mo Qingchen would climb the bed in the middle of the night and suggested that he must keep his distance. Qing Chen didn’t want to make Lin Chi embarrassed, but he didn’t force it anymore. This was the first time he considered for others.

In the evening, Du Ruo came to see Zhuang Chen in his cell and claimed that he would transfer Zhuang Chen to the Ministry of Justice. Zhuang Chen was so angry that his adopted apprentices were wolf-hearted. Du Ruo also told Zhuang Chen’s Wumo Villa that there is no waiting for idlers to enter. Du Ruo proudly said Go in by yourself. Du Ruo had long noticed that Qiu Wan was outside the cell window, pretending to leave, let Qiu Wan take the opportunity to rescue Zhuang Chen.

In order to consider for the future, Lin Chi put forward his own terms and asked Mo Qingchen to help her repay all her debts and revoke the wanted order. Mo Qingchen quickly agreed, and Lin Chi was happier already thinking about it and escaping. Once you go, you can be unscrupulous. But he didn’t expect Mo Qingchen to go ahead and let Lin Chi sell himself to repay the debt after paying off all his debts. You can leave when you pay off.

At the same time, you can see through all Lin Chi’s thoughts about leaving, and remind Lin Chi that no one can enter here to take Lin Chi away. Lin Chi was so angry that he turned around and wanted to leave, and was called by Mo Qingchen. He had to hold Mo Qingchen’s hand every time.

Qiu Wan, who wandered outside Wumo Villa every day, saw Ji Dingluan leave and rescued Zhuang Chen. The two pretended to be father and daughter and crashed into Ji Dingluan’s carriage, and a bumper came. Ji Dingluan promised to discuss how to compensate. You can go to Jingwang’s Mansion to find him at any time.

Then Zhuang Chen went to Lin Chi and told Jing Wang that he had contacted Jing Wang and would rescue Lin Chi through Jing Wang. Lin Chi asked how much money Zhuang Chen had taken from Mo Qingchen, but Zhuang Chen did not tell him.

Mo Qingchen agreed that he could not sleep in Lin Chi’s room according to the contract, so he suddenly ordered the room to be renovated in the middle of the night, and he carried Lin Chi’s bed and the people out. Lin Chi wanted to escape Mo Qingchen and gave the order. As long as he leaves the Wumo Villa, he will immediately report the arrest of Lin Chi in the official uniform. Lin Chi was annoyed to find Mo Qingchen’s theory, and Mo Qingchen took the opportunity to let Lin Chi press the contract fingerprint, which was regarded as the completion of the contract.

But it was unexpected that Mo Qingchen asked Lin Chi to live in his room. It was not a breach of contract. After all, he did not go to Lin Chi’s room. Lin Chi proposed to draw a curtain in the middle of the bed and the two of them were not allowed to cross the boundary. Mo Qingchen also agreed, but he squeezed Lin Chi’s hand to sleep, because the contract stipulated that he could hold Lin Chi’s hand at any time, Lin Chi Annoyed that he was going crazy, he wanted to kill Mo Qingchen.

Mo Qingchen could feel the unhappiness coming from Lin Chi, and he was also curious why Lin Chi had to make those contracts that made her unhappy. Lin Chi was restrained everywhere, he couldn’t say anything, and he was so angry that he could only yell.

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