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Your Sensibility My Destiny 公子倾城 Episode 1 Recap

At the Nanlu National Palace in the middle of the night, the national teacher hurriedly came to see the emperor and reported the night horoscope. The horoscope showed that there will be a prince in the birth palace. This prince is ignorant and unconscious. Although he can recognize all things, he does not know whether he is soft or hard. Although you can see all kinds of flowers and trees, but regardless of plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, the birth of this prince will also bring disaster to Nanlu Country, and the only way to resolve it is to kill the mother and child.

The emperor could not do anything to harm his son and wife. Although he did not want to bring disaster to the country, he could not harm his relatives. In desperation, in order to keep the secret, the emperor ordered someone to kill the national teacher. The disappearance of the national teacher after entering the palace has also caused speculation, and there are secret rumors of the birth of an ominous person in the palace.

Twenty-three years have passed in a blink of an eye. Lin Chi, a young girl in the cell, tricked the jailer into confessing the whereabouts of the prisoner. She took advantage of her to get confused and stole the keys and escaped. She ran away in a hurry and was found chased by someone. On the carriage that happened to pass by, the owner of the carriage Mo Qingchen looked at Lin Chi disgustingly, just as he was about to drive him out, but suddenly smelled the scent of her hair. Mo Qingchen hadn’t smelled any smell since he was a child. At this moment, the smell was just a ray of sunlight shining into his heart. Mo Qingchen stunned Lin Chi and took it home.

The next day Lin Chi woke up, not only was someone specially looked after her, but she also allowed her to wander around respectfully. Lin Chi was afraid that he would be trapped again, and eagerly found a way to leave. He climbed up to hope that someone was pruning the branches. He could jump the wall and escape, but he accidentally fell from the tree. Fortunately, Mo Qingchen flew to catch Lin Chi.

Lin Chi was obviously taken aback. He didn’t understand why Mo Qingchen caught her, and Mo Qingchen didn’t explain, but he hugged Lin Chi and left in front of his subordinates.

Mo Qingchen also asked the master Zhuang Chen who was waiting for Lin Chi on the street to be invited to the Fuzhong. Lin Chi was even more surprised. He didn’t understand how Mo Qingchen knew about the master’s existence. Zhuang Chen was very generous. Lin Chi handed over to Mo Qingchen. In fact, Zhuang Chen also had his own plan. He also got a lot of money from Mo Qingchen. He also looked at Mo Qingchen’s house. It must be very rich. Therefore, he has quietly made a plan to let Lin Chi stay here for three days. After days, I took Lin Chi to leave, but I had to take advantage of the three days to make more money here. Although Lin Chi was unwilling, crying and crying to find her senior sister Qiu Wan, the master also saw that Lin Chi was pretending to cry and stuffed some scraps of silver, and told Lin Chi to plan to make money.

Mo Qingchen took Lin Chi to taste tea, wanted to taste the taste of tea, took Lin Chi to enjoy the snow, looked at Lin Chi’s trembling appearance, Mo Qingchen embraced Lin Chi in his arms and covered it with a big robe. Lin Chi’s body is also beautifully said to be warming each other, Lin Chi lied uncomfortably and lied to hide in a hurry.

Lin Chi was going crazy after staying here for a day, and he was anxious to leave. He deliberately used this pair of scissors to intimidate the maid Ling Hua’s neck, pretending to be afraid. Ling Hua turned out to be afraid of hurting Lin Chi before he didn’t do anything. Looking at the faces of Mo Qingchen and his attendant Ling Shu, Lin Chi suddenly felt very shameless, so he pushed away Linghua and pointed the scissors to his neck. He didn’t expect to be knocked down by Mo Qingchen again with a stone. , But the scissors still scratched the back of Lin Chi’s hand.

Mo Qingchen was originally an ignorant person. In fact, he didn’t know the cold and pain, but when he held Lin Chi in the wind and snow, his body was obviously hot. Mo Qingchen felt this way for the first time. I felt very curious, so I just ran to Lin Chi’s room, took off my clothes, and lay with Lin Chi and felt the long-lost warmth. Although Lin Chi was a little panicked, he repeatedly thought that Mo Qingchen did not hurt her. On the contrary, she has been cared for everywhere, there should be some kind of demand. When Mo Qingchen came to the room and lay on the bed, his hair was crushed by Lin Chi, but Mo Qingchen didn’t respond, and Lin Chi realized that Mo Qingchen was an ignorant monster.

Qiu Wan stunned Zhuang Chen and brought it with a sack to find his junior fellow Du Ruo, who was already a head-catcher, and told Lin Chi that it was difficult to be trapped in the Wumo Villa. Du Ruo could not sit by and ignore Lin Chi’s affairs. She was angry and wanted to arrest the fugitive. She was threatened by her. If she dared to catch her, she would say that Du Ruo disrespect her. Du Ruoben didn’t want to arrest her and agreed to let her go. Zhuang Chen cursed both of them for deceiving her ancestor. Du Ruo said nothing. Said that Zhuang Chen’s mouth was stuffed with a cloth.

Du Ruo took his subordinates to the outside of Wumo Villa in the name of arresting fugitives. At the same time, Lin Chi in Wumo Villa was waiting for an opportunity to escape, but was suddenly exposed by Ling Shu and Mo Qingchen, knowing that Lin Chi and Qiu Wan were both He was a disciple of Zhuang Chen, who cheated more than ten times a year.

If they were sent to the government, they would lose their freedom. Listening to the sound of Du Ruo knocking on the door outside, Lin Chi was so scared that he did not dare to move, Ling Shu went out and sent Du Ruo away. Due to Mo Qingchen’s unusual status, although Du Ruo ignored his black hat, but could not ignore the future of his subordinates, so he had to go home first. Qiu Wan, who had been watching silently, didn’t expect even Du Ruo to enter.

After Du Ruo and the others left, Mo Qingchen, who thought he had already held Lin Chi, was shocked by Lin Chi’s words. Lin Chi realized that Mo Qingchen was an ignorant and insensible person.

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