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The Justice 光芒 Episode 16 Recap

Manager Jiao conveyed Zhou Guangxian’s account to Wu Lizi during his lifetime. Zhou Guangxian and Huang Ruhong cooperated in selling opium, but Huang Ruhong later started smuggling arms. Zhou Guangxian had to be accompanied. Wu Zhifu got the ledger of Zhou Guangxian and Huang Ruhong’s cooperation in reselling the arms and took photos as evidence. Wu Zhifu Zhou Guangxian was repeatedly persuaded to stop, but he couldn’t turn his head back. Zhou Guangxian told Huang Ruhong about the incident. Huang Ruhong sent someone to kill Wu Zhi to kill Wu Zhi.

Wu Lizi finally knew the cause of her father’s death. She was saddened to live, thinking that Jiao Jing Ideal used her to deal with Huang Ruhong, tearing the account books to pieces on the spot, and then slammed the door away. General Manager Sun took Cheng Yizhi to the Meiyuan restaurant, let him in through the back door, and searched him. Luo Rengu had been waiting for a long time. Cheng Yizhi opened the door and explained that the batch of goods ordered by Luo Rengu from Huang Ruhong did not float on the sea. It had already arrived in Shanghai. Luo Rengu knew about it a long time ago, and he also accurately stated the storage location of the batch. Cheng Yizhi immediately became alert. I don’t know if Lei Zi deliberately concealed it, or Luo Rengu tried to test him, Cheng Yizhi answered carefully, and if anything was wrong, he would bring himself a disaster.

Cheng Yizhi made an excuse to go and make it easier. Luo Rengu sent someone to follow him to the bathroom. Cheng Yizhi secretly took the gun. When he entered the door, he said that Luo Rengu had hidden all the arms in the morgue of Sheng’an Hospital and persuaded him to give up his weapons. Luo Rengu saw that he was not sincere, so he immediately drew his gun to each other. Cheng Yizhi showed the pistol around his waist and tried to persuade Luo Rengu, otherwise he and Huang Ruhong would suffer both defeats. Luo Rengu was unwilling to give up and fired his gun with anger. As a warning, the guards rushed in after hearing the news, Cheng Yizhi was not afraid of danger, neither humble nor overbearing, Luo Rengu drove the guards out.

Cheng Yizhi promised to let Fengdebao International Co., Ltd. compensate Luo Rengu for the purchase price, and then Longying Qianzhuang came forward to let Shenqin Spinning Factory provide 6,000 kilograms of medical cotton yarn to Sheng’an Hospital for free, so as to alleviate the dilemma caused by the price increase of cotton yarn, and also promised to deal with it. His assassination of Huang Ruhong was forgotten, and Luo Rengu considered repeatedly agreeing to Cheng Yizhi’s suggestion. Cheng Yizhi returned to Huang Ruhong and told him to face that Huang Ruhong had hidden Luo Rengu’s arms. Huang Ruhong gave him full authority to dispose of the goods, which could be burned in public. Huang Ruhong treated Cheng Yizhi as his own child and was willing to bow to him.

Wu Lizi found a few Belarusian bodyguards. Liao Lan tested their marksmanship on the spot. Huang Ruhong insisted on sending Cheng Yizhi out. He saw Wu Lizi and Liao Lan together. Huang Ruhong congratulated Wu Lizi’s father on the wrongdoing. Wu Lizi smiled and greeted him. Cheng Yizhi wanted to donate that batch of arms to the Northern Expeditionary Army, and Huang Ruhong asked him to take care of it.

Cheng Yizhi took Wu Lizi to the photo studio to retrieve the photos. He found that Wu Lizi had been restless and thought that Wu Lizi was worried about his safety. Cheng Yizhi promised to live well with Wu Lizi from now on. He wanted to kiss Wu Lizi on the street, and Wu Lizi desperately pushed him away. That night, Wu Lizi went to bed early, she pretended to be asleep, and Cheng Yizhi couldn’t bother.

Cheng Yizhi came to the bank early in the morning and rewarded Lianguazi with a silver note. Then General Manager Sun came and took the contract signed by Yizhong Commercial Co., Ltd. and Fengdebao Foreign Firm. He asked Cheng Yizhi to seek compensation from them. Mr. Sun explained the secret words in the contract one by one. The name of the firearm and ammunition represented. Cheng Yizhi went home to retrieve the ledger left by Wu Zhifu, and sorted out the number and name of the arms sales one by one according to what Sun General Manager said.

Wu Lizi found that she was gradually falling in love with Cheng Yizhi. She did not dare to face this feeling, but she couldn’t control it, and she fell into entanglement. Wu Lizi came to Charlie for help and told Huang Ruhong about Huang Ruhong’s killing of her father. Wu Lizi wanted to kill Huang Ruhong herself. Charlie advised her to calm down. If Huang Ruhong is really her father-killing enemy, it’s impossible not to be wary of her. But Wu Lizi had already got the conclusive evidence, and she made up her mind to kill Huang Ruhong, otherwise she would die.

Huang Ruhong asked Lei Zi to dispose of the munitions hidden in the warehouse, shut down all the smoking halls and casinos on Bi Xun Road, and suspended the shipment of opium from other places. Lei Zi went to do it immediately. Cheng Yizhi asked Shimazaki for help in investigating Fengdebao Foreign Co., Ltd. and the whereabouts of the arms hidden in the dock.

Cheng Yizhi found out that Huang Ruhong was the real murderer of Wu Zhifu. He felt unprecedented fear, and he dared not let Wu Lizi know the truth, worrying that she would be in greater danger for revenge. Cheng Yizhi went home and told about the killing of Zhou Guangxian. From then on, her father’s affairs were completely over. Cheng Yizhi persuaded Wu Lizi to forget the pain of the past. The two of them had a good time. Wu Lizi didn’t say anything. It was even more certain that Cheng Yizhi knew that Huang Ruhong was killed. Her father deliberately lied in front of her.

Huang Ruhong’s birthday is approaching, and Wu Lizi wants to give Huang Ruhong the top ginseng. Cheng Yizhi knows that Huang Ruhong doesn’t like supplements, so she decides to give him a cigar. Liao Lan invited Cheng Yizhi and Wu Lizi to eat at home, and asked Lei Zi to take out the Fenjiu she had collected for many years to celebrate. Wu Lizi laughed and toasted Huang Ruhong. Liao Lan wanted to hold a birthday banquet for Huang Ruhong and called her family and friends to celebrate together.

Wu Lizi wanted to do it on the birthday banquet. She came to Charlie to discuss it the first time, and Charlie blocked it in every possible way, but Wu Lizi was ready to die with Huang Ruhong. Wu Lizi took the initiative to help Liao Lan prepare a birthday banquet, deliberately revealing to her that Huang Ruhong had recently bought a three-carat diamond necklace from Zhu Kebao in the Lushan Guild Hall and also bought an expensive mink coat from a department store. Liao Lan had no knowledge of this. She also tried her best to defend Huang Ruhong, explaining that he had given it to an important client.

Director Gao came to find Cheng Yizhi and went to Changsha to find land for the Zhenzhen branch. Cheng Yizhi just heard that the guns in the dock warehouse had been transferred. He wanted to find out where the arms went, but Director Gao could not be the master alone, so Cheng Yizhi had to do it. He promised to go with him. Before leaving, Cheng Yizhi called and informed Shimazaki of his residence in Changsha, and asked Shimazaki to notify him as soon as he had news.

Liao Lan found out that Huang Ruhong and Fuxiangtang’s Dewdrops had a good relationship, and confronted Huang Ruhong face to face. Huang Ruhong not only did not admit his mistakes, but was also plausible. Shimazaki quickly found out that all the arms in the wharf and warehouse were sold to the 26th Army of the National Revolutionary Army, and that they were going to attack the Communist-led labor movement and workers’ armed forces tomorrow night. Cheng Yizhi asked the director of the factory that Professor Lu helped write He called Professor Lu immediately and learned that the couple had gone to Suzhou and had not returned. Cheng Yizhi asked the nanny to inform Professor Lu not to return to Shanghai for the time being.

Cheng Yizhi asked Director Gao to notify Director Fan so that the Communist Party could prepare early, but Director Gao was unable to contact Director Fan. Cheng Yizhi immediately decided to rush back to Shanghai. Wu Lizi came to Charlie to borrow a gun and learned that the 26th Army was about to attack the Communist Party. Cheng Yizhi hurried to inform Professor Lu.

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