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The Justice 光芒 Episode 15 Recap

Cheng Yizhi was worried that Zhou Wenqu was in danger, and came to him with the investment contract of Longying Bank and Pharmaceutical Factory, and asked him to sort out all the accounts and complete the debt settlement with Longying Bank as soon as possible. Cheng Yizhi promised to find another institution to invest in him. Zhou Wenqun thought that there was something wrong with him. Cheng Yizhi had no time to explain too much and asked Zhou Wenqun to do it according to his request.

Wu Lizi hurried to inform Cheng Yizhi that Huang Ruhong was assassinated and wounded by a gunshot. Cheng Yizhi rushed to see what happened. The brothers unanimously demanded revenge for Huang Ruhong. Liao Lan came out to stop it after hearing the news. He repeatedly emphasized that Huang Ruhong’s injury was not serious, but that he needed to rest for a few days. Liao Lan reminded them not to leak the news, otherwise they would never be merciless.

Cheng Yizhi and Wu Lizi came to see Huang Ruhong and learned that General Luo Rengu had sent someone to attack him. Lei Zi clamored to kill Luo Rengu. Huang Ruhong forbade him to act rashly. Cheng Yizhi didn’t understand why Luo Rengu had killed Huang Ruhong and Luo Rengu. The ancient name Yizhong Commercial Co., Ltd. has always had a good reputation. Lei Zi did not allow Cheng Yizhi to inquire. Cheng Yizhi wanted to leave. Huang Ruhong dismissed Lei Zi. He told Cheng Yizhi and told the whole story.

Liao Lan told Wu Lizi how Huang Ruhong was shot in detail. Huang Ruhong was sending rice to the people and was suddenly calculated. Liao Lan became more angry the more he thought about it. The people under his opponent screamed and complained that they did not protect Huang Ruhong. Wu Lizi desperately tried to comfort Liao. Lan, promised to find a few white Russians to protect Huang Ruhong.

Huang Ruhong admitted that he was smuggling and selling opium, but he kept hiding from Cheng Yizhi. Cheng Yizhi hated opium and complained that Huang Ruhong should not destroy his conscience for the sake of money. He exposed Huang Ruhong’s real intention to invest in Zhou Wendog. If Zhou Wendog could not repay the investment, he would be killed Squeezing it tightly in the palm of his hand, Huang Ruhong would force Zhou Wenqun to help him develop drugs, and Huang Ruhong confessed.

Cheng Yizhi endured the grief and anger in his heart and persuaded Huang Ruhong to reconcile with Luo Rengu as soon as possible, otherwise there would be a bloody battle between the two sides. Cheng Yizhi saw that Luo Rengu wanted to burn Huang Ruhong with jade and stone, he offered to mediate, and then left Longying Bank. Huang Ruhong was reluctant. Working hard to keep him, and agreeing to give up the opium business, Cheng Yizhi does not believe his promise.

Cheng Yizhi took out the pearl necklace that the face melon seeds and the others gave to Wu Lizi, and put it on Wu Lizi personally. Cheng Yizhi worried that he would be so bad this time. He wanted to explain the truth to Wu Lizi, but in the end he didn’t say it. Cheng Yizhi came to Lei Zi early in the morning to find out about the entanglement between Huang Ruhong and Luo Rengu. Lei Zi undertook to explain that Luo Rengu ordered a batch of cargo from Huang Ruhong. Because of the Northern Expedition, the merchant ship could not reach the shore. Huang Ruhong wanted to return the full payment, Luo. Ren Gu resolutely refused to do it, so he attacked Huang Ruhong.

Cheng Yizhi asked Lei Zi for an order from Yizhong Trading Company. The order stated that it was more than a hundred cameras. He was puzzled. Luo Rengu couldn’t take the risk for the camera. When Cheng Yizhi was walking on the street, he suddenly heard a few gunshots from a distance. He realized that the so-called camera was actually a batch of weapons, and Cheng Yizhi shuddered.

Wu Lizi and Charlie made careful arrangements and wanted to go to the no-smoking area to ask Zhou Guangxian about the truth. Charlie responded outside. Wu Lizi quietly entered the no-smoking area while the guard was changing. She went to the place where Zhou Guangxian was detained and saw that he had already been detained. Being assassinated, and the blood was still hot, Wu Lizi knew that the murderer was still complaining about walking away, and she was frightened to death. When Cheng Yizhi wanted to go home, he was suddenly taken hostage. He was arrested to see Luo Rengu’s confidant, General Sun. General Sun received the news that Cheng Yizhi was going to retaliate against General Luo Rengu. Cheng Yizhi guessed that Leizi had leaked the news.

Cheng Yizhi claimed that he had no chance of being talented and could not get Huang Ruhong’s reuse. He had long wanted to leave Huang Ruhong and join General Luo Rengu’s family, but General Sun was skeptical. Cheng Yizhi said to the person that Luo Rengu had ordered 220,000 yuan of arms from Huang Ruhong. He promised to hand over the weapons to Luo Rengu as a meeting ceremony. Cheng Yizhi asked Luo Rengu to have a face-to-face interview. As soon as Wu Lizi wanted to leave, she heard someone approaching a little bit. She was so scared that she hurriedly hid. After a careful investigation, she did not find any abnormalities before leaving quietly. With the brilliant fireworks outside the window, Wu Lizi took the opportunity to escape and meet Charlie.

Wu Lizi rushed home uneasy, and Cheng Yizhi came back later. He proposed to take pictures with Wu Lizi tomorrow. Cheng Yizhi was worried about whether he would go this time or not, so she wanted Wu Lizi to keep the photos as a souvenir. Wu Lizi carefully selected a dress in the morning and also a suit for Cheng Yizhi. Manager Jiao suddenly called Wu Lizi to ask for an interview. Wu Lizi lied that his wife asked her to play mahjong to cover up. Cheng Yizhi took Wu Lizi to take a photo. Wu Lizi held his arm tightly and whispered to remind him to come back alive. Cheng Yizhi was enthusiastic.

Cheng Yizhi sent face melon seeds to investigate Luo Ren’s property under the ancient name, and soon found out that Yuebin Hotel and Sheng’an Hospital were his sole proprietorship, and Meiyuan Restaurant was where Luo Rengu feasted guests. Cheng Yizhi decided to go to Sheng’an Hospital to investigate. He asked Lian Guazi the name of the nurse he knew at Ren’an Clinic. Cheng Yizhi inquired about the severe shortage of medical cotton yarn in Sheng’an Hospital, so he pretended to be the owner of the cotton yarn shop and came to see Nurse Xu in Sheng’an Hospital, and sold medical cotton yarn to her in the name of nurse Meng Shirou, a student. Surrounding her, Head Nurse Xu accidentally revealed that the hospital’s morgue was closed, and Cheng Yizhi immediately guessed that Luo Rengu had hidden the arms in the morgue.

Wu Lizi came to see Manager Jiao on time. Manager Jiao took out the account books that Zhou Guangxian had handed over to him before his death. He deciphered the names of weapons and ammunition one by one, and finally confirmed that Huang Ruhong was the murderer of Wu Lizi’s father, Wu Zhifu.

Cheng Yizhi sent Lianguazi to the Meiyuan Restaurant to hide a pistol. Lianguazi quickly ran back to return to Cheng Yizhi. He could not find a more suitable place and had to hide it in the bathroom. At this moment, General Manager Sun called Cheng Yizhi and told him to meet with General Luo Rengu immediately.

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