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My Dear Brothers 亲爱的吾兄 Episode 8 Recap

Hou Chi was tortured by Yuan Zhao. Just then Lin Kui went and said that he had found a pack of instant noodles in Shixia, but Hou Chi said that it was not a magical thing, it was something he used for practice, and he took the instant noodles back after speaking. NS. Yuan Zhao called people to be tortured, and Xia also noticed it when he beat Houchi with a whip, but he was locked and unable to escape. Yi Yaoyao watched Xiao Shishu suffer from this criminal law because of Shixia, and told her to throw away Shixia’s monsters so that she would not suffer the crime, but Houchi grabbed Shixia’s instant noodles and did not let go.

Seeing Houchi was beaten, he passed out, and Yuanye Shizun begged for mercy and he would die again. So Yuan Zhao let go of Houchi and asked him to win the leader of the Wanxian League and make atonement for his merits. Hou Chi asked the master not to be in trouble during the summer, otherwise, how about protecting all living beings. This made the master very angry and turned around and left.

Bi Hong went to give Shixia food, told her that Houji was about to go to the game, and asked Shixia to eat well and wait for Houji to return. While at Mozun’s filming, Mozun asked his subordinate Erha to play him and another monster to play the role of Houchi, and asked the two to try the fairy method, and then arranged a movie for all the monsters to watch.

Houchi is still practicing Yuhua Nineth Heaven. Yuan Zhao went to visit him. In the past two hundred years, Yuan Zhao didn’t have him but he was in France. However, in the summer, women cannot walk around Yuhua Hall. The summer will not be embarrassing, so Houchi is finally relieved.

Houchi went to visit Shixia and told her to feel at ease where he would go back to the game soon. If anything happened, he would ask Bi Hong to help instead of making the master angry. Shi Xia also asked Hou Chi not to worry, and to be careful on the road. When Ho Chi went up and hugged Shi Xia, she was reluctant to leave her there. Was Bi Hong there after he went out? Waited for him outside the door and gave Houchi a map for him to use on the road. At this time, Yi Yaoyao also went to go on the road with Houchi, which was called Houchi very helpless.

Demon Venerable also went to join the competition. I heard Erha said that the back pool had taken in a younger sister, and that sister was carrying a portrait of Demon Venerable. This made Demon Venerable very interested, and I had to go to meet this summer. When Mozun went to check Shixia’s true and falsehood, he heard that Yuanzhao had locked Shixia, so Mozun was about to save Shixia, which would disturb Houchi’s heart.

Mozun loaded Shixia into a sack and ran, and while running, he shouted Mozun to save people. Many people came to be surrounded, but they were not opponents of Mozun, so Mozun carried Shixia and ran. Out of Yuhua Mountain. After Mozun released Shi Xia out, he could see that they were brothers and sisters.

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