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My Dear Brothers 亲爱的吾兄 Episode 7 Recap

It turns out that when Houchi showed Yuhua Jiuzhong Tian, ​​Haimen had cultivated to the ninth floor, but only after remembering to protect his sister did he understand what a guardian heart is. The ninth floor finally succeeded in practicing at that moment. The success of his cultivation is very certain, and after Hou Chi pays goodbye to the master, he hurries to rescue Shixia.

Xiao Qingfeng went to see Shixia and thought she was very strange recently. She must have been in love, but Shixia told Xiao Qingfeng that she had been worrying about it because her brother had disappeared. Xiao Qingfeng told Shixia that she also had an older brother, but she had already He died. The reason why he went to learn spells was to avenge his brother. Shixia was very sympathetic to Xiaoqingfeng.

Yi Yaoyi felt that Houchi had disappointed him too much, so he asked Lin Kui to burn the portrait of Houchi, and then went out to tell everyone about Houchi and Shixia kissing together. When Xiao Qingfeng heard it, he told Shixia that Yi Yaoyao wanted to use the spirit-enlightening mirror to show everyone the scene of their kiss. Just when Yi Yaoyao showed it to everyone, the back pond was also there, and the masters also rushed to see the scene in the Qi Ling mirror.

Shi Xia asked Master not to punish Hou Chi, because she slipped the soles of her feet to kiss him, but Hou Chi also admitted that he had not made the contract by himself, and asked the master to punish him. However, Yuan Zhao cast a spell to knock Shixia down. Unexpectedly, the men’s clothing was knocked out. It was a surprise to everyone, only to realize that Shixia was a woman, so Yuan Zhao asked people to give Shixia a fire whip. Regardless of his rebellion, Hou Chi stepped forward and pulled Shi Xia back, telling the master that Shi Xia was his sister, which surprised everyone.

At this moment, the spirit tree sprouted in the spirit-enlightening mirror. Everyone thought it was a good sign, and Bi Hong also pleaded with Shixia. He could testify that Shixia saved the spirit tree. It seems Shixia was giving They bring people with good signs. Yuan Zhao asked Shixia to tell her whereabouts, otherwise Houchi would commit the same crime with her. So Shixia told them that they were from the 21st century, but Master and the others couldn’t find it. At this moment, her subordinates found the contents of her schoolbag in Shixia’s room, and one picture was a portrait of Demon Zun, but Shixia said it was a portrait of his brother.

But everyone felt that Shixia was a spy sent by Mozun, and she was going to be an undercover agent. Houchi asked the master not to guess, that the good man in the summer has also rescued the spirit tree. But Yuan Zhao didn’t believe him and wanted to punish Shi Xia. When Yuan Zhao started his hand, the back pond was in front of him. This made Yuan Zhao very angry, and Bi Hong also knelt down to plead with Shi Xia, so Yuan Zhao called someone. When Shixia is locked up, he wants to call Houchi a lesson, so that he knows what is right and what is wrong.

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