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My Dear Brothers 亲爱的吾兄 Episode 6 Recap

Hou Chi told Shi Xia that she had obtained the marshmallow she wanted. Did she ask him to go to Hou Shan to trick him away. Shi Xia had to tell Hou Chi that it was to increase Ho Chi’s spiritual power and healed the spirit tree with Bi Hong. Yes, but cannot use spiritual power, so Houchi also joined the team of a spiritual tree. Afterwards, Hoouchi asked Bi Hong to leave, but Bi Hong was unwilling to leave. Although he was a woman in the summer, he would not say anything, so he asked Hoouchi to rest assured. After Shixia’s treatment, there was still no result. When Shixia dug out the roots of the trees, they were already rotten. No wonder it didn’t work for so long.

Houchi asked Brother Umbrella to know what cotton candy is, so Senior Umbrella gave two marshmallows to Houchi. So Houchi was very happy and showed it to Shixia. I didn’t expect it to be at this time. Xia was hanging lanterns for the spirit tree, so it would appear that the spirit tree was very alive. At this time, Xia slipped and fell on the back pond. The two kissed each other, and this scene was almost seen by Yi Yaoyi. Unable to accept it, I didn’t expect Xiao Shishu to do that with Shixia.

After Shixia went back, I felt very depressed. I felt that my first kiss had been taken away by my brother. At this moment, when Houchi went in, he still had to eat marshmallows with Shixia. Shixia knew that Houchi still wanted. Kiss her, because after they kissed, Ho Chi said that it was like eating marshmallows. The feeling is called Ho Chi very enjoyable.

Yi Yaoyao was very sad when he returned. The reason why he wanted to learn spells was to be able to see more of Houchi. He didn’t expect that he would be with Shixia. But Yi Yaoyi still told Lin Kui not to talk about that, because in his heart the young master was the most perfect, and he could not destroy the image of the young master.

Shi Xia went back to the academy Yi Yaoyi and Lin Kui found out that they embarrassed her, told Shi Xia to get out of the college quickly, and asked Shi Xia to leave Houchi. His reputation was tainted by Shixia, and it was at this time Houchi. I went, tidying up the two of them, so scared that Yi Yaoyao Lin Kui ran away quickly. Then Houchi went to send Shixia dolls, and there was a letter asking Shixia to go back and take a look. Hou Chi didn’t know why Shi Xia was angry, but asked Shi Xia to wait for him to get the lord of the Ten Thousand Immortals, and also to wear a baby head that shielded her from the woman’s breath, so that Hou Chi could know Shi Xia’s safety at any time.

The Yuhua School has received many war books from the sects. Yuan Zhao feels that the leader of the Wanxian sect is around the corner and can’t let them disrupt the battle. Their sect still has a lot of talents to make. Yuanye Master thinks that the summer is very good, and his name is Yi Yao. Go and ask Houchi to meet.

Yuan Zhao called Houchi to try out his spells. At this moment, Houchi felt that there was danger in the summer. It turned out that Yi Yaoyao took Shixia to the Truthful Spring. As long as he drank the water there, he would say truth. Hou Chi was afraid that the summer would be in danger, so he called the three uncles to join him, so that he could show his true strength. Hou Chi was very worried about the safety of the summer and resorted to a killer move. This made the three master uncles a little angry, so the master asked Hou Chi to use a trick Yuhua Jiu Zhongtian to see how heavy his two swords were.

But after Yi Yaoyao gave Shixia a drink of the Truthful Spring, she didn’t hear her saying that she liked Houchi. This is very strange for Yi Yaoye, so I also experimented with it myself. I didn’t expect that the Truthful Spring didn’t have any problems. Xia didn’t like the back pond. However, Yi Yaoyao still didn’t believe it, so he grabbed Shixia and continued to ask her if she liked the back pond. Seeing the truth, the color of the spring was about to change and the back pond arrived, knocking Yi Yaoya out and taking Shixia away.

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