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My Dear Brothers 亲爱的吾兄 Episode 5 Recap

Shi Xia suffered some skin trauma, Hou Chi helped her apply medicine to heal her injuries. After learning that Shi Xia had to learn the technique of Hua Po Void in order to be able to return to her world, Hou Chi told Shi Xia that only the lord of the Ten Thousand Immortals could do it. Cultivation, Houshan doesn’t have that kind of thing at all.

Shixia was very disappointed when he heard that he might never be able to go home. His home was far away called Hyundai, and there were only some mortals. When Houchi heard of mortals, he thought it must be very boring, but Shixia But I think Shixia feels that there are not many immortal worlds with them. Houji promised to send her back when he became the lord of the Ten Thousand Immortals, but he wanted Shi Xia to be Houji’s sister in the meantime.

So Shi Xia wrote three chapters of the contract for Ho Chi, telling Ho Chi not to do things beyond the boundary, that is, to have skin relatives, but Ho Chi did not understand what Shi Xia meant, and asked Shi Xia to show him. Xia Yi looked at Houchi and didn’t understand anything. Houchi promised Shixia would always protect her, and no matter what danger Shixia encountered, he would show up to protect her as soon as possible.

The next morning, Houchi went to find Shi Xia to get up and practice. Shi Xia was very angry before she woke up, but she had no choice but to go out and practice with him. Shixia watched the back pond practice very slowly. I didn’t know that he could only go home when he was a god horse. It would be better to take a bath in a room in the lake area, so the back pond used magic techniques to make Shixia a bathtub with roses in it. Petal and the duckling have been playing with her, which is called Shixia very happy.

Yi Yaoyi and another junior were called by Ho Chi to be punished because they had violated the door rules because they hurt the same door. Ho Chi asked Bi Hong to punish them according to the old rules. So the two went to clean the academy. This was called a lot. The brothers laughed at them very much. Houchi went to see Master Yuanzhao and told him to practice Ma Shang. It was about to be the election of the leader of Wanxian, so there should be no accidents at that time.

Hou Chi told Shi Xia that the withered tree in front of him was due to his practice when he was a child. The palace in Houchi became stronger and stronger, while the withered tree became more and more wilted. The tree in the past was of the Yuhua school. Symbol, but now because of him it has become a dead tree. Shixia told Houchi that the tree is the strongest creature in the world, and that it will not wilt easily, and that it will get better. He told Houchi not to blame himself.

Shi Xia went to Bi Hong and hoped that he could help save the spirit tree, but Bi Hong thought he could not do anything about it. Shi Xia said that she had learned the method of medical trees in school before, so he gave Bi Hong a chemistry experiment. Bi Hong’s flower turned pink, which made Bi Hong very surprised for Shixia, so he told Shixia the method of planting a spirit tree, but he shouldn’t ask Houchi to know about it, otherwise he would lose a lot of spiritual power.

After Shi Xia went back, he deceived Hoou Chi to Houshan and then healed the Spirit Tree with Bi Hong. This scene was seen by Yi Yaoyi, but soon Ho Chi also went back and looked at Bi Hong and Shi Xia. They cast spells together to cover Bi Hong, which made Bi Hong feel that the back pond was too stingy.

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