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My Dear Brothers 亲爱的吾兄 Episode 4 Recap

Hou Chi took Shi Xia into his arms and hid him. Yi Yaoyi went to ask if Houchi saw a strange person. Houchi told Yi Yaoyou that he had never seen anyone during the exercise. After that, the master master rushed to ask Houchi why he went out. He has been practicing in the yard since he was 15 years old. He has never gone out for half a step. What is the reason for going out now.

Houchi kept faltering and couldn’t tell the reason, so the master told Houchi not to be bothered by distracting thoughts and go back to practice. At this time, Xia passed by and said that there is a cultivation method in their hometown that you can’t memorize it by rote. It made sense, so the head agreed to Shixia’s request, which made many admirers of Houchi ecstatic, thinking that the idol could finally go to class with them.

Shi Xia got the signature of Master Yuan Ye, and after that, he was satisfied when he got the signatures of the other two masters. Shi Xia wanted to know about Hua Po’s Void Art, but was reprimanded by Master Yuan Ye and told her not to talk about it in the future.

After Shi Xia went back, he was called by Ho Chi to study together. This was called Yi Yaoyao. Some people were very surprised and jealous. I didn’t expect Shi Xia to bring Xiao Qingfeng to the front to study. Even more surprising to everyone, Hou Chi even asked Shixia what she wanted to learn. Originally Shixia wanted to ask Hua Po Void Art, but she was afraid of being reprimanded by Master Yuan Ye and didn’t dare to ask. , And Shixia’s double break was taken back by everyone to become a double repair for men and women. Everyone was very angry with Shixia’s request. Houchi also felt that Shixia was too shameless, so she would ask her not to mention that request in the future. . After class, Xiao Qingfeng didn’t want to take care of Shixia, but after Shixia explained it, he realized that Shixia’s weekends were only weekends.

Hou Chi asked people to call Shi Xia back to live, and asked her if she wanted to double repair with Xiao Qingfeng. It must be Xiao Qingfeng who knew Shi Xia was also a woman who wanted to double repair with her, but Shi Xia did not want to be kept by Hou Chi. Binder, she thought that Houchi had always been comfortable and she was just for cultivation, so Shixia returned the magic weapon of Houchi to him, turned and ran back. After returning home, I asked Xiao Qingfeng to give her a Xuanyang Pill, otherwise she would be discovered as a woman. But Xiao Qingfeng knew that his Xuanyang Pills were running out, and it would not be enough if the two of them ate them together. Shixia wanted to ask Bi Hong to help configure some Xuanyang Pills to solve the problem.

When Shi Xia went to Bi Hong and saw that he was practicing, his expression was very painful, so Shi Xia hurried over to help and gave Bi Hong some herbs to relieve the pain. Bi Hong slept all night without knowing it, and when he woke up, he was handcuffed to Shi Xia’s shoulder. When Shi Xia saw Bi Hong, he knew that he was practicing secretly at night, but he was insecure in his heart. He wanted to make others look at him during the day and not work hard, but secretly study at night, so that even if he loses it, he won’t make people laugh. ,

Because he had never owned it, even if he lost it, he would not care about it. Bi Hong was very touched by this. He didn’t expect that the little woman who had no spiritual roots in front of him would see through his heart for 200 years. After that, Bi Hong sent Shi Xia back. On the way, Shi Xia also asked about Bi Honghua’s technique of breaking the void, but Bi Hong hadn’t heard of it. He turned around and asked for help, but the conversation between the two was overheard by a student next to him.

When everyone was in class, Houchi went again. Yi Yaoyi hurriedly wanted to show him the artifact he had just designed, but Houchi asked Shixia to take out her artifact for everyone to see. In the summer, I took out a soapy water to blow bubbles for everyone. Many students were envious. They also pulled Xiaoqingfeng to blow together, and there were many loving bubbles, which made Houchi even more angry. Xia turned out to be as good as Xiaoqingfeng.

After class, the eavesdropping classmates told Yi Yaoyao behind Shixia that they went to Houshan to eavesdrop and practice the Hua Po void technique at night. This is called Shixia heard, so he went to Houshan to check the situation at night. Shixia entered a cave and saw a book in it. Shixia picked it up and saw that it was written blessing Shixia to spend a good night. It turned out that they were spoofing Shixia. After that, a lot of rocks fell from the cliff, and he was so scared that Shi Xia hid in the corner and did not dare to walk. At this moment, Houchi arrived, and cast a spell to fix all the stones. This made Shixia hope when he was desperate, and Houchi walked out of the cave with Shixia in his arms.

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