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My Dear Brothers 亲爱的吾兄 Episode 3 Recap

Hou Chi wanted to be Shi Xia’s brother first, but Shi Xia refused, because she had an older brother and she didn’t need Hou Chi to be his brother. But if she wanted Shi Xia to be her younger sister, she would take her to learn immortal. Hou Chi was afraid to take a girl to study, so Shi Xia refused Hou Chi smoothly. After that, Houchi went to his brother Bi Hong for help, and first asked him to allow Shixia to learn the immortal law. Houchi even dressed Shixia as a man, and then wiped her feminine breath with magic tricks. Bi Hong also liked Shixia very much when he saw Shixia, thinking she was like a cute child.

Bi Hong took Shi Xia to meet his father, but when the head heard that Shi Xia had no spiritual roots, he would refuse her entry. Bi Hong said that he had no spiritual roots himself but his father had been teaching him. This is called the head. I was very angry and asked people to drive them out. At this time, I was talking and I felt that she had no spiritual roots to educate, and she couldn’t have no chance to get started because she didn’t have spiritual roots. This blocked the head, so she asked people to arrange first. She went to study.

When Shi Xia arrived in the school, she was run by a group of classmates. She felt that Shi Xia was too unruly. Before, he dared to talk back to the head. It’s hard to get the fairy artifacts at home. When Shixia heard it, she said no wonder she was so domineering. It turned out to be the second generation of immortals. This made Yi Yaoyao a little angry.

But Xiao Qingfeng by his side laughed when he heard this. This made Yi Yaoyao even more angry. Seeing that the clothes she was wearing was very beautiful, then he asked the comrades around him to take off his summer clothes and return her clothes. I dyed it with color, saying that Xiao Qingfeng’s clothes were the same style as Xiao Shishu, and they had to be dyed. This made Shixia and Xiao Qingfeng very helpless.

Shixia went back from school and saw Xiao Qingfeng taking a bath, but she was very flustered and told Shixia to leave, so Shixia felt that Xiao Qingfeng was very strange and had to go over to see what happened, and the two of them tore each other. Shixia Finding that Xiao Qingfeng was also a woman, he took off the magic weapon that Houchi had given to attract a woman’s breath, and told Xiao Qingfeng that she was also a woman. The time limit felt that Shixia’s magical tools were very advanced, but she used Xuanyang Pill, which would be taken once every two hours, which would harm the body, but in order to learn the fairy method, she had no choice but to do so.

Yi Yaoyao has always admired Xiao Shishu Houchi, hoping to become a god like him. On the second day in class, Master Yuanye asked everyone to draw a picture of a spirit beast as homework. At this moment, a classmate told the teacher that Master Yuanye was looking for a call… When I found him, I hurried to see Houchi. When Houchi saw that it was Yi Yaoyi, he gave him a book and told him to go back and study. In class, the papers were about to be handed in.

Many people’s spirit beasts made the teacher very satisfied, so when it was Shixia’s turn to show, they drew a baby. This made the students laugh at Shixia and Shixia called the teacher. After giving him some time, he drew Monkey King to show them, and told them the story of Monkey King, who was also an ancient spirit beast. Master Yuanye also recalled whether he remembered that kind of beast. Master Yuanye had no choice but to tell everyone that he had supported a Monkey King before. He was too picky to feed.

After class, Yi Yaoyi asked Shixia to surrender Monkey King’s books. He wanted it too. So Shixia took Xiao Qingfeng and ran away. When the two of them ran away, Xuanyang Pill fell. Yi Yaoyi took a look. Knowing that someone in the school was pretending to be a man, she followed it up with magic techniques. Xiao Qingfeng also found out that her Xuanyang Pill had been lost. Shixia gave her magic weapon to Xiao Qingfeng and told her to hide first. At the meeting, Yi Yao Wu’s magical device directly chased Shixia, and at this moment Houchi arrived and hugged Shixia.

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