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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 24 Recap

In order to happily welcome the arrival of Sheng Zhe-Ning and Xia Qian, Ning Meng asked herself to prepare the dinner with as much as possible, but when she was looking for the cookbook, she accidentally turned to He Zhijun and collected a sweet photo of him and Xia Qian. Originally, Ning Meng was going to question He Zhijun, but when he found that He Zhijun was taking medicine, she finally suppressed her anger.

Nonetheless, this incident left a mark in Ning Meng’s heart. Even at the dinner table, she would constantly ask Xia Qian about He Zhijun’s situation, revealing her jealousy. He Zhijun wanted to relieve the embarrassment and came to the kitchen to pour juice. However, he specially prepared grape juice for Xia Qian, which aroused Ning Meng’s vigilance.

After finally eating, Xia Qian was uneasy on the way back, always feeling that something would happen. Just as Xia Qian expected, Ning Meng had a big quarrel with He Zhijun over this matter, and the conflict between the two intensified again, and He Zhijun realized his original mistake. If it weren’t for Ning Meng’s threat of death, He Zhijun would never leave his fiancé Xia Qian to the end.

Chen Manhui learned of Ning Meng’s experience, so she gave her advice. The two found an emotional liar Song Yu on the Internet and approached Xia Qian in the name of cooperation. Song Yu came to Chop to talk under the guise of the boss of the company. He was elegant and talented, especially caring, which caused Xiao Ai to become a nymphomaniac.

Qin Hebo took advantage of the break between work and turned on his mobile phone to watch Fu Shuangshuang’s live broadcast. From Xiaobai, who was suffering from lens phobia, to the presenter who can express the goods freely, he is very pleased with this. Fu Shuangshuang received a call from Qin Hebo and helped him choose two suits to take to the company. How could he have thought that Qin Hebo prepared snacks and fruit drinks beforehand, and specially invited her to sit down and taste them. In fact, he wanted to be alone with her.

After busying with the things at hand, Qin Hebo bought vegetables and went home, saying that he would be responsible for cooking in the future. At first, Fu Shuangshuang was unclear. It was only when he saw that Qin Hebo provides catering services in the labor contract. At the same time, he was annoyed that he did not read the terms carefully, and now he has been completely routine by the other party.

Xia Qian wanted to make an appointment with Sheng Zhening for dinner, but Sheng Zhening couldn’t get out of her at all. Song Yu took the opportunity to contact Xia Qian, and asked her out on the grounds of a Changsheng member. Since Xia Qian had not been attracted by Song Yu for a long time before, Song Yu prescribed the medicine in the drink in an attempt to achieve his goal in this way.

However, not long after Xia Qian arrived at the restaurant, she suddenly received a call from Xiao Ai and learned of Song Yu’s true identity. She often tricked girls as the boss of the company. Xiao Ai asked Xia Qian to find a way to hold Song Yu, and then contacted the deceived girls until they rushed to beat Song Yu violently.

Song Yu had to confess that Ning Meng was the mastermind of this incident, and Xia Qian was very angry. In view of Sheng Zhening’s face, Xia Qian did not want to pursue Ning Meng any more, but warned her, and at the same time concealed the truth from Sheng Zhening.

To celebrate the anniversary of his acquaintance with Ning Meng, He Zhijun made a special trip to buy cakes and went home, but when he heard that Ning Neng was discussing with Chen Manhui about setting up Xia Qian, he wanted to find someone to approach Xia Qian. Because of Ning Meng’s increasingly extreme behavior, He Zhijun was both angry and disappointed. He filed for divorce on the spot and moved away from home.

Seeing He Zhijun leave, Ning Meng gradually collapsed, resenting Xia Qian even more. It just so happened that Xia Qian received a “public welfare assistance to agriculture” project and needed to go to Shaxi on a business trip. Sheng Zhening decided to accompany her there. The two were very looking forward to this trip. Xia Qian carefully selected couples’ pajamas under Xiao Ai’s suggestion. Originally, Sheng Zhening and her were discussing the hotel room, but she was suddenly interrupted by Ning Meng’s call.

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