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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 23 Recap

It was at this critical juncture that Hu Zhen looked at Xia Qian’s face and accepted Sheng Zhening’s invitation to resolve the crisis for Changsheng. Xia Qian was very curious as to why Hu Zhen, as a great chef, condescended to a small restaurant. After she learned about it, she realized that Hu Zhen originally wanted to write a book on catering and collect folk delicacies, but she ran into Xia Ma by mistake. .

Because of Hu Zhen’s sake, the hotel attendance rate has soared, causing numerous praises. The economist Mr. Smith is about to stay at the Changsheng Hotel. Sheng Zhening knows that he is allergic to nuts, and he especially urges An An to remember this. Little does he know that Qi Lin has bought the staff of the back kitchen and is ready to do things in the other side’s food.

Unexpectedly, when the plan was about to move forward, Qi Lin’s son was allergic to nuts by accident. Fortunately, Sheng Zhening was sent to the hospital in time. Seeing that his son passed the dangerous period, he was safe and sound. Qi Lin was both guilty and moved, and finally couldn’t stand the condemnation in his heart, so he informed Sheng Zhening of the conspiracy, so that the crisis was resolved smoothly.

After the incident, Qi Lin confessed the truth to Sheng Zhening, claiming that his hostile takeover of Changsheng was completely driven by Mr. Xue’s threats. If he does not follow the instructions of the other party, he will intervene in the fight for custody between her and her ex-husband. Therefore, in the eyes of outsiders, Qi Lin’s success in her career is actually a failed mother. Through this incident, she realized that some things must be faced in person after all, and she immediately submitted her resignation to decide to go abroad.

Xia Qian and Sheng Zhening have witnessed the story of Qi Lin, and they are also repeating the balance between work and children, and even looking forward to the future life arrangements, from childhood to grandchildren. At the same time, Qin Hebo agreed to Wu Zhiwen’s invitation and officially became the general manager of Langyue Hotel, and proposed to meet with the heads of various departments of the hotel.

At the next day’s regular meeting, Wu Zhiwen introduced Qin Hebo to everyone. Before going abroad, Qi Lin revealed to Sheng Zhening the problems in the funds of Lihe Capital. As long as Changsheng can operate stably, it will be difficult for Mr. Xue to get shares from Changsheng shareholders, or at least it will give Changsheng a breather. Tone.

Xia Ma delayed seeing Hu Zhen come to work, so she took the initiative to call her. Afraid that his identity would be exposed, Hu Zhen lied that he was in the hospital. He didn’t expect Xia Ma to visit the hospital in person, but was told that no such person was found. Because of this, Xia Ma suspected that Hu Zhen wanted to quit, Xia Qian had to confess the truth when she saw it, and hurriedly sent a message to Hu Zhen. Hu Zhen plucked up the courage to confess to Xia Ma. Although both of them need to adapt, Xia Qian believes that since Xia Ma has a good impression of Hu Zhen, she should bravely pursue new relationships.

As Qin Hebo opened a live broadcast company, he and Fu Shuangshuang also formally signed a labor contract. Even though Fu Shuangshuang was afraid of the camera, he gradually recovered his confidence with the encouragement of Qin Hebo. Xia Qian saw Fu Shuangshuang’s live broadcast and immediately called her to meet her, and at the same time asked her where she works for the e-commerce company. Fu Shuangshuang didn’t conceal it, and told the truth truthfully, except that the relationship between the two was somewhat hidden.

My friend Chen Manhui came back from abroad and happened to meet Ning Meng at the airport. She couldn’t help asking if Sheng Zhening was single. Especially after getting a satisfactory answer, she was very happy. On the same day, Chen Manhui bought a tie and gave it to Sheng Zhening, but Sheng Zhening tactfully refused, saying that his girlfriend was responsible for his usual wear.

Ning Meng was shocked that Sheng Ning had made a girlfriend, but when she heard that the other party was Xia Qian, her mood became complicated. Back home, Ning Meng deliberately revealed this to He Zhijun, wanting to observe his attitude, but He Zhijun has clearly admitted that he cares about the embarrassment that this relationship will bring to both parties, and cares more about Ning Meng’s care. Hearing He Zhijun’s explanation, Ning Meng planned to face it calmly, and took the initiative to call Sheng Zhening to find a chance to bring Xia Qian to the house for dinner.

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