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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 21 Recap

The battle between Sheng Jingchu and Yao Ke has officially begun. The two players played very well in the first game. Both Xie Lao and Jiang Lao felt that Yao Ke’s current state was very good. On the contrary, Sheng Jingchu was a little bit cautious and didn’t have a chess piece. If you are willing to lose, you fall into Yao Ke’s trap. The more you don’t want to lose, the heavier the burden. Cheng Lei watched them fighting anxiously, feeling that Sheng Jingchu was very difficult.

Mr. Xie also felt that Yao Ke had been prepared for a long time, and it seemed that Yao Ke had done nothing to challenge Shifanqi. Cheng Lei was worried that Sheng Jingchu would lose the first game.

hat is very important for his self-confidence. Losing the first game is even half of the loss. But in the end Sheng Jingchu defeated Yao Ke with a counterattack, which made the old general Xie feel that Sheng Jingchu’s calculation was too far-reaching, and he did not expect to be there waiting for him. Dad Cheng was very happy when he won the first set of the prosperous scene. He wanted to invite the restaurant people to have a big meal. It was his son-in-law.

Sheng Jingchu finished the game and shook hands with Yao Ke, but he did not respond. He just sat there thinking about the problem. He had already calculated it, but he did not expect that the first game was lost to Sheng Jingchu. The younger brother on the side looked at Yao. Ke was so frustrated and shed tears.

Sheng Jingchu went to see Cheng and watched her alone without watching him play chess. Cheng walked away because he was afraid that Sheng Jingchu would lose because winning or losing was very important to Sheng Jingchu. He didn’t want to see Sheng Jingchu after his defeat, but Sheng Jingchu Tell Cheng that he can celebrate, and he won the first game. It was very happy to call Cheng, and the two kissed together.

Jiang Yuda told Dad Cheng that Cheng Yi was his favorite woman and hoped Dad Cheng could fulfill them, but Dad Cheng told Jiang Yuda not to be paranoid. Only Xu Chi was worthy of Cheng Yi.

Sheng Jingchu feels that Yao Ke is the player who knows him best. Shifanqi is terrible there. The more you get to the end, the more you understand the enemy, so the harder it is. Cheng Leah asked Sheng Jingchu not to change his clothes, it would bring him good luck. Sheng Jingchu will take Cheng to a place where he will definitely call Cheng.

And Yao Ke and his brother said that he underestimated the enemy at the end, otherwise Sheng Jingchu would be a loser, but next time he would not give Sheng Jingchu any chance.

Jiang Yuda prepared breakfast for Cheng Yi. Cheng Yi was very heart-warming. He felt that Jiang Yuda was a very cute boy.

When I got home, I discussed with my dad that I wanted to go on a trip with Sheng Jingchu. My dad thought it was okay to travel but could not live together. After that, the two went out together. On the way, Cheng Jingchu counted the eyelashes for Sheng Jingchu. If they were even served, they would still be together, so Sheng Jingchu also counted the eyelashes for Cheng. It was very happy that Sheng Jingchu could do such boring things for her. The thing is to really love her.

The two arrived in a small town, where Sheng Jingchu’s parents lived before they were alive. But there has been no one living there for a long time, and they don’t have any water, electricity or gas, and they have to go out to find something to eat. However, it was very remote and it was not easy to buy things, so when the journey was over, I went to the villagers’ house and asked for some sweet potatoes to satisfy their hunger.

Dad Cheng had been worried about whether it was safe for Cheng to call her, but was stopped by Cheng Yi. The two of them were in a passionate relationship and needed no interruption. Dad Cheng had to silently put down the phone.

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